GMA LIVE (08.28.13)

Elderly man's lost love turns into a heartfelt song
15:55 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.28.13)
Ankiel you're so welcome here is well made a move -- mostly miss Josh but on daylight and now. It's -- yeah. Okay dad you've got that really doesn't know I don't really have that aren't hold on I'm everybody I ninety -- I -- -- child. Today on GMI. Those those generally girls are so good yeah. -- I personally am what you like you know with certain we just some -- -- -- doing some. Unique moves at TDMA. I don't and -- -- -- using this formula is necessary lovely. Talent that was lovely -- All these old old old as the hills old ladies and gentlemen hold putting new definition the word old I remember not -- -- amazing -- you want me don't know Sam you're not going and so. Please please read what's on the cards Lara. But that's all I remember your let me just -- just realized how much make up I -- -- today. I don't know how else you care about my goal I Wear make up I don't. So I remember seeing destiny's child and one of their first first first performances it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a little something something that's -- -- -- these agents and champions yeah from the old -- -- Why I don't understand -- I don't know I don't know why do you wanna know why we have -- hustlers and usually we have to -- Starbucks -- -- and they now. Steam it usually is no Starbucks no Lara get your cup -- you got lazy -- that we have you -- energy outlook. Yeah. Butch I don't know what what is not completely. Where are we right now where we're is that -- really -- -- Hello there I. Yeah. I don't know if we must have -- I mean this is that this is that this is a news network is clearly we have cameras everywhere yeah I didn't know we had. Cameras and everybody's workstation yeah I just as I I play. However was working there just got on camera I don't know what that means -- Bailey did I get back to our our boring story every day. And she says he. Hide your Starbucks because we all have them on the -- And I'm not sure whether you or Josh is the biggest offender leaving the Starbucks Josh Josh is the biggest yet so we don't have to hide it -- and gentlemen because we have Starbucks in the studio it's the tenth anniversary of the seasonal favorite. Pureed in -- lot. Yeah. Labor Day that Starbucks is giving us an exclusive GMA alive. Got a preview here. Now to unlock the Starbucks location -- -- -- sent police say the word the code word. Anybody PS self tanning can I did ask him -- allowed to give on the this this beverage to a youngster -- -- yeah. You're the parent and a cap and -- parents says it's okay I'm. And I'm -- please -- your tweets I wouldn't I wouldn't if the parent was there anybody want. -- -- wasn't there. I'm normally say the code word to register DSL ten. That means yes I'll tell you get a free one. -- -- Oh yeah yeah yeah DSL -- -- yeah. -- plus plus tell me runs an intelligent like everybody -- -- Haven't officially. You know started -- companies -- -- -- sell you go to the store. And you say this code word you basically -- Unlock that source of anyone else who goes to Starbucks after you can get the -- -- aren't you don't get your dog every song I'm sorry hello. Although -- will happen to be so. So many people's right. Yeah America -- -- so you cannot get so you -- -- -- if you walk up to the -- let me just get this right to -- welcome to -- and you say I want a pumpkin spice latte now. Now the breeze is gonna say they don't go on sale until after Labor Day and then use that -- use day TS -- and and yes then then. You have to unlock this door exactly -- unyielding pumpkins by you wish. Everyone can get pumpkin -- want to -- you don't get him for priest ought to -- why I'm what I say no and -- called home. All the people who want the plot is by -- it'll be so excited that they get a variety might wheelers cost let's see if I have always Starbucks and now I'm not clearly at night I -- -- to work. -- -- -- I really in the first Winfrey -- that's happening here. This city where are you today because you're like all I can't tell I would not work well I don't -- -- I don't I have my issues of homelessness and. They could be polished I feel I feel this -- you -- -- can make you feel so much -- her -- The and you -- mud -- The annual -- wrestling contest did you guys see this today if you did not see GMA is not news today. You have missed. One of these stellar pop news I don't know and it's always been -- I didn't I. I didn't oversell it uniting anti united I don't know -- -- was going to be and this this is Lara Spencer writes this stuff I mean she's sitting up there in in the make up your. I'm getting down at least I'm on now my corner and I are that you're generally and a younger even though I'm not -- -- -- you. She's got her feet up on the -- and you know people are pulling her hair. Like brushing things on her face and she's -- -- -- to writing the -- news so these are the stories that you get to we have immediately see the clip of the -- wrestling. You could not. Okay so this is -- blank blank a share. You can -- -- and -- him. -- -- -- -- -- that started the problem when we started laughing and we can stop. But then there is also -- you know my lines were. Oh yes see an annual like OK -- like and there's that and then we yeah you're like this whole grain wrestling thing -- -- -- right. But here's here's what gets you it's good description no stops -- okay -- us what you rolled back to GMA and his role as well that's it could not serve fried burger -- we can talk about. Port roster for Ross they're working on the other day there's George crying laughing aren't so they're Sam crying laughing there's a -- -- so this is great Ross. You know audience -- -- -- an act after -- -- after everything else. They hosed did you compete in the gravy wrestling they don't they -- in the local fire department hoses and down now they don't yeah I didn't even make it to that I really don't know -- -- All I didn't receive the degree -- some say it tastes like sauce you can pick but gill is it was it was one of the it was one of the -- -- written. Little -- -- while I I wish we can show you but just try to match all right I mean because it'll be online it's even better to put an on line a little bit later let everybody -- -- rob is thank you and England avenue and I and then it was great job it was dynamite and also like -- -- Yes I'm -- a Tempe us about his outside who was obvious -- channel -- -- at how can I. PR I guess I -- on. We have -- -- -- hot news today. It's up product that makes it easier that you work out and your worked -- -- desk it's what kind of tasks fitted with a stationary bike what's so you can be. Paddling while you work. Now yeah because you you would never -- a stationary bike on. Underneath the desk while that gathered more yeah or -- fire there it is -- -- that's right. This is the -- -- -- excuse -- -- -- that I let me be. Do you do you know what do you know how to to talk about the -- that's no hydrants are Catalina and battle madrassa extricate America. Coming to be holding my permanent -- -- digital. Now looks like -- not likely if -- did it looks. The great you're glad he might -- a -- Why -- why cannot even get on the -- against these. See that's what I don't -- that that's all cycle -- once you start doing it your legs don't stop moving. It's really at. All right so I want to be at work and Mike. Writing -- -- Iceland says this is not happening bomb and so I feel like I'm really showing something actually. -- -- you know my fitness doesn't appear -- -- you adjust my kids passionate about it. That does great did -- us. Yeah. We're all about staying -- -- -- to eat at your analogy and -- but we also want to always celebrate anyway the -- work and in Susan -- concept -- and I and Scott Kinney Dennis your address to shout. He'll be -- I couldn't ask. As CBS start fast you can't stop her feet Malick also and you can't stop. I don't know exactly how many calories you would burned during the course of a regular old enough to have taken because I did our homework time ladies and gentlemen homework time it is -- important time and and you could power the house that way. I think he actually so sadly we we need a little bit more light over here -- just -- that apple has faster cardiac. Okay okay the end. All right so we met with what's next for us -- that. Playing today is that oh do we have a -- that we just did they know when I'll -- go out and veterinarians unless they bring -- Murray showed today and second it's just gradient so yeah please no grounds that was an extra remains. -- I don't play that he -- seventeen month old whiz kid who can already recite more national capitals that you are. And I'm and it -- -- -- yeah. China brought back -- fans. And these include -- progress chat room. My school I -- -- in -- Japan parent to do you know when it happened. I'm company that is so cute I -- -- then there that. You name -- much -- -- -- to -- and you eat. Abu -- Germany and mainly in all my gosh mango candy you've got. Me there that's a great -- -- element. You know this is our love story of goodness this is an -- wait wait wait wait I don't have -- don't have -- here it is here it is. Nutrients to the but I -- like to have -- com. Did you see this earlier. You know what's coming back to America is pretty incredible -- style ball fell in love and married -- And the two were married for about 73 years until rain passed away. In April now when Fred heard about a songwriting contest in his hometown of Peoria Illinois. He decided to submit a tribute to the love of his life -- that even though he had no background in music at all and this is where Jacob colgan. Of green shoes studio comes Jacob was on the receiving end this -- so he got all the submissions of the songwriting contest. And with the submission you know all the submissions committee digitally and they all like you know people are doing their bitten and -- -- they're producing in the doing -- this. -- in a Manila envelope -- spreads handwritten lyrics. And silicon stood up to this guy said -- decided to help Fred put his words full range of music. And remember they were together 73 years -- he had just lost her -- -- I can't even imagine what -- it's like so. Let's listen. -- -- -- And those. -- -- Powell is sweet. That -- show and incredibly. Can really really beautiful and I'm so pleased to have taken with us last night. With Oceana -- -- -- -- who -- at Minneapolis sweet sweet dreams and want to welcome you hi Jake. Highest how are you -- few guys that. First of all love doesn't it just doesn't last like that it seems to me anymore 73 years so what was it win this comes across in and you see this. And you turn into this incredibly beautiful thing what first -- you about it. Boston is that -- in. The letter it's just sold. So -- aren't nobody. -- no. -- still master's degrees -- -- we had to bring it to. -- -- Killing an honest I don't know I think you're going to get -- 96 years old Fred had never written a song before. And -- Apparently this guy just had so much he wanted to get out. And express -- so how did you take those words how did you help him express this. Well we met with him at times it just kind. Some songs back and forth in -- -- put us through some guitars are brought a guitar player. Teams get back to the state -- Just. Kind of messed with the -- so. It's really want to do your job -- stay true to its original players and sustained a little longer is about reconnaissance. Can I ask how how old was spread when he first heard he is lyrics put to music. What was his reaction. His reaction was tears aren't done so -- policies certainly wish them but. -- just ecstatic he loved. Wouldn't. While and then and where will people be able to see this I mean is it it -- -- my concerns it's doing really well actually write tell you guys tell us the status Saddam. This well. Last week -- it was. Number I think it's a rich well right now I'm -- I'm single I think and. And men and accessing -- somewhere to category I believe it's number yeah texts website. Great -- guys I love you know what I'm gonna do this on GMA tomorrow I -- I think it's got to be -- -- hot news it's amazing. So I want to thank you deathly check -- -- -- morning I think Fred in the -- story needs to be told. Thank you guys so much for for bringing it to life. -- -- -- for being the amazing young man. There's so much that said now about how generation's art you know may not -- now and that that we don't have a connection with our past. But for you being the amazing young man -- here 73 year old love story from a 96 year old man. And turn into something that people are buying like crazy today thank you so much for. But I don't know I don't there's no I now I'm like here's that that's that's got to be honest whatever you -- planned. There's nothing better that I -- snow ice and rain mostly -- that. That is so beautiful and rarely do we get something that's like that tender and touching -- -- and that wonderful so let's just call today ladies and gentlemen -- -- battle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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