GMA LIVE (09.05.13)

Josh and Lara chat with two talented filmmakers who put a unique twist on movie trailers.
15:01 | 09/05/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.05.13)
Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we should we should tell you it is national cheese pizza day -- -- every day is national something and so. What better way to had -- cheese pizza now but in a burger I don't know about that now I think so and elegant yet we have the -- Boston's. Restaurant and sports bar brings this to us pizza pizza burger so it is a -- -- obviously keeps ago. -- and it's hot it's hot I'm. Well what the heck pack not a -- of dvds and what -- so excited to be wise everything I say dirty -- -- it's not she's selling because this is probably and today's icy snow is I wasn't even trying not know it was. I don't know if it's she's hungry -- how to -- amazing how how hungry up. Every area you know he's getting married a couple days now he has not had a meal this summer. -- Our area that's really. You know what I'm really. -- ball and her adult years yeah ridiculously and this -- -- it is the -- brilliant. This -- -- new -- homeland. Are doing right. Nurses. -- -- -- you don't want. This you may have just cure the common cold. Almighty god can we didn't ask her shop engineers for sister in the -- -- I hope we get married soon behavior correct. Oh my goodness this is so -- leaning. Meaning is underrated but this is dead is that needs so and they are sure if she's made ourselves very very angry. How did the -- is also talked. As they break down his you know -- -- -- You know the time I checked my parent and OK yes we do we that let you get Denise gravity grabbed the -- that thing that we treated them. Where it today in every commercial break for the show. Had that gave what was a paper clip with -- And now it was like a flat I have a -- like I was sticking straight -- and -- my stylist when genius does you -- flat. Think that he didn't wanted to get against -- -- -- twelve papers that likely settle things down here so as Scott downstate -- academy toilet paper flower in my. I don't actually worked and it's kind of down and out of -- everything she does that make it okay yeah and -- guys are all its own out. You reckless hair makes me just want to cut off she looks so Moorhead -- wow I don't know I'm afraid -- -- a -- not only shocked. Doing I'm also we talk about John Legend fresh economic best time to start crying he might have -- really let me my favorite. Male vocalist and that was that was a beautiful performance and we have a lot of them but that was just absolutely wonderful. And -- listen to the words about songs all of mean loves all of you up by the volume perfect and perfect I mean it's yours are really -- and and and -- it's all inspired by his fiancee this is just not a lot of -- of actions -- turned out procedure it is not she's she's letting us. So low you as you blow it out and so go easy on and -- their lives and. -- is there's not a lot but that but the song is so beautiful and an ending. He's -- -- total near -- Ivy League educated beautiful University of Pennsylvania and on. And I can just sit and watch him like for our city was he he was dependent you reveal state school I was and -- on the -- of the other Pennsylvania still get. I love all your perfect and thank you there are many. Yeah I want to hear them being that I'm not afraid to leave no good in there and had its eye candy it's -- an explosive. There's an explosive end homelessness -- -- -- Did you can't read a couple of what's it like it -- Do you need to -- and the -- I'm gonna -- it's going to be weren't met in the end. But right now -- -- -- sailing you know that last allows artists. Welcome -- the last -- and welcome to it this is so good business so good and I. Imagination it is getting married yeah. How actually -- it -- -- we have two more weeks of the sad thing that it's affecting every bit sad thing that was when though your producer comes in says but don't be surprised -- -- Because you know how badly -- want -- to be just. -- our private because I don't think they're. Warm there may not be the warmest trials but they looked beautiful yeah endless beautiful telling telling him -- That -- in the god is great TV by the way let's just watching them eating pizza -- Let's -- -- -- again spot didn't just restaurants sports bar the wheel audio. Many happy. What it well I hope there's some -- to. Yet the metro -- grade there -- at all. So every in every commercial break this morning that -- would go -- -- hair. And you if we hadn't giving you grief about it there you would have forgotten at one point you faithfully. We week we picked on someone -- that look like fountains. There's something about Mary. He had -- If I didn't. -- we were so close to it until -- show I think we were so called us back. It just adds it's a reference to a felony because we have the little ticked that we over the blast last summer. You guys are always good thing about this operation that's awesome. I would bring up a pop extra -- I want you now. They you know looking ahead the random there's a country. I'm completely. Taken yeah bring tells ups pop acts like the master sergeant and -- thought of having him in setting. I'm okay now that inhaled something I thought I never when he didn't. I need a nap so bad. When master Sargent John it have -- returned home from -- But what. What. When they go back asking you this girl that just go back take -- from the top. When master Sargent John -- -- returned home from deployment in. Occurred just occurred to stand there and -- It. Just believe I wasn't very nice and and I don't mean I -- what I -- -- little Kurdistan. -- big plans to surprises daughter Juliana upper school but it was John about the surprise a lifetime. When the five year old excuse me. -- -- -- -- Accordingly. -- she reported invention lost -- first two. John made it home just in time for -- in -- first too afraid of that and with no future deployments planned dad and daughter will not have to say goodbye again. Any time is this is a major moments and major moment captured. All my gosh. Is beautiful. This show is really I'm I want I want to call the -- That September hill -- -- -- -- -- It's very -- -- yet know. That's gonna happen soon. -- -- -- Thank yeah. Thank you nervous really -- service yeah. You -- oh my gosh and the note and a tooth loss means that he -- any of that was an apparent. And I was young and independent and the kids and now it's the babies either so perfect and they look so just. Adorable and they -- get addicted to -- plus which is actually mean shooter when -- you know. You know she started like she's trying to wiggle and she's just some friends that are losing ammonia and she's trying to like an issue really wants NASA to not a big deal I cried. Visits like and it's like that they've really you realize -- they're they're coming out of the baby stage and becoming little. When you put him on the bipolar on the bus to kindergarten last week -- I'm hearing we need their -- Permanently -- about job I didn't really evil early death and that's again -- -- or go to days. It's like there is that your little tired. Appear vulnerable I'm vulnerable night. I feel vulnerable a year or you're just right now use these events in the use of this c'mon let me get this -- my -- we're going -- will move along with -- that -- -- -- -- -- Would you -- something how many. And down and -- food in our -- out rounding up. Pretax grass is gonna fit -- -- You are -- -- when he -- four feet tall you -- twelve pounds. -- -- -- Community. -- -- -- Can't play any day this is this was as a -- its from the folks at honest trailers it's cool digital series. That -- satirical voice overs just over popular movie trailers but -- actually the show this 11 they recently did this -- fired men treat people. Tony -- News regular -- -- -- three. Prepared for an Iron Man movie with hardly any -- management and no AC DC either. Wow yeah out. The -- but a -- movie trailer voice everybody should have a body in their life. Like John -- voice over artist of course can drop down. He did -- war I have no doubt that. -- you can but then here we take a look. -- he had his buddy they get together and they do have you ever wondered what it with what your life would sound like if a movie trailer guy was. Along unity for the Rothenberg. The now -- -- regret it. Since then Jessica Alba are -- for a night on the town. They're buying things for themselves that they really don't -- and now they're trying to run away from a guy in -- -- Like ON GH rated PG. I have making if you wait too much exercise that guy in the black -- and sure it now they're about to lose their signal because action gets a new younger -- and. I gotta go -- because there -- got a -- we have not. One but two we have -- the voice Bailey he's joining us via Skype -- -- and -- -- and we also have. NBC -- and -- yard he's the creator of honest trailers these are. -- we are really attempting something very techno -- tunnels and pipes to separate Skype so they can't actually. Talk to each other but his -- and they'll be it hair in the -- space -- and then John Bailey will have to voice that movie and that's a really bad movie but a AMP -- to you. -- idea especially when you guys get -- out there would do with the regular folks went to come -- with. Both those guys are fairly has been around for -- while -- popular press and has -- that he's now. And we decided we also -- -- dot com and so we wanted to try to cross streams and they -- -- You can hear that voice we -- and our thanks for awhile but -- in Tennessee -- in Los Angeles. We finally met a common time to make it happen and it was. Possible from there come. -- is just the gift -- it gives and gives and you have these are the beautiful street to San Diego. Let's downtown -- a job and beautiful voice but he we showed -- we showed a couple of them. Watching the whole thing you -- getting you got more responses from some other folks who got to realize what was happening what was what -- some of the responses you were getting. Mostly it was just are you talking about me or are you the guy friends from -- check. How with -- took that and you know how what sort -- with what sort of work party do it because that's. You know engage in the end zone -- it's to it's so can you can you didn't do Larry is due lyric. Eating a pizza burger hang on hang on -- start eating the pizza burger -- I I don't know right now because it's TV it's like a job. I got here she says priced gear ready to murder shot her -- Sandra. -- world where the news never sleeps two heroes will -- way to relief to break the story about a pizza burger. While people behind -- stand with no cheers starring Lara Spencer and Josh really it's -- get ready for the people on the West Coast or -- not. Good Morning America. I got a -- yeah thank -- god is also. That is -- bought any before we let you go what's next. Law -- we're definitely more -- -- the I think a million views already. Demands -- humanity trilogy -- -- -- Knox is always coming out on our best treatment he channels. He posted and he -- night. It's okay to -- what they had Megan you know pretty -- still pretend like you have this other idea before just keep pushing forward and be. Always told -- formula. Not not -- and enough that the actually yes actually yes I do is like look who's talking twelve that'll be great baby John. Doing a voice or his own life as a baby that's terrific guys that it. You know a lot of I -- -- all right our over caffeinated I got a pizza burger NB job Bailey's describing my life like I've always. Thought it would sound like if John Bailey was described in my life -- his movie trailer voice guy boys. That's fantastic you guys are awesome thank you for joining yes thank you so much to Bob and -- are all right you know like you. Thank god John -- not usually you know we -- the five weeks if we say thanks for watching and join us tomorrow morning and I -- John would you US would you do -- the pleasure and send us off. Thanks Margie Jones tomorrow night you boardrooms. But if I. Okay. -- -- --

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{"id":20164519,"title":"GMA LIVE (09.05.13)","duration":"15:01","description":"Josh and Lara chat with two talented filmmakers who put a unique twist on movie trailers.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-090513-20164519","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}