GMA LIVE (08.07.13)

Josh, Sherrod, Lara and Sam check out Lara's green-screen fiasco and a shark-loving cat's antics.
15:44 | 08/07/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.07.13)
-- -- -- -- -- -- on the -- And it's not it's never never. This is -- the leftovers from his incredible summer sandwiches I recommend you look them -- didn't -- -- to -- Bihac where everything was unbelievable. That I didn't of the camera was -- from left or right usually goes right to left I was like hot. William and again I was literally like with two black -- I would not want what Don really -- -- Iraq. -- -- yeah I was I was doing a shark week imitation. From the water you -- And we had a big show we have enrolled we have -- Are you whom we have to -- -- -- -- premium eve premiere tomorrow. We may or may not have done some green screen work yes when you're gonna shows I don't know I don't know can't always out three and eating everything -- -- Now we have nothing -- top secret super you know. Honor of surely you know we could that we do. We can draw and he could -- about cowboy well we. It's going to be -- tomorrow. On the show make sure you're watching. Because we may or may not -- and -- a new mayor remain Rasheed shark movie. -- -- in period garb there isn't one of us but I am really really how we feel that something from the green screen Tracy says -- -- we. -- -- what is it and yourself -- yeah a couple of them. -- here. Did you really all I like that I don't know what that adds notes or did you rumors which was why I haven't you okay are parts of it grossed. But we really aren't -- pre -- -- for. -- yeah okay. You all -- -- thanks guys in the can -- forgotten. I will never forget that partners. Adding an apple box -- -- to pretend that I didn't helicopter. Yeah anything from jerk may have -- and I might have taken a look seriously hottest archives. Just a touch she is a method actress I tell you that I have been injured and many making haven't seen -- -- let me -- how bad. Thank you the Oscar from bad things plus snow yes that he would he would not every. -- now birds a year and a hockey stuff on my heat of re seeing lawyer and a size 49. I'm not you know who -- was here today. -- Sam's biggest fan I'll stop bad she's right terrible and I'm telling you she is she noticed I get like I get a -- I'm sitcoms get over here. Yup yup -- come on come -- You can't even come. And I share your -- an exclusive right there. Now we met earlier this morning to tell everybody and they can't sit and -- and where you from Britney do you -- what -- Jersey now this is. Did you know folks come by and see this all the time but you are one of our favorites ever ever ever ever ever have ever ever so did get on the -- The -- what. Dogged degree -- don't forget to breathe -- come out what part was like what part was like cool on the show hugging -- I. I'm not -- I -- to get every dad. I I can't tell you guys do not understand how -- change this show. By showing up for us seriously in the each and every move do. It's got about this show it's because you guys show up yet and make us want to be happy and do it got -- energy showing up with signs like I love. Yeah that that also helps that. Yeah. Claims -- Sam and Josh just gradually does that they'll get out of room where he put it gets you on television and I definitely from we have room in the -- -- -- -- I thank you so much. Doctors don't let me. My jury colonel -- -- and I you want to -- wanted to -- really don't have to hold -- on the -- -- -- -- about this from my friends -- All right I'll look fat. I wish you wanna say anything it'll -- on the Minnesota this right here -- and so as the guys here it'll pop back -- collection. That the designer fashion writer and lovely company -- and coats and cannot since 1941. Hot today which will be making these same kind of -- And so I can speak English they may still make him today now they have smaller measurements that they're announcing its collaboration with Intel this is coach Barbie. Coach Barbie wears on the very. Yeah just got like all little coach -- on and -- -- I would wish I had Lucia this is and they today actually get down along let's go. Psychology student during -- credible I think they really do sell these by coming here to meet -- now just coach actually make -- -- bigger sizes very big girls. John this trench coat is also coach and -- underneath she's got a really cute little red dress that looks like handbags sunglasses scenario could running -- Well and you get with Danielle I was back. As as -- expert here what do you think. -- pretty hands and decided I mean. Do you think -- you don't got amongst the girls who are into or be giving coach -- like a big hit or. CN because I -- like coach Barbie she -- not like a whistle on into. -- -- -- Meet me. The Contra army that the. Get out of it needs money hidden codes -- need help let's. It's now -- yeah hey -- Our donated party -- I'm getting the first time. -- -- -- -- governor and I remind you that we start this broadcast did not come around every morning books -- -- was it today right. There's a brawl outside an assortment -- nobody can text means -- it is. Yeah. I mean on the -- that's called perfection. About Vietnam and show us you know the plug that in the last -- what volume at foxwoods this foxwoods casino -- and really Friday and Saturday only. Deadline and it doesn't have -- plus we have as I -- -- I. I went to the media not only dozens -- current OK I'm a come -- in Renaissance Austin like you yeah sure rod but at. Yeah she's amazing I have securities act of -- happening you know something like really that's why you got. One -- -- it really don't want these ladies there aren't I manager -- got the -- league. -- are more beverages you have gone out again remember right there are all he had his computer and the vendetta know zero and brilliant. We don't listen -- -- Everything that might happen on that show Atlanta you're really lovely young lady that you are. Drive smaller shark week I love chocolate we're all watching -- -- of what I survived the jewel on yeah caught. Holy and how to turn the channel two sports and as switch back and -- nasty sometimes it didn't. They sent -- on the raw ability pledged of the shark that is that he had overshadowing the and there is one I here is one where this. Persson -- questionable intelligence. Grabs a shark to his seat about it it's going by really not -- As he puts the shark's mouth to his now -- this shark opens Ingraham not landlocked -- Then the next shot you see -- the hospital room where he has stitches all around he almost lost his lips his -- there's a dollar don't kiss the sharks. Slate on the -- of things. They -- now have the reality show. I'm -- -- -- song I get it out. I don't I'm proud Mary and -- and we don't know pucker up about half an hour roses the -- Emitted -- and actually. Crowd that was amazing people day where. Thank you guys I'm. You haven't haven't haven't found them yet focus involvement -- -- we get to yes because I think you're gonna love it because it's a shark week to -- we talk it's. He met you I was getting municipalities and we -- added and I can't you get because it's a cute I didn't -- doesn't -- bring you are. -- old day this is. Yeah -- yeah. Getting -- get a shark suit well. I don't watch it. Yeah. The mom used to go -- about -- business. -- communicating Jenna while populace are we and other animals were. Other -- now wanna be -- We'll be moonlighting I seriously out of the eastern Washington would shout I was I was just enthralled there should be a kid not a Ruble back weekend. -- remembering that in a sharks in the that's what it is singularly dedicated not. And that's out of Clark says all the anybody but I just -- -- -- the yeah. -- yeah. Eldorado. Never mind that the -- Internet stocks up then clearly this happened a lot of absolutely not being eyed cat wearing -- -- and on the -- well behind -- the labs in Brussels woman. I just you -- over there. -- And I still I have mayors. -- and our floor has never been cleaned. Mentally I'm gonna -- through I don't know about the -- -- getting. Do we have a -- -- I and we don't have it yet but we're getting it very -- and another apparently unhappy about we're doing Liasson is how can pass this this this is this the show is happening. As it's happening. We're bringing things in from all over the world Josh Rutland and -- behind the scenes -- -- we have we have behind the scenes we're having we're just react all of you all -- the ball over the -- against -- steps. I do we haven't yet -- do you think it'll be during that anybody heard any good jokes are determined today -- today at any time. If anything anybody -- they got their chance to play the day. -- City commuters -- -- and relate to this new play of the game. We have a home this is terrific is as the guy and yes OK so we are riding the subway. And you know usually get the guy. Come Daiei. Dialogues among Diana's. You know the -- me you gave me an investigation. I'm -- -- and you hear about how terrible -- life is I don't want this third -- about -- -- has thirty jobs this week that I did he. He hand he engines and Cincinnati and take a look at this Carl I -- -- great Carl Foreman junior actor and comedian. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- and can we play organ. -- -- I I want to. -- Yeah. Yeah. That's cool because you turn the entire thing around you oh yeah. Yeah. Jack Murray. What a lot of I -- scenario. A lot of what we didn't see you view go on to say. You had to move. If we had to move would give you just do it there. Yeah. You did some of the -- and adds that good stuff you get on signs and gentlemen I'm not I'm not. Oh -- is -- -- like that are you have a great job at a financial institution and. I -- -- -- even batted job at best saying financial and. I -- Promos and I. -- so it's is -- any thought being keep getting better and better as that are worse and worse in this guys case -- Fantastic and what people I don't know that that is common in every city in America particularly if you don't have a lot of folks crammed in the public transit. But you regularly get these stories and I'm sorry but it's true because you regularly get folks doing this on the train yeah a lot of people just tune out -- their eyes is coming back in the like. Can't -- every -- there's another guy can't get out of this car in this person's gonna keep talking the whole time I want I want -- -- as well Vincent pay Allen and Kevin Corrigan director in the right or she gets all got together so it's very innocuous looking as it was that you were just looking to turn this whole convention yes such in his second video game. In a partnership of vitamin water for their campaign -- -- brilliant. And that's exactly say that to do you know -- -- -- -- these every day boring situations and put a spectacle and that makes it more exciting and -- -- -- great -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Noticeably if that's kind of spoke boring mundane situation room this on their phones are -- -- -- -- -- so we thought. Sort of -- someone on there not -- just brag about how awesome their lifeless however it's really. Yeah that's great congratulations we see more. Yeah you haven't seen lasts from -- let's say has it would did you have as good a time and you especially knowing what's coming. Oh absolutely -- a great time it was definitely nerve racking at first you know he's -- -- people will receive this guy. Right things he's saying and now he's doing it but. You know once you get people's attention -- that -- excuse me you know and then me like. There's going to be some reaction so now they're looking at UPS deliver the goods points and the people were grade the commuters where. A lot more positive -- I even anticipated that anybody's got to -- money. Yes. And that had to I had to let you know thank you -- on I think a lot of money. The Huffington Miller got a pretty -- and I -- -- business descended to an avenue Mizuho. A lot and I am not sure -- -- didn't -- it. And then she got a -- Garcia and. Please let me sure we staying fat bigot that income I had sort of -- He has sake -- -- little hope for -- you saw the cat on the rail back with the sharks into right there's a vote for we want to enjoy we'll see you tomorrow 9 AM eastern daylight I don't.

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{"id":19892273,"title":"GMA LIVE (08.07.13)","duration":"15:44","description":"Josh, Sherrod, Lara and Sam check out Lara's green-screen fiasco and a shark-loving cat's antics. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-080713-19892273","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}