GMA LIVE (10.07.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara check out a video of how one hungry cat is celebrating National Pizza Month.
16:44 | 10/07/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.07.13)
Okay. -- Find -- let me see him didn't you know let's let's literally. I'll first talk a -- seizure he needs help. Bomb. -- -- it is. October is anti bullying month. And so as we begin there was -- Wear a blue shirt to work day it was really early today so. Jack I don't know yet I mean Ireland that I forgot what god bless Sam Champion for remembering. We had a lot of -- out in force -- of -- start and I just I don't I just wanna set. And we made it very clear and I -- I love all the anti bullying stopped the show has done it is a scourge did is horrible. It is not just need to actually people tweeting it's not just the problem for the kid's coaches it's it's. It's not just an ally in person social media has -- I think. Whole new -- -- -- little attitude -- I I think I think that we need to have kind of hit the rewind button on. How we are as people to other people now because I think that. There was this even the conversation about what you know kids are -- be mean to each other but but we I don't have to they don't have to be and we've come mean to each other let me. It just went out at all we'll know sometime so I mean I'm guilty look I'm not I'm not -- I'm not gonna say. You know I'm not a wag the finger you guys about wagged the finger at me to. And and we just become. You ready to criticize immediately. About everything any and we just need to remember that that's a person. That's a person who has feelings just like you have -- and so it's hit the brief press rewind button and just. -- nice to each other. You know -- lord even if it takes a lot less effort. And also it's hard left it's -- it's been hard to be kid from the beginning of time -- why make it any harder and when you look at the statistics. Thirteen. Million. I -- believe we'll be -- This year they are our most precious resource you can argue they are really the only resource the truly matters. And we need to have stopped -- and I do you also want to point out and I don't know if it's accidental or not. Some great great people on the front lines of this. Hoping to stop it and rock and their blue today. We have a bunch of teachers of the year behind us. You all -- -- and you are you from around the -- -- -- country -- -- regard to -- one. -- -- -- -- -- So so who who are -- joining us today and thank you so much for making this a blue. We're so excited to be here we are the State's teachers of the year. -- -- -- -- -- Congratulations yeah I don't know -- -- about my dinner -- cannot -- Virginia and Georgia and Indiana. Yeah Rhode Island to island and New Hampshire and Louisiana Georgia -- don't like Indiana. Rock and they. Seriously Oregon I want to thank all of you. Because it is a wonderful. Commitment to you make and we talk so much about things like bullying things like our future. It's in your hands so thank you -- And I'm just glad I think Mickelson -- a second time the conversation -- -- is that it seems like every headline story that we have today just comes out of meanness to each other. From from the gang that motorcycle gang on the streets of New York to mullah. I can't say the last -- does not justify you -- -- to that story again where a group of men grown man boarded a school bus and -- a little girl. In the head because she dared to be vocal wants to go to school -- -- -- it is just. You know anger and violence amongst -- we just got up at some point -- -- got to stop and -- the -- so you know what it starts today you'll still lap time. By the way Iraq the blue shirt today and let's stop this surge and even before you -- -- guys get to this little guy here but -- it was. This -- -- zoom -- on -- resentment on the super cute. -- the cake boss dead because Jack -- thirty years and I just want I want to catch him before he was leaving but he had -- -- a flight to get on as he always does is always going somewhere. But they didn't. You've got to remember that they didn't put animals on television they didn't talk about them there wasn't there wasn't a voice. Where we learned about things that we would never see in our lives and we learn to love them. Before Jack did this and made it cool down and now there's a thousand people who do this but it's Jack Hanna. Every time you see the thousands of people who talk about animals that you need to think about the united director Mary -- at Columbus zoo and again yet the leading voice in conservation. -- continuing our business we're gonna run upstairs because boy it's felt like forever. But she -- returned to -- the controller. And newly married. I -- we -- and that if you well didn't. -- it's terrific job of playing the that is rates around her lifelong enemies we did exports we want a lot we do we have food -- sister we have been good -- -- didn't eat -- like -- and you. What do you and a look at what I'm glad he's home he does so Kobe does we're gonna find out all about -- pizza -- They look and smell and are delicious I can attest that I -- you know -- -- -- You you made a beautiful bride we did see the votes and -- -- -- -- -- -- it's one of those relentlessly beautiful couples that we would -- about. Now that's not a shoot for -- or merit -- that is Denise is actual wedding. I have to tell you I've never seen a more beautiful wedding not even a million dollar weddings and celebrities try to pull off -- this was -- -- Nice let its lovely watching you look at those shots that needs and that it appears smile and I love it so I really wonder what you're gonna look like when we also roll. Some very. I shall video now -- Okay. Yeah yeah a lot of. A lifetime the kids that have -- there at all -- one -- great. -- I would have been the best he can yes we want stories that -- choreographed dance which was his idea and address what it thought well. -- marks and Traci it has scouts right to help me and it would it but also ahead this kind of holding it and I couldn't really do you agree to hang on just real quick. For those of us. Cave men didn't bustle means I'm not exactly sure -- -- -- -- want to -- Madrassa like gets lifted up on the back and is usually during the buttons or something to hold madrassa you can dance but -- analyzing. There's I don't mathematics English physics involved -- -- an -- -- -- like goes up is that what happened. The patient didn't did send the what did he and that it might be and everybody now which is always good. Avenue and threatened -- -- -- a grenade and Denise you well I'd be happy honeymoon was wetter. That Africa and anonymity he was an awesome it was awesome Michelle left -- these animals. He did not right -- -- -- I now Brian after all across the world. It looks like being here -- everywhere most important question. That -- needs. And I asked this straight it's not. It's not meant to sell my demise monopoly -- the -- of -- well. Yeah. Stroud Junichi -- for like four months people this is this is the boys and -- year. De -- 115 lead with weeks to go this is this was the instructions all right Sam yeah you're taking it back segment Josh you're going to put -- -- All of which would suggest -- he yeah even I mean at least I don't look down at a high quality road -- her -- Donaldson got. Sweet lovely young woman became -- -- monster an agreement you don't know right every. You world laughing -- laugh but didn't know me know -- you know we're right there is still be able to have you back congratulation -- you. This is at odds like hearing your pizza because it's going to hasn't you want us to move on -- -- -- It's October. Yeah not only anti bullying -- but also hope the national pizza in Montclair. Forty York stock pretty serious don't repeat several willing to step behind the box that would these these -- Collins. Brought to us -- our -- Konami US -- we've got a number of freshly made delicious items to share with our -- of the year yet. -- Tell us about these wonderful treats joined by co-founder of Kono -- I didn't know stuff it's I don't. -- it looks like this is like it Jackson's thing like his magic like impressive but we haven't pizza. You did you come out of this concept. We didn't come of this concept there is actually it started in Europe there's a 130. -- applications worldwide. Com and then we took a symbol of the US we saw was a hot hot -- lots of pizza. -- this huge -- US that we wanted to kind of bring it over here. And that how many outlets are there now in the US currently right now we have one opening New Jersey don't you want in New Orleans here and so a trip to New Jersey if you wanna try -- -- -- incredible. Their own home he says and give us an idea of how Howard and Maine and what exactly are -- might have. So -- all fresh ingredients Jimmy Daley. Zero all fresh tomato sauce for you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's they've fresh tomato sauce first -- out the crust and actually the Fred is actually imported from Italy he -- a little secret that we. Wednesday have already -- one and and it was quite delicious studied electrical of them. I tell you really -- place -- Sorry no I 200 meter and -- I I I can't buy into that I was I was that -- again. -- -- -- -- It was definitely wanted to. Are you not -- come -- I make. Sandy got -- OK just about it that's chicken farmers -- Rebecca Allen would be the one which is chicken -- -- And for breakfast eggs ham bacon and cheese or sauce -- -- yeah. You can audio sub sandwiches actually -- every vacant for shoot -- without. And -- Greek salad this is it's basically one stop shopping. He retired new home -- -- I don't. Deserves a special sort of technology in this magic box stated that makes this happen. Everything that it's a you know we -- -- give up the secrets. But there is a is a secret to the other and his secret to the -- is a secretive he had done that we use and it's sort of wires right like -- -- -- -- Every bite entities to you won't have the same consisting of -- -- and I hear you know. It's -- yeah. Did I won't say this Dawson county had to squeeze them you can squeeze. There's not too hard you know correct they're delicious and it's magic I mean this is -- -- -- That her stomach I'm guessing many -- pizza. Open -- now in Edison New Jersey. More to come and we wish you best of luck -- yeah. CN -- had not game. The need -- another beautiful my load goods and. I think -- best of luck. I'm back over to the table now -- and I believe Josh you have a plan -- -- OK Sam you wanna do and I'll do -- -- we can all -- look at look at -- the oldest player of the highlighting dance night. As so often happens and -- The first -- sometimes they go to the -- on this show everything goes to the next level who are we getting normally a honeymoon period for the couple last at least through the honeymoon and John. He tore his new bride he decided. No and so we'll involved meatloaf to say here in my food products like you're going to the next level. And they are out loud allow. Right now. What did you do I do anything for life I will soon and have no doubt in my -- my. My understanding that we we decided to do an entire video based on song and performance but we can't get latest song song. Denial and in. -- we don't have the money for them -- wow so welcome to our -- -- thanks to love his Eyewitness News -- under a loan for a loved her livelihood June. And anything but I won't furlough -- I won't do a bad match doesn't have done and I'm sure I'm and. Done what our analysts are -- -- -- does not like how the song. Now -- we thank you need to know why he didn't get over here he can't get over here get over their new producer of the cash. That's now Bryant I realize we've got 49 cents is an annual budget. But when you wanted to sell. Music. And video need help out it. Music now lesson learned you know yeah let's let's. Let's let's be joyous because he -- he made the pizza -- yeah. When I was I was trying to skip that more and endurance are wonderful padded the day which is very powerful playing off of our keeps can monitor. Finally why I shouldn't. -- Thank you Brian are you start you Bruins play Shaq could music network and right and good luck in your future endeavors that one yeah we got and -- and the. I just got a plan they may be for the first time zone October is national pizza behind that as an -- Today this morning is taking part in the festivities. But not into -- -- The kitten who loves pizza so much that she's holding on for dear life -- -- woman who doesn't. Don't you feel this way -- -- to share your pizza yeah I do actually I know that's the way I feel when Josh just took mine away from me. Well I know that's still -- if you could probably wondering if this was what Denise was basically like -- That got a great. Wild and I think they're. Our hours of video -- (%expletive) yeah she's adorable. Because this loving cat loves food ladies and gentlemen look at her face. Says she's crazy. Crazy minding just -- about -- that we originally it can't be taught that is magnet high. I mean I am not Brad she is for the Catholic melt thousands of follow up -- and we begin to cat. He accidentally means to if they can't we if we give it kept its should we didn't try to -- it. Now -- I would happily now -- the cat yeah. But the cats not actually it's just kind of holding it actually going to help point I think I repeat -- it's it's me cheese. I don't really hugging did you get this thing -- -- you have a partner kept him. Yeah. Why I think joy added that animals just the DV need to have something -- -- -- and literally eat no no he just wanted it. -- -- wants it help for himself so it's like you twice it's relatable. I but I wouldn't mind when. Got around my independent and for all of you young folks out there watching today who -- who wanted to producers. This is I mean believe I have this right here you have witnessed agree this is race -- -- did you see others showed zipped up like it's getting up. Good it felt -- in the upper -- caught something in the middle -- all right and let's. Just say it's a life world lesson everybody wants something that they don't know what to do with -- people. There are you got a -- -- along. Yeah. I don't know you know I don't you can knowledge and well everybody good teachers of the year. I'm always good time.

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