GMA LIVE (10.10.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara check out an exclusive deal from Tory Johnson on "GMA Live!"
13:11 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.10.13)
-- -- The center right there -- be they weren't got an -- there that there -- get out of there's been issued to be worked out while they stuff their faces with -- eyes and -- it over ice cream Sunday -- here we are over. It is delicious because not only is a scary moment its camel and heat with the carve -- I'm pretty cut it up for our friends here in the studio this is -- Carmel thank you back to our friends at cutting out a couple haven't heard. That if we don't have food we -- Mary. -- -- No my -- -- been hampered by Michael commend Michael program. This is. New addition to managing -- -- his cousin Michael. -- away from. Aquatic New Jersey all right I got to I want your -- is strong volume and that's -- -- Ten days. -- -- -- -- -- I don't talk about and I'm stars. -- you might be the Ron guiding to give very sharp knife to but. I am definitely Iran got to have a sharp knives and you have an idea of where this this studio audience is ravenous so yeah. The -- I'm reading I'm -- -- essay about it but I. As a child I was -- Carmel thank you you know I got a little -- -- on the -- I don't know I'm not. I got it -- and -- right now I would I never been so happy because it has like. -- supplying soccer's it was a -- -- If this Bill Belichick -- really cold but there's probably doesn't cookie plus they now -- the well as me another class -- I Don I'm sorry I came in a little -- on that story. The cookie plus oh yeah. You could -- -- please let us know abusing anybody here remember what can I do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm appeal so we've narratives that -- -- Karbala now also what we're stuffing our faces with their these dashes. Only an album -- follow any Jesus you are. Part of me -- saleswoman. For Ricardo -- I love -- card on my dad do is no longer with us and I used to go to Carmel. Let -- -- bad that was a very special treat once a week he and I -- mother godmother I mean. Father daughter time. So I -- I I taste Karbala it brings -- back to happy happy. That's up from Carville has all the. Letters -- you could go you can pick on me just like thousands of things to choose from -- -- -- it's like an accident you know I was I was like the chubby kid. So for many who are struggling I don't know -- it did just I want that was nothing I didn't know I was actually let's get. Let's let's pull up let's football among those pictures I don't know I can tell me back but you don't you don't -- is that -- -- asking. That's no -- OK I was I was. Yeah I like let's cute to me is the most -- -- -- plus size. The united. I don't like that John. -- got a -- -- I see a little known facts that -- don't look pretty good don't know about -- -- -- What's happening lets me every day Belle -- There may have been other changes when I was young. You may not recognize -- me and I'll always be gone thank -- To be true. They haven't -- nickname is -- -- Yeah how well we're just give them before the shot. So it is and what's my name in the -- -- It depends which is where usually packed with the nickname merger different -- -- -- she had this outfit on that was all these big buttons and -- -- -- -- about and here's 60. I'm Michael Baden so I mean the bike when she comes over for -- Natalie. Play that -- -- when we get a chance lighten up a little bit and everybody -- to come over just doesn't make fun of each -- It would -- I got to solve like yesterday she's wearing this jacket that was like completely zippers -- compares it worked out. Yeah dog's -- I have we -- litter -- in Mount -- on the left -- growing up numb but I do -- call now I will say. The ice cream cake. When you're a kid. Ice cream cake and her next -- Computer errors in bed and space shuttles it's. I can't believe that technology to get ice cream -- -- hate me is it was magic. It was absolute and that shot at -- -- I mean I got an. -- not obvious how much you look. I just do I just love ice cream -- do which is why with a husky -- All right -- are not speaking up with a decidedly. We're gonna we're getting -- we're gonna veer off that the off. We have a special -- Okay. Lovely I'm good how are you mean all. So you know we -- -- whole bag back yeah. Here's another -- honesty and it's specifically barred -- like yours so this isn't personal all sinned and you can put one to twelve. People I'm here so whether -- program mom. Or get here on yeah. Yeah okay yeah. How can we can tell -- -- tell -- -- -- -- I was thinking of having one made for Robin and putting you that -- her. He is okay. -- -- I -- what I do this segment that you guys that's what viewers say -- -- you did did the kids today. And Sam rejoices that I have my entertainment in their most -- -- like anyway -- the one for this because -- that's -- you this is. -- everybody's got to get this you cannot. Out of your mom or grandmother not have this -- -- and you can't put on would letter and that got what he. Perhaps -- white. Another caller actually have to go online and are and so was so cute when I don't have Internet and a big selection online and different -- just outs needed his front -- also find my academy and what else and finally starts at 35 dollars depending -- what you she slashed. I'm in. No way back. Can't afford not to. Then the same company I'm a little Halloween bonus had he started with a Halloween candy right now on you can get a little sweet Witkin but have -- angling one. An ideology Kennedy probably -- -- -- anyway some good daddy -- and revealed what should choose sit and watch I don't know what -- and -- like Serena a man and look at why. We're. I miss USA is something that's good am yeah Johnson -- -- is bigger -- humorous when yeah. This isn't really tough call I wasn't sure who is CNN well that -- revenue of mind and make their choice should be the bigger problem. It's not a facilities -- super suburban and you can keep pumping didn't give goes there's a big selection when you go out and it goes yeah. And I had -- big -- yeah. I love this this is when you. 2 Good Morning America last time my outlook now it extra it's like that already has not yet enough to -- that it's nice it's it's very nice and you know -- -- -- just think if you do -- to date only you -- to -- so many expressions on the city. Yeah. Rationalizations. There's a lot of virtualization they can do and it's Good Morning America that -- out of them. They -- -- RAI. That's higher award I learned like I've heard that run like a shot you learn you learn -- Look at they -- -- a -- made a -- he. Coming up sham I Tory Johnson -- time that's. Can I love crazy about human and all. When my big honking. I'm -- that they amuses me sometimes they're just too many things to say that once -- -- -- -- that you're gonna go ahead. At the moment passes that you have -- -- I had over seventeen amenities unveiled the that I sent to myself tonight. Thanking routing internal editor. Unlike other -- But now we're not -- parents don't know and right now we're I know we're not -- -- -- was actually off camera. -- -- OK yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So my life. Godwin today that no one more day but yeah that -- -- such -- cute -- which. No one would say that's -- I let him at all -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey hey -- -- -- -- like that would you give us a kind of a dad yeah I'm up front can all -- head of the day all the way. Is retired military working dog. Named chief. -- -- -- Thought -- notes about voluntary dog named -- -- -- -- -- dog named Jimmy renamed. Michelle all right in this video -- a kitten for the very first time and although he's initially hesitant. You can actually start playing. And -- budding friendship is content. I don't want you she got to be cheating walking clearly certainly -- -- after being such a good sport with your new hidden. -- It's really easy why can't we all just get along the -- Look like that look beautiful can now call. One moved from that -- it's no longer -- yeah. It read the tea cozy nobody came we know that this is the first time that chef has ever seen again that's what we go back -- yes owner says the first time. -- -- -- -- -- -- Lettuce and now we have a vote for the the -- visible -- hinges on GMA that well then I'm gonna get tomorrow as a thank you be cat mom. Ulterior I'm sure -- this if this -- is a friend I'm guessing you should probably trust your instincts doing. I don't even want to Bull Terrier I mean that's what really -- -- all. Who do you think -- -- a -- That credit is not backing out these guys -- up more than one mixed up on the news. And I love the -- check and I got -- Couple tanks Larry -- -- experience. I don't know I don't know who's gonna win this final somewhat -- -- for 500. Act act act act act well now this is -- you see the Bull Terrier -- like he accidentally lands. That's an accident oh yeah -- crash is not my hands off policy on haven't -- had just. That's just Josh going to his -- eye witness and August. No I don't crap no animals were harmed in the making a crowd -- over at the Bull Terrier started making him it was awesome yeah. At all happen. Yes. Thank you for -- -- -- you know this is truly believe this is great all week course -- -- the Katy Perry contest on the big truck and not Katy Perry is gonna go on her birthday October 25 and -- at one of five high school they army these amazing videos using her song roar. And really using the themes that she has supported you know championing the powerless. -- and it's been great -- every game seemingly better than the next. BK though being the intrepid. Producer that he is came across a similar type of video. That touched his heart -- staffers put -- Children's Hospital in Minnesota. Put together their own music videos and hit some -- by terrible relics. It is I've seen it remarkable take a look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's just it. That's right I mean I don't know how I don't kid got -- and I think thank you so much British share our -- with our audience.

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