GMA LIVE (10.14.13)

Josh, Sara and Sam enjoy giant tacos and check out a polar bear with some basketball skills.
15:46 | 10/14/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.14.13)
Okay. -- But what I don't know what I thought they would and -- exam you leaves and undermine -- lake five minutes into the colleges as well yes I don't know what's going on. Hey happy Columbus Day everybody. For example if you -- no reason can someone just -- Apparently don't mess with an air I didn't go to you literally couldn't that it can someone is -- what what why are we enjoying the wonderful. Well you -- nobody yet you got about it man. Caught up up up up. At icon Audrey is asked us well you guys. -- wanted some food last week -- little upset right. Today -- health rankings so we found these hangs -- -- even -- the biggest of the biggest. Items that I could find. I think we're -- I -- there. Not my began to take you Brad are apparent use of art it's really you know definitely help lecture. Who we are gonna wanna -- -- -- -- All right I'm gonna go where -- There's nothing what does -- here there's nothing that's not and there are several in my community. Just yet -- -- it in I want -- around. I don't. -- laugh yeah. All that is that that do you think that I gave us didn't let the and we get I don't know if it's trying to set -- on this how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically on how I just wanted to have some really good get some delicious food it is Columbus Day so that is one of our. North America's. Greatest Buddha the very -- that Arnold amount cannot argue that I am I thought was slightly. I can't -- ability problem and that of our dear friend. I'm -- Mexican restaurant. Fed up by the way we -- -- with no ordinary toddler here. The two pound. -- about how he's gotten -- a -- A little while then shelved. It is stuffed with everything you could possibly imagine -- got him a whole thing up it's not like not -- not -- that I think. And -- outlets I break it off as an edge. And you make it up. Delicious. Visual radio television wire and electric going to be important news Nightline after -- -- top of this was aside for the -- that. For juvenile for the month and we -- we can look up. It's -- on the weekends I can be yet thank you didn't really he can't lovely and I had a threatening him I appreciate it I'm. Oh fabulous studio audience hello I want -- -- Clovis west is out -- -- I knew there was -- -- And forget folks from the central valley Vietnam and you should let the mayor of Fresno no I am coming for his or her job OK just let them know. -- soon enough who wants to talk simulate -- -- -- -- one person step forward it's going to be that did not have a long I don't. Okay. The guy from Fresno yap mouth now -- their lives. For cross country -- night to a national meet Bobby. Com Twitter I grow they were commons. We do live cut ins for the big -- so all morning long -- talk of the different cities. ABC 30 central valley they get stuck with the over caffeinated me. And that's when everything goes in the -- of the -- end of the game of the day happening on understanding the bad I don't even know what -- -- you've been like yeah. Felt like carb -- what's your name -- -- Caleb I want -- -- one of those. They have a meet and here I get this -- is just couldn't get me hey you and you'll malicious but this fuel it's got all your meat food groups. While I was gonna say. And and it's not -- but I don't it is I can't see you round the -- -- There are involved are all these in your world there are multiple -- -- groups -- yeah. I thought the media group whether they're -- know the right other movies but there are I just want to be clear. All right if I'm not sure but that the -- Right at top of the food pyramid -- the whole thing that this is the whole -- -- yeah. Grandparent -- that one of the left. -- -- hear -- all right -- Hugo Scott is telling -- you respond ago. I've never. As. Me being Protsko lot of they've got to run great distance yet we don't -- -- -- you know that that's. -- you can do little. Doesn't. Yeah. Is your appetite and what they get things running after lunch Clovis get out -- c'mon you guys badly. Run for your lives. Among the month yeah. -- -- California it's not like it's totally weird I would love to -- My motto we got today know about it -- -- -- margaritas Mexican you can visit them -- marks dot com now that top of that. While -- it's so good just -- Might it's enlightening. You need really top out at OK yeah -- probably need to get whoever has that pop back so this is a fun one note for our -- -- extra we've got a long awaited update on what has not was fun though and I just my. Much thought for just a moment the lovely -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think and mean girls musical in the works mean girls musical let that -- game like remember the movie they -- -- -- and. Which acts happened Nellie out because that isn't gonna happen -- Right right right right right -- is scoring -- production says that it nineteen is meeting want to eat and actually starting to keep things up pretty good when you were writing here that they're ready to nothing as far as some ideas go to his party that he is indeed working on the Dini. Manning had -- that never caught on. Right. He's not a good idea was that a big deal with the idea I have to admit when I -- particularly good yeah. Won't let what happens is in the -- girlfriend the girl she keeps trying to say and I hope that -- -- facts well and then the leader Jean now. Thanks Gina no Reggie. Then it which we -- happen. Since it -- -- have do you remember Sam. Because they're actually still is on the replay like -- -- any television your turn on youths brought the 700 channels at some point mean -- is playing on there. So you you get a chance to see it is this the one where where they get hit by a bus to get wiped away yet plastics that's a classic Joseph liked what I don't actually but I mean. He looks pretty good mentioning my -- -- this -- -- this is right now -- and it is dark dark and -- last time we actually talked about Lindsay Lohan in my they don't really like. Right. Not to say downhill but sort of this was she was standing on Everest and now she is but recently recently at all. I saw the movie that she did with Jane Fonda what was that -- one which. Now the one where she played the daughter unforgettable one you know and I want some paint -- that was no it really was no I don't say that Lindsay Lohan was wonderful in that movie. And that we just can't think -- -- BK your Georgia -- thank you go without doing that who said that. Mark thank you very much mark and audio says Georgia rules in your absolutely right it's -- rules on them. Hughes you know -- this -- -- -- -- -- blister Disney's of the day out cannot get heavier. We actually generated eye opening lesson can somebody you can meet again right. Yes but nobody got it tacos so when talking about that would be all right now yeah is that it is there a camera that can go at me let's go up and -- didn't. Actually eat that Al -- got -- -- volume that gotten I will try to get to our head of the day how about a pet of the day all right. -- out of the day and this is a little crazy Monday by the way folks are -- the day. Comes from the San Diego Zoo. It's up polar bear showing off some serious basketball skills as you can see here. Aided or it or or is it made more difficult by being underwater I'm not sure. But but good -- action actually need -- -- this and then look drives the line. Thank you very much dry out I think the -- -- drives the lane looks like it's gonna be a slam dunk and now. Now stake out and yeah. I'm telling it like he can eat them right and I don't even know would have fadeaway jump shot is but there's one written on the prompter began cleanup. Not feel this is is that did you do you really know would have -- going to I played -- don't call it. A girl. Regular you have I have given that -- -- com Josh on the -- and all courts everywhere what a little on the stairs now what was that. I don't know that everything -- -- this comeback he's even given. It was -- Below I just wanna just for the sake of comparison -- -- show -- your whole arm the cat is now look at this thing. I. Not getting it's hits he got today it's to get it now I think even Cameron no warranty -- -- -- until I get a -- he -- it might. Come on have a little -- might -- of the outbreak in the -- I wanna believe -- me down a lot of let's go. You gotta -- you got to move the microphone -- -- it yet. Well I'm -- many days. Beneath you just one over the audiences -- -- -- -- That is pretty -- of 706 more -- left. Cuts of those are out and I are obvious as -- -- so we're we're gonna do -- -- of the de Beaufort. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of the Eagles what I did good the first of what the story about a bear in in the second one -- the story about the bears well. Apparent apparently tried to escape from a zoo on a golf cart lazy Gelman it's not something you see every day. Now. And in the -- I don't know if this is sat out. The person and -- pandas and. -- -- real live candidates just trying to get the heck out of there. I don't know what's going -- doesn't actually think they all look like people and they all look like people and this may -- Look like people in panda suit if -- may. Even though this may be replaced -- that Josh Elliott is on to something there are no real giant panda and they're all people it has it is honestly. We will how all we ever know I don't know -- Is this for real because -- -- yes yeah leaders for Leo there's a hand at large. He can't be. We have pandemonium. The vote oh and by the way you ladies and gentlemen these two cute -- is the first ever twins I think. Born in captivity in the in the US homes and they are they are laying -- -- without names and you can't let this happen. You cannot what's your name this gorgeous what's your name. And that she's actually she's back. This little. This little intrepid journalist interviewed me. Earlier this year yeah he's -- she put me under the gore did how gorgeous he -- all doll so. What are beginning to ideas for -- little -- what's your question it. Bolivia so that's taken on OK we could usually we could it was if it was -- -- yeah but what at what would you take to get to names. And see how hard this is America. And no. You know what a lot of people lining here a lot of -- -- moonlighting I wanted you had to say on the job -- -- we've actually like Twitter. Reminds me -- I actually like the salmon Josh I'm -- with that -- isowich let me the one linking the other here figure. Don't want it doesn't want to be bothered me after I wanted to let. The one on the left that doesn't want to be bothered that is out that's oddly discolored yet oddly. Not obligated to say -- and -- -- highlight that day and -- highlight. I don't know what you're talking about that what he's -- on this -- I am actually gonna tell you the story of the very first time. Then I saw Sam Champion in New York City. -- You're never gonna I know some melting know you cats Ellen -- number that's way behind us ever tell that story and what is it now is that a -- -- that's the name really live. What I'm gonna save. Now because you will one day I'm silent data -- -- to do this in your mouth here you will one day trends grass come -- And tread upon me right in and I went a little red wire measured view yes right -- -- -- you're holding. I want you to know OK just occasionally it is currently on that one they're just in case just thing to ever do anything -- anything -- -- -- do this at home just in case. I don't ever do anything wrong this is the real punishment I don't wanna call -- the nuclear option but it's a nuclear option him. The lovely Olivia everybody thank you. Interviewed me earlier this year Buffett nor the Elton John concert that's how it goes around him -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- We have one more bit of business we have a sports walk around -- but we're rounding it out -- did Sam started when did with -- Dribble removing any doubt me highly isolate and -- alliance I don't accident. That was very. Athletic. Take a -- -- corridor and or the pond and I love it I love the -- thank you carry out in Dublin this is three year old Michael patent from the blue. -- good. God the heir apparent to perhaps yeah -- Najera. This is just keeps on another thing here is they didn't even sort of creatively addicts and maybe he missed twenty of forty but you know what I'm doing it and -- And by the flag better than I -- -- I also want congratulations Michael -- -- but did you -- push and I'll chip shot Irish golf kid. For awhile now that is being -- the new member of team Josh. The new CEO. Gets -- gets the trains run. And you really want and their ego. And the kid in the in the incidents in May god always bring -- monikers are talking -- off camera -- as a -- Michael you know I come on over here. Actually Michael. You know what he's all that in can't always easy struggles yeah they are welcome to team -- -- Kendall. Hey everybody this is Michael -- Laura. He's really good. Really gotten my parents really gets. You know what happy. Columbus it Columbus Day what is what is the date the date is plus Sox -- fourteenth. How do you save fourteen. In -- Actually the -- -- -- say say happy October 14. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's what I get as much better thank you had was due October 3 period to look here tomorrow.

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