GMA LIVE (10.11.13)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from "Good Morning America" and "GMA Live!"
10:28 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.11.13)
And welcome to another edition of GA may live Friday we're gonna take a look back at some of the best moments from GMA. And -- alive this past week -- you can all enjoy them. All over again we hope you have a great weekend and we will see you right back here Monday at 9 AM eastern daylight. For more GMA life. -- lights the Russian -- for -- Via -- Media all her and seeing the torch relay begins -- advance. The Winter Olympic -- associate Russia and that's been decades of course since the torch made its way through this is -- champion trainer Chip Morris should. Correct -- and proudest moment -- shared. His adult life. Carrying the -- and his mother country only that power. Hey something's a swimmer -- what he wants -- -- haven't -- -- -- -- NBA champion Jimmie -- -- past but look it's -- -- -- playing. And it shall be I -- got a big crowds out I had heard Inglewood and 99 cent lighter than. It's rare -- -- the line and pick. Let's go out on -- An honor I had no money goes where is -- -- Can do Jack told the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have no load it and it's on the other side this is navy veteran Adam -- who joined ours and that's -- that's -- in the -- that I -- Daria yeah. -- Planet who has taught America more out about things all things wild -- our Jack Hanna we're gonna celebrate him today. Monday morning also. For your good friend Jack generally get sober note -- animals' kidneys. -- -- -- It's like I've been named Ron but she's got into their I barely -- -- -- very happy that from a honeymoon and nieces doesn't really got to -- Under shelter comfort. -- -- secondary can't you can still call the shots -- -- -- -- -- -- them. Celebrate -- in his thirtieth anniversary. So excited I don't know. -- -- -- Yeah okay. That's -- -- always this time it's penguins. -- -- -- To thank you for thirty incredible years -- We're not funny and -- right back. Finally some strange medical news -- gives new meaning to the -- you're got. What you -- -- got him. Not you this 61 year old Texas man -- -- emergency -- with a blood alcohol level close to five times the legal limit. He had not a drop to drink -- some doctors five years and his wife kept thinking that he was sneaking never drank. They diagnosed him with auto -- syndrome it's a recognition where his own body chemistry return of 48 -- of pollutants. Getting -- -- on the inside Alex. Now Manning now beyond where Asian. No longer having to convince friends and his wife -- in the closet drinking wine column and I think you know. Try using that excuse. Not gonna work for the rest of when he got our panel today this morning is taking part in the festivities. But not -- -- -- -- The kitten who loves pizza salt mines that she's holding on for dear life while the woman who dozens. Don't you feel this way with windows to share your pizza yeah I do actually I know that's the way I feel -- -- just took mine away from. Well I know that's still way if you are probably wondering if this was what -- was basically like that. -- Wild and I think Derek yeah. Are devoted viewer video actively -- -- -- she's adorable high. This this loving cat loves food -- and elemental surveys. Says she's crazy crazy I think just crazy about pizza -- -- -- you can't be let go. I don't yeah I mean I am not Brad she's for the Catholic -- itself all of us what you yeah we -- -- -- be president if -- if it can't. We if we give again -- should we didn't try to pick. Now -- I would happily -- -- the cat yeah. But the cats not actually it's just kind of holding -- actually. It would help point one -- I repeat visits it. Me chief. The -- right air quality they weren't got in Michigan they're -- of -- of their work it out and -- -- -- -- to be worked out while they stuff their faces with red -- during -- highest court over ice cream Sunday's and we are over. It is delicious there's not -- is a scary moment of -- and he would carve -- I'm pretty good for our our friends here in the studio this is -- from Carmel thinking back to our friends -- cutting out -- -- haven't heard. That if we don't have food. We -- married -- -- I'm very excited you notice there's something missing that's usually. Here where I had problems and. -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- really get it today crazy this evening Brian I think you understand you hired to get its currency okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he's good but but I am I am really failed to provide these terrible felt like I -- I I -- file and -- yeah. I think I would I would also could ever. We get from the audience gets -- -- -- -- -- Every single socket that would do if your hill companies -- I think. That's -- never get -- as we -- home. Here's where he's real into exactly -- -- every single day is national something but I know it is -- there at county college. And then finally on local vendor and Wednesday we're gonna celebrate -- -- yes -- See what we're -- Do you know you I've learned so did Alan go I pay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fine finger -- people will. We'll -- legal establishments. That's so good yeah. My guess is how we don't know. -- -- I think it has it has fruit flies on had a Eddy Eddy founder some hot sauce I don't know -- not gonna cut -- that hot. Pilot gives the -- -- -- the day mysterious British you can't even open. It's like. -- -- -- The trade on the track can't keep the train -- -- -- Yeah you help moderately. Hero who. His true identity continues to remain -- industry minister who are. His -- on across the gloves -- of those pieces have sold for over a million dollars as of the graffiti. Artists which makes it very difficult when your writing that check to someone who's a mystery. Million dollars to review the sinister mystery it's. Serious and at a thigh injury. Ask this Jack questions -- -- -- The importance of a cookbook there are night. I don't like campaign -- like -- it's pitiful life. -- -- -- -- -- -- No fox did just that -- Animal and if you were ever wondering what this phrase sounds like here -- I -- that it comes to us from nobody in squirrel enthusiasts. I don't -- Steve. He's created an obstacle courses Chris Arnold home. Steve Steve means -- Obstacle course is better known as the world at large energy. And I'm Steve. -- -- -- We apparently ropes and pulleys and levers of all time no -- that's groping her head like I. But apparently it won't know that the courses are in fact and in convicting -- After the eighties British ship comes from courts PW after the classic any British sitcom. Top -- in an area get out of I was -- it was on for wind to win. -- -- -- you demented here's a long run well it was a long running from 1980 to 1982. With. Is it possible to bring more shopping -- can you have weapons when he was happening with the -- where you gonna join up to be a squirrel enthusiasts. Thought I would like that -- like every few hundred New York chapter. A squirrel or liquidity and they'll need to meet weekly in Central Bank karaoke and do carry -- I want to know does that square only experience this as an obstacle course. Or is it just think declining trains just -- It's light it's like they've given me walking on a dirt road in the concrete street for us. It's just walking yeah yeah. I don't care what you put in front of me I can get there don't know what this growth. That's just -- I'm not a battle I don't can't -- it. And I say thank you so much we're gonna share our -- the highest --

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