GMA LIVE (09.03.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara get a taste of some unique twists on Rice Krispie treats.
14:01 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.03.13)
-- -- Josh Elliott an -- to. Josh Elliott welcome back OK so I gotta tell you guys I -- I watch shortly on the computer and everything it's terrific release a lot of money because it just it does happen. Battling dry bread I mean hello to everybody on your computers I was you last week love my watch this show yeah. Thank you have missed you so much it's not the same without united Arab that the -- and -- -- it's good to be back. What are we two record so it looks like fresh crispy treats them Serena get to a bit later in the program but they're delicious I could Arizona. -- -- to have everybody back -- that you know. It's been a long time it's I felt like we handle -- introduce ourselves like it was a first is hooligans went -- did you notice during. Segment and. During didn't. -- You know as anywhere what's got heated -- -- Yes thank you so -- heat index we we -- kind of word usually we never step on each other now we know -- didn't. Adams -- while the first time that's happened you along on time and that's as good as Robin got blast is back from a really great -- you. Hawaii and other locales. And seems very -- well she shed as an avenue we love you so much now we want to take you gotten get you a little tired -- -- -- right right right so you watch the show tomorrow. Oh is that. Apparently might be happening I think it might be happening time is a lot it is and delivering his nieces who -- this is such as do you want me because -- we. While you guys. Yip -- the Chris very good enough to provide us with some -- I mean the rice crispy -- apparently reinvented deliciously I might say. Over and over again and I know what this list as a Paramount one is a terrible I think we haven't OK you have a figuring out we have -- -- -- it is terrible as this is Paramount. Is this more. Police say some war I -- -- -- -- to get his view. To visit you know I -- -- -- -- -- and the sprinkles. Which while on vacation with Serena. I discovered I mean kids want sprinkles on everything. They do they want a means they want sprinkles on sprinkles -- the makes -- pancakes eggs and hot dogs. He puts -- on burgers I mean Mac and cheeses sprinkled they're gonna clean the plate it's really unbelievable -- crowd. And that's why would you. Found nude -- the happy working I have a list of words that I don't like -- know dollar and today -- there is life. I don't like we're. Telling -- -- -- but I do love the -- sprinkle some look at. Who's upstairs to his. These are that if I agree. As part oh OK because of our idea by the way are you lift a running list on this broadcast Kerry of the other broadcast that did that one that this show is about well yeah. That's how damaging there's a running list that would every single word you get you get either -- look from -- alike and like that or Indonesia did -- -- -- get -- they're like they have a list of words they just don't like the sound yet shall we a partial list. That includes what the follow -- like my disease and skills that number one what and what's another -- is damp prominent oh yeah. That's gross ice wearing -- -- from the most opulent -- and -- analysts say everything else and you get a look from where like. And you guys sound that you -- against the U Kenya and so here at the other -- we also say she is Denise -- -- -- -- death. That you are an angry woman these I. Yeah starting that -- she started. To Harvey and I -- I go up and in America. Embracing different death because she didn't -- all gone. You want the sprinkles he's I want if he's that eat the cook cook cook cook mountain and island -- For the Clinton. Okay so it doesn't you don't know. And and he isn't -- wonderful guy I mean honestly you know -- you love someone as much as we -- Denise and it's it's it's true. There are few people in your life that you just think while they deserve the best person on the planet and you look at the odds of that happening in nearly -- now they're just like an infinitesimal they're gonna find out when he within days nearly astronaut yeah. Yeah she does this statement every like rocker who hadn't made. Up suffered through -- in this. -- LD's -- don't know very hot and like Melvin and I know -- hello and rush hour and a couple hours this. -- they're pretty NBA and killed pre KR building I know that there that you. And finding then she found this guy who you guys have known -- -- -- -- But we know each other since we were in grade school you know. Dan -- regularly and bathe regularly does on nice guy treats her while trees for autism and and so you're like wow all. It's really gonna happen at any I don't like the bad boys taillight I don't want them leaving he -- has yet to tap. He is not there's no eight he's increased showers sometimes twice a day one hole when it was clearly -- points. It'll. -- -- -- -- -- and nobody I know you're starving and I just -- Beatty because this shows are finished so it isn't -- -- Senator angriest ones you know he's really just one -- at stake. Josh steadily state slaughterhouse -- If you get a honeymoon and it's not about has -- the panel not. I thought I need help it meet his -- -- It is -- totally straight trip up everywhere so that his. That -- daunting memories is like all of teeny town -- all of them all look honestly -- like four feet and you you don't -- reading matter on a scale don't think as a writer -- tipping -- -- right it's just a party and also love the way you know -- -- you go on strapless dress -- members who addressed but I don't. Remember is that's jab bliss has it that there's been at the Alter possibly fatal hit a lot of -- the -- -- -- All right here. Next year period and all -- this Mariana cook some hot. I want some pop news layer -- -- cannot I. Because can get to the Virginia -- the marshmallow I can try. -- got news time everybody. -- -- -- thirty feet off the ground. In sand point Idaho yacht native Ethan -- -- and is -- living room. -- us -- decided to ticket idea that cumbersome -- out of the equation by building -- elevator. I was totally normal normal this. You wind -- you have to -- I didn't hear a lot of -- -- advised -- putting up plus rockets I'm bringing up slowly as the guy who I didn't even -- -- -- -- on top. It's getting back down -- LA. Getting off the bike onto that balcony. Judge -- -- touches any you know and take pride back to the ground he. You are -- am very very Smart and creative. And we salute you yeah. -- my doses that tree house was them was phenomenon. I think -- -- I think I'm not credible. But two bedroom two back I love reading how -- things I've got -- my best memories -- in ground pool up there that was incredible. You know we were we we just in Kentucky we just climb trees. Like how the jury I'll -- -- climate he sat there and looked but I used to welcome until I -- I can't sit up and then what. Went to climb issues not much I mean I -- I know was necessary ensemble. If we -- very very briefly. Can we talk about the slick -- 121700. -- he alligator -- custody. That they caught this thing -- showed a day you see I mean I'm with guests and get someone -- living thing and we don't want -- you know go out. Okay but then I'm still -- -- -- fourteen foot yankees killing look at the -- right up being is a giant dinosaur. Adapting to swim around with -- even -- he could literally price swallow. A human like within one goal great and yes his mouth was that big -- that he wouldn't had an instance you -- I don't actually know how they. -- -- -- -- -- It is that is -- -- -- to you they don't know don't baby they -- swallowing a -- to guard opened it up now they swallowing test yet. That's -- -- and I mean that is really something. That doesn't sell like like a Disney character looks like captain looks like it's just I got marks -- was at a specialist at this morning with the papers show the picture Larry goes. Do you think he's had the -- And I sit well. The time that they've put an Icelandic air and it's an honor to infertility and out of leaded to another -- is now he's. Chances are. He's I don't wanna be sleeping they've got executed now. And. Catch and release that federal. -- -- half done alligators in the world I am sorry I care I think it's very quick Beaufort. Were back to school. Which you were back to Friday Night Lights in the high school football I want to show you this great let. -- -- Paramus. New Jersey -- peppers look at it. Everybody on. And. It and that. Is what -- -- -- again. There aren't that doesn't happen again -- a previous Greek and I said -- -- com. Honest to CN -- yeah you're -- selling every every word -- -- like oh yeah. You know it was -- -- you know it was why don't Latin name volume last night it was. -- -- -- You've -- and -- well and I. You know I think that's not -- -- sure. And. Slammed instead -- -- -- -- I didn't let him and then I get McWhorter. Column you know pirates all pulls -- -- and -- the quarter I. I have to hit a fortune I haven't -- -- that's. We have a -- that Giuliani's and -- -- Arizona high school team different sort of play it was a prank of sorts. On neither quarterback Dustin Johnson watch what happens -- during a recent practice team about the practice -- -- all of its. -- all of his teammates dropped to the ground how. I guess we've -- here. Well -- loved it. And added. They have any I got the -- wasted duties can you cannot document that deputy. These are doing these little just doesn't may have that was the point -- and -- -- to the ground what and that's something needs to wake up. -- -- -- Can you can't you just give up more Mexican media -- taking it above his head that look at let's go back to Arizona isn't well I'll roll the videotape please. Or they did the digital laser I didn't -- to other sites -- break. That -- great but that's not that was all. The. Although that I loved it and so did -- I would imagine that I mean everybody that you don't think that everybody can get together to do something like that would you not know anything about. Honestly -- you understand why you are one the great television talent of our time is you can summon. But talking point about seven. Like -- you -- -- lately there. It's unbelievable -- watches and really Sam -- That Bradesco what I'm not I don't know I got not a modest apartment c'mon I don't do it. Do not think -- ever -- -- get -- on one man has written. -- -- -- -- -- Good quick contractually obligated. Is that it -- you get around his -- and -- Let's let's -- let's wrap everything up lazy government witness which -- -- happy -- this feels like a Monday everybody was back Josh is here Larry. And altogether. With its head of the -- from our friends that toddler tale. Kids their -- may have their own special language plays gentlemen but this adorable baby may seem to have a bit of a comedian in the old family dog. Because every time the dog parks. Do you love so I can -- it is yeah. On that's also -- a great way and it's. So that was what you're just another fifteen minute yeah. He -- unit without cameras at a certain things that under the included an -- like are you kidding me that you feel about the budget Whipple program from the day. 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow we'll see it and him that I. It.

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