GMA LIVE (09.04.13)

Josh, Sam, Lara and Sherrod get a visit from "DWTS" professional dancer Cheryl Burke.
15:18 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.04.13)
Do you drive small. The sometimes what's going on but the you don't have -- job before this one now. Can't get to the -- until. I don't think the notable. -- you're just waiting for your very special and you're very special welcome ladies and gentlemen please -- yeah. Here sir here. Old time never that's a lot -- -- early morning man. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- An audio under makes a Democrat and all. The money coming up together I think there -- only one being. So don't believe you want. Are you talking -- -- you're -- that does make it easier rather than shouting. My sights and sounds so we have on what we have a cast and actually we want to bring in. A superstar member of -- cast of Dancing With The Stars actress seventeenth season. Cheryl weren't getting there. Welcome complete not -- That is yeah money that it right. Lana can -- half deficits and Davis -- exit drug bills. I don't know why it amounts or. I was so every cast sort of comes together bomb what do you make it gets in my darling again actually get a curt no when asked if she does -- I don't know couldn't see his I think my somebody -- She needs to use it and that's -- I'm being told what do you think. I think this is the best Kathy isn't the first time I don't have to Google anybody. I mean even Belmont -- -- not even built this guy like every single person is someone. -- -- now. I think this is one of the best Cassidy patents over the years they're really funny I'm like that I actually -- a belt I'm into bill I bought -- really into bill Nye the science and that's I think he's going to be rocking some -- funny I'll find -- Embarrassed shouldn't have Jack Osbourne I had -- as well and he doesn't had a chance to get to know until now bits that we got it up five rehearsals and he's actually. And I thank you very I mean he's not bad at all I didn't know what to expect. Did hit the Rockford I guess it's -- you -- rob. I think he's a little bit better than rob really ask rob good better than around -- little thing about Jack is that he's gonna progress throughout the competition he's someone with no dance experience what kind of it is when you get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- come here -- I am too old and -- Wow that nobody wanted to know I just sue LaMont Jordan and the more than -- you know this show is going. Britain you see here hijacked who might -- residents -- -- so here's my here's my question here Cheryl Burke. When you when you meet them. Can you immediately tell if your danceable like if they have with their teachers and yesterday's -- aboard a mean they like -- city. -- when you first walk up and and they say and the what do you need you need to see a little movement. A little bit -- went inside jacked his locker he now doesn't Chinese need to be somewhat he had got posh has -- wrapped. I got a -- damages and all of a sudden he's like got posterity dog grace hall. You don't really -- they don't really know. Dance class artists and might give you. -- you and I did it and -- Lara Spencer -- the other night. At. People want -- they want to know. They want yeah. Yeah yeah yes. I think -- yeah yeah -- late night. Hey you know -- -- -- -- -- That being on the late late night -- -- together and I'm telling you -- Sam can dance all I have. However I think he doesn't become partners quietly coming up I think she has never really -- and -- It it would -- -- my -- yeah. -- I'm I'm really can't remember loves LA yeah -- things out there and I don't know -- -- I think -- -- get what's coming up next -- -- -- I -- actually I also want to introduce -- small blue barrels. -- -- you had -- -- out of funnyman makes a last season deal hugely. -- didn't work out not not now. Things are very very funny man -- and I. Chirac -- you -- what he did what how how would you be -- heralded I would be out before get some read the book sensation we -- less than what he's. -- -- -- -- -- You know -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here. Looking at the women female contestants the stars who who who jumps out at. Obviously it -- at Berkeley has -- experience. -- eminently each had him on anyway thanks. Yeah they write. I think it's. I don't know honestly your thing about who's going to be eliminated first yeah really have no idea because everybody I know -- yeah. You have to and I got in -- I can't yet here he can't think everyone has their own you know fan base and huge fan base how can you beat that high school -- who did I and then we -- -- There could be the lifelong dancers. I have never seen Cheryl book -- -- really tall until she stood next to Snooki who yeah. Right now she -- an audio yeah. When you look -- and my. -- -- -- It is a news break it up you actually found someone who who listens I didn't. -- yeah about. He's he's like compliment have a -- like yeah. I would have put -- -- audio yeah gaff really is such as great two listen congratulations and welcome back -- they have some seasons yet. And I prayer economy really miss you I miss you guys -- -- -- I will be here hopefully not -- -- would be eliminated. So hopefully a lot of. I believe it's for the honey taste of this this week Sally -- -- -- its rough and can actually -- unit intolerant. Yeah okay I mean admittedly I am -- -- Gentile so what you take over here and a brother John of today. I don't want latest the first night of -- Shana -- Which marks the new year for all of tribal members of the daily mark religion marks the current every -- -- -- -- -- yeah okay. And you eat. Honey you eat honey honey or honey cake where something's -- -- -- -- you speak to bring any new year is to bring in to cleanse your palate of all that NASCAR itself honey I need to say let's. Manitoba and -- had we put a shot until creamy caramel topping on the -- yes I -- you can definitely do that Caroline definitely Cheryl happy Rosh Hashanah is here or -- ordinarily vote. I don't know don't have Gary -- -- and having. I've definitely I'm not happy right you know younger important I have to under the telling them that it's cracked up the scenario at. Hitler is not the one with the creamy caramel kind of yeah I -- -- -- -- -- -- can't get it open though this is they could just -- -- yeah. On the -- look Larry I think this is good teammates guess I. I do this we have a record blinking blinking and rating I'll play owed the day Australians -- I love them eleven months. Yeah -- VI. They -- did just throw basketball's from the highest of heights that this is being taken out on the. Highest basketball. Shot ever made they were standing at the top of the Euro amassed this is in Rotterdam yeah. On the run and 345. -- -- -- It's. War -- and -- took them sixteen to drive some dissent. -- Tom in Brooklyn and Manhattan the world record having 200. Yeah. I know -- that impress their girlfriends with an eleven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight I -- it is up like real time the US play the Danish -- today. And just like I think I've seen enough basketball come from -- -- athletic insulate the day and a half a mile and an act like wow we just got a very good and look at that -- -- -- -- -- that -- that is what coveted -- lose about I don't. This out of me that it. Take a partnership. What it's like he's seen a lot of -- the artwork of many -- -- I don't -- -- you. -- on this program sort of. What did you see god today in Tom pop news we had dancing dogs yeah. Force them had to do all of that -- right after that others. Yet again to -- armed we see Tom Bergeron -- -- that maybe they weren't dancing the documents. Horizontally -- yeah. Yeah. I've seen something we should not see him. Under the -- of the -- flavor that's gonna have a go at it and -- read a lot she's watching a little too intently so don't expect. Com and little by dialing -- from now. I thought we are getting it through what episode of this program and not. I'm a close -- -- -- Yeah. I'm not saying -- or one dollar yeah yeah. Here's a guy and a good that is not but yeah. It's not like you regulate what they do their thing Josh -- that you know and then this is always when media like I don't know the dogs loved us. No they don't they do not love this well they want this. -- Will ever dare let freedom and tighter on the grounds. -- sure. It sure I'm sure -- That's the company at the Apollo affiliates and yes in the -- so -- you so much during dancing dogs and I now pop extra everybody. So 67 years in the making -- all that I -- Temblor was thirteen years old during world war chant that was -- time that would have when he was celebrating his pundits -- the Holocaust survivor. Always longed for the right of passage -- finally got. His celebrate I mean this is just fantastic -- back -- plan surprise birthday party where. Man who grew up to be a father businessman and author got to be and -- also I began the day you became a man loves us. Right -- -- was important to him but I would say that sir you have been an incredible man very your entire -- -- If there yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But imagine -- perform like family members at two -- goddamn department Cuba had my fabulous Elena Tyler -- -- -- you are didn't always trying to -- leader Abu. Thought it would please Alkermes. I won't make you it was. -- you members Dan Horowitz there are some things that are -- from Dallas right. -- -- -- And it's fair to say he brought the house. Can we didn't do we have that Primedia I mean it's so hard -- find -- -- -- go on -- go on the Internet. -- did it there really got out of opening heat yeah watching -- show on the Internet two. Dared ask -- why -- Why me why. Just can't just let this role for the Kandahar it's -- we -- The music look at them. Thirteen years. I was at we I mean the kids got moves he. He's al-Qaeda thought it is and -- fantastic oh we loved him so much and -- the day that we had a mind when. Thank -- -- brought by the way. Better -- -- and I don't -- -- look at Michigan dancing yeah did you actually. Yeah yeah this is a big not. Okay. And he's million at all obviously -- absolutely yeah. He's he's a showman. I don't all right. -- -- out -- -- before -- it is ladies and gentlemen it's pat know that day. We have the newborn your your -- that proved to you you're never too young to be a couch potato -- Five day old York people based on tiny skeleton. Besides old remedies you can see they already have a great sense -- the car I don't know I'll address that -- their little medi -- And -- and that this year insanely cute as the com home that day and night. -- Captain we're -- view we've yeah this way now my Thompson chairman of this perfect regular solid solid and I actually don't -- -- share. The -- is still too big -- my apartment but yeah. They'll do it all right well while you're -- cavities we will bid you a good day was in mind -- AM eastern Atlantic wire.

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