GMA LIVE (10.08.13)

Josh, Sam and Amy check out a hilariously spooky prank and some As-Seen-On-TV pillows.
3:00 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.08.13)
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- alive we are day in and just because I don't have some a route to a date. -- -- -- -- -- This is I think that the -- -- idea for people who can't cook again Coca put him Josh and I wanna do a show. And we want to do it on HGTV or something like that is about -- brilliant this is we think this is a brilliant idea so so right your local cable company until you want to show could happen. If anything it's that it's basically show that we sit in the living room while you do everything about our -- so -- -- Something needs feeding it tree decorating and really to get things fixed on we can even your show instead of instead of DIY it TI FM do it for forming. So we -- even go to your living room and -- in your living room chairs and drink coffee and soda while they fix your. House right. And we couldn't comment on how well being done so I'm pretty happy and are now on -- daily needs and now they need to counter program. -- they need to show where we are not doing anything for ourselves like it's got that much like this program. Each and every day -- -- -- yeah. I -- the -- Joseph well. Yea we are -- producer understands get food out here faster here. -- on the Internet since you've -- here and -- just as they hiked its I think three people that it does -- treats from dot -- dot Fiat from dot popcorn. It's all natural ingredients can be a waiver -- that includes we daughter Apple's popular Halloween you know who easy chatter although. He's okay lights weren't what you're getting my hair but I'm just -- point out if you're gonna give us all these choices and these -- -- the choices. If Paramount -- -- is a is that if it's an option. I need cattle cattle and I call the bullpen not the other and -- -- Here I don't exactly how well we Geneva. Got to know me look at -- Indecent and ultimately individuals hospitalized -- on the road but added it's. Yeah and throw it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And battle out. Yeah. Milpitas and yeah I mean I -- -- -- -- -- effect and an animal cattle and dogs popcorn has real drumming up that look like she's -- yeah. He's. Classic catalog there'd be so bad that when -- will -- -- I think it's gonna be lets us think that I would throw I would dump the whole thing yeah. Nice. I think he's starting don't even think about I -- -- thinking about it and -- you don't go don't don't don't try to take control. I don't control my thoughts again. No. You tap they'll do in the -- you can stay another day. The all within eight yeah. Any -- in the comptroller of yes very amp. Yeah yeah yeah yeah and how -- And I don't know that I give me -- I promise we'll bring some you always -- yesterday we saw didn't Denise says the -- lead the newlywed among us. Bomb we saw her first ancestor back. Not I will say striking couple. And a little double middle Georgia her wedding dress wouldn't bustle gave it would've thought and you can you can imagine I had no idea -- how -- your -- Greek. It was BP drilling until about seven are you -- ain't no so what did you do. I was carried on -- the show I did I dance is not choreograph the we is held I might help here and train. But that thought -- -- -- discounter refunds coming change. I think that it was the user error I think that we could you sir Sam Sam I love that the letter addressed had -- -- win. Regarding drinking a lot of stop pointing up at -- -- -- -- -- particularly at New Orleans ECD rom users working with the audit that got busted that you're not snapshot. -- -- It's a great about his job she does it very honest so we're going to -- Zero just cannot just say for the moment of the pure joy that for a moment there was a show going on within the show that's after the -- right because Denise that we had to TV producers working on it and we couldn't get addressed apostle and then Andy goes well that's not surprised. I'm not -- yeah bond all of that moment was just about what they want to make into an unheard of but it could just seeping up high -- You better really loud and and we want to also say you had a phenomenal story. You know it defeated Aaron will be -- the. 39 days after the mother's water bring -- -- and I -- Because that the mothers hope they work so hard. Get this baby to have a baby in this he's told that -- seen. Doesn't keep it inside after the water breaks to write that I mean there's lots of issues for every day she could keep it inside that was three days fewer than her baby would and it wasn't bringing you right 28 weeks and that's that's scary they had -- -- actually pumping steroids into her home. That the babies long as he continued to develop actually even at a faster rate because it's all about lung development. When the babies are born not young but she just suffered three miscarriages. So her first baby had been one of 35 news which isn't quite -- but still others like complications with that. So she was just you know please god please and -- the doctors told her. 5% of women who were in your physician can keep that baby inside for seven days of you can get to seven days. Got lucky if you can keep the baby and for ten days it is a miracle and -- then you hear the work. 39. In -- -- and I'm talking not like she says it was there -- some tough weeks we have to -- you can't move. The evolving as well you know -- -- -- and she's that I just kept -- let me take it got and not have my baby toddlers and her baby was gonna. In that that is why auto -- away and beautiful beautiful and waiting out a mother's line. That is an inspirational story honestly honestly as was the Dodgers victory well -- Let's go and I was really good OK I didn't force it into the first out of the program. Largely because I was still recovering is that -- and it really late. Last night but did not go to the National League Championship Series and by the way if it's Pittsburgh because that's coming close Robin I've already committed will go in -- -- -- -- noted that an -- -- Yes he's my Pittsburgh -- -- you I'm offering you the chance to go to them. Beautiful city of considering I don't LO UI and I don't know you out -- out well high I don't know I don't know -- I love me some that are at Sam Champion what you have now is what's wrong with -- -- and -- It's just there's all this really baseball it's time there's beer. I could be good -- -- -- hot dogs and stuff then I'm popcorn. I can't believe you black -- almost everything I look I'm getting America almost everything else I like I I can enjoy football I enjoy some soccer I do like I do like -- like -- Parker. I'm enjoying hockey. I really -- -- especially with the game of soccer is played by a lot of Spanish and Portuguese man okay. Yeah. -- parents -- Glorious Madrid in Spain could be claimed that just because my husband's Brazilian there's no reason. It's certainly -- at a time. But that all well -- Until I'm trying I don't know I'm watching ESPN I'm bond due guardian now that's true I'm trying to get into the actually had an unsolicited sporting numbers it could mean. And what. I was I don't -- -- was -- literally -- avenue no. I'm me you are on the it was like Houston's body was taken there was something that happened while I was watching ESPN I just had to say -- credits and not to worry because that's what it sounds like it an auditory Pittsburgh. -- talk and after the show we'll see if we can work out some of the flats and while it is not in this Booth because I don't know what Pittsburgh did you know it's grown and now the grade I love -- degree while it's beautiful certainly. Steel City this is this is actually what it's like during a commercial break yesterday as did it on if you watch our show. And you guys have been in doubt to see you don't know what happened during the break when you Walt white from head to -- just bit me distracts me. Now hello I'm not happy well and never. I truly I would never the mayor Ed and I commend commissioner -- America where no one else to another I think. This isn't what happened this is a regular person why don't we hope he's a meeting me eat my hat and -- Love Josh said Amy your hair you don't realize -- -- hasn't violated. She comes in this is first of all I didn't stop the hate mail because he's gonna come flowing right -- it it's gonna come forward right now. Elapsed though there and Amy starts laughing and when you start Amy laughing -- the -- in the world can breathe and water is leaking out of her. -- -- And do what she's doing and so we are taunting her -- no doubt about it we're taunting her. So -- Jon -- your hair giant photo undermining. My -- and it's allow the Nazis dart across I don't how many -- -- -- for those shoes. And I don't and then just because they wanted this -- this -- yeah it's certain asleep technology. And it's it's quilted and great idea isn't a quilting on your hang -- I'm. Net -- is that now sees Diane laughing yeah. She can't pull together in the commercial break the earliest moment and again and I said it's a really comfortable outfit that thank. No -- can't. Yeah. I'm you cannot have -- all -- artists savages the Europe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had serious. -- in -- and a long haul truckers are now on it now. On his and it's it's the kind of -- that honestly that we have a -- Every I don't know if your great state of Michigan they now have to -- beer a -- -- you have to be sixteen ounces not. And analyze got a lot like why. Are paying for -- I think this is not the not -- -- this. -- a five minute. To wait five minutes economy. And the -- -- -- delta flight into the air into we have built the pace of the shall we we have the popcorn after all let's get there it's. Something of -- hidden camera trick apparently it's. In the style of the movie -- -- coffee shop -- special effects. To steer unsuspecting patriot agent well I'm saying they were in the midst of some like freaked out here OK so most people are gonna see and hear actors again the whole thing -- In a bit of irony. Turns out this is in fact what's like if Sam. I -- yeah I loved there. -- Got a camera rolling. -- -- Yeah. I got that -- variable idea let's get behind us yeah. I would have been out the -- you. I would -- daylight. You can tell me that -- been had two blocks away that's fine I don't need to save does not want -- -- on the hard way somehow we have -- -- -- a lot of our time how well you're another one. We -- even though we need to -- yeah. -- and lazy -- and museum. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK Michael inventors they always have to come up with the problem solving way to. Making easy around the house of -- hope he'll think about how many tablets are sold every year -- millions right this is the fun and easy way to hold your tablet. -- -- -- -- -- Around watching TV. In the kitchen. But it also it's got pockets and it is also very easily becomes a backpack look at now -- back I have additional revenue this what got me -- what got me the first time I saw this is you know and you see -- -- like -- with a -- at the -- think. But wait. And then they start flipping it around into three different things I'm Mike that some I -- carts in the whole -- functional we'll. -- what it becomes -- trample the right although -- I'm glad your back. And then also think about -- backpack and even behind the car seat in the -- for watching movies -- the that isn't the regular sleep for pillows are nineteen yet -- a great price if that the minister big hit on -- -- TV critic -- so I'm the next one is the -- and night sweats I live in Florida but even though this summer's over. The cello is you want cool is the other side of cola -- -- you don't know how much -- I don't know it just so amazing how -- and hello -- -- there -- vacuum seal never leave my kid and this will give you instant. Cool feeling all -- I -- again. It's called the giant Connolly -- you don't win and people always finding that on the temperature in the bedroom and it's you know. This really will keep its children night that if I wasn't all otherwise -- terrifically uncomfortable I would never get a. I'm -- this will tell -- the only thing I worry about -- when you move your -- the -- sound they make you get up from wanna go to the back like. I don't know if it doesn't want instructions you -- all the air out and -- concealed his right hermetically sealed or not you can't even tell and I think that's. Just a problem for those of us who are certain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This it is -- -- Filipino oil sick pets -- for children think about. Kids are always fiddling with their seatbelts you haven't you ever turn around you want you look at their -- bang their head down when. Ashley Bartlett another -- -- pants it attaches to the seat belt and now it provides a comfort and support for the kids when they're falling the -- -- -- and it also has the strap. Did you take with you all and it's not caught the ball comes all the franchises like -- great labors. And gives loved to collect and clearly some parent who's paying attention thought about this and had a great idea to to -- -- India becomes the fantastic and they had support for the -- Value than nationally look at that and a little more pay late last month we announced Halloween month right -- holidays. For a Monday or Tuesday for -- foot -- and you lose it's just it's called her chalk. And this is the hot craze right now -- -- -- -- Okay its slide you right down here. No -- no messages it washes out -- incidentally it's unbelievable. How we are just a fun night out bright work colors beyond. On pink. Mom took -- green who watched as an electric blue infusion is a really. Hi Chris I'm getting my daughter saw this in the story the other day -- Michaels issues like. Hope she is hyperventilating and a little OK because it's not that nobody but it's not permanent and can't get away I didn't want my couch yeah. There's no who does this better than you've given -- -- -- thank you for coming by and show. Learn more about them all -- them to get this right. As seen on TV dot com now are there high -- -- that when you write it or do you just write it all on one out just as seen on TV dot com you can get it all get it all get I don't think it's known as the world wide web yet enemy. You are available the thing I don't -- -- all -- thank you Kevin -- heated to the dot -- popcorn. -- -- -- -- -- -- It now. And -- -- a beautiful and lovely Fiat if you've been --

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