GMA LIVE (10.15.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara try out a new burger that utilizes mac 'n cheese as its bun.
13:28 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.15.13)
Coming. -- -- TLC overload right now. -- now tell us something phenomenal show hello lovely city girl -- -- -- his product abruptly -- this week it's reunion week Kera GMA we're gonna be were reuniting some great TV shows movies. Of the past start tomorrow but today we actually had one as well TLC coming -- new album twenty to that dropped today or tomorrow. Tag could drop that and what he's got from -- somebody stay a little. The football -- Yeah. We wanted to hit a lovely medley while their heads LC and we all know we -- -- -- being held -- Venus -- and -- -- Please. And read over the cellular sounds great personal Tony Robbins down guarantee cut and -- of these things not stop letting him on the shop. Right Josh is down here Wednesday. Well I saw heard. Didn't -- I mean let's be honest you learned your movement and -- and it was god and I thought today that be the best thing I ever saw today. Yeah yeah yeah I know what happened it's -- just what I did this happen. Now now now. You feel like I'm I don't -- the general. Yeah. Bratton was a moment I don't know I don't know our -- but you're really and you are no you're not escrow don't worry you and I was brought nor -- -- a waterfall. Is that where we're -- there. Yeah. I think -- ever get stopped not a and I feel good -- -- Andre hurt -- yeah. And you -- the great thing about the about the Internet television program is that you can see Robin and poll I mean yeah. Okay. I think -- drop somebody will. I like that earlier this week I don't address on the Hafner and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen address is not the -- night. Roberts is now I have to come back here may live more profit -- the and let me don't run out and you don't eat it hot on the islands and we haven't talked about lamb at third degree burn out targeted Brimelow Manhattan. My lip and fifteen minutes I -- -- I'd say the really hot sausage and division out. Building the Hans we'll what you can -- might have Italian auto analyst Ralph yeah there are very. It's oh yeah there's the bad thing getting that it's clear what this young that's -- It's. Yeah. We'll tell you to -- yeah yeah yeah. Yeah -- look at. I don't know I don't Eli Hanson I can tell -- -- husband. -- -- hope that doesn't it has now. It appeared to mice innocent immigrants say -- and the fact that a year until it is you know it's another we have geographic evidence. Just what you want him. Comedic side by side to these for those now we can't continue to show -- moment. A videotape of which -- -- waited as this guy everybody of that pathetic -- it. Fighting cat by the way watchers of said program that's -- somebody missiles that somebody's iPhone it. I've found dad died when gasoline -- like -- -- this move right here sandy had built on. One of the only guys and John -- and it -- I got there late. Let me in the -- diet that you and I have a and stuff gone not a little bit before the demand and of the deaths yeah Hudson I tweet. That I sustenance again you know -- -- Worthy enough to let them three you know what -- were dropped the Mike -- -- -- -- mystery. -- -- -- these sausages. Are unaware that we have like seven that -- budget of this favorite playground area. He's. Go to black. We -- to let -- we we we break a -- now we got let go John. We couldn't let that happen or Denise wanted to view has Brian thank you for an appointment although got to tell -- and that that Ohio needs to -- out spices. Well it's extra actually do we -- yet here's the Chilean -- -- -- -- believed to mangle the New York Jets game by him and he's. He didn't -- -- -- for them to make it for you -- not you are not because we have got more so make sure we have a lot of yeah yeah and -- That they're -- close and and kept telling you got something coming up today down about jobs. Here. I talked to you idiots Aaron yeah story we got something coming up -- -- Don't know how it happened that I don't know how it got on the show but truly truly truly was not but a couple of years ago I highlighted as one of my favorite things in the country. And it is my pal Billy DEC so rocket -- And it is coming up on our -- -- -- -- I don't know how this happened. How did we get out of wouldn't want to. And in barely anxious. Being a feast or famine on the show how did you make it happen -- coming from Chicago lays down a company rocket burger bar. It Chicago's Wrigley bill neighborhood you know you can see pages a -- made -- macaroni and cheese. The see you again that's -- -- -- -- I'm gonna have a right now I can't thank you. -- too long yes might. -- the way it happened I mean you were so kind of like little five years ago. Highlighted it last longer I feel like I got it is somebody holding a unicorn -- No one really what's happening we took away the -- you are now -- here's -- he plays -- you do whatever you watch your somebody -- -- Mac concedes. It's comfort on a whole new level -- honestly. Turns out it's delicious and you got Bernie you and your property your face and your I'll take back what I -- doubted could -- -- -- -- -- It's it's not just if this is amazing that -- but it's not just this you are restaurant caved in that area. Many times all right I spent there. Wait too many late night got in not at the underground a nightclub at sun the new -- -- -- that is amazing that you all Chicago. And not true but I do I don't know if you know this -- on ABC right after you get a windy city -- raising -- -- -- -- get caught W us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About two hour show on ABC's revitalizing a -- I remember when -- -- started -- Obama about the show -- went off on Wednesday we rely on Thursday the same -- -- -- really exciting. Where about two and a half years in. I DV entertainment report every week on Thursdays one and we have a great you know crew and cast inward. -- -- TV family that just. -- -- -- in the last night so grade he I'm glad we should let him have a crack get up I think I'm -- should pop act that's it I'm the Tom and I had a big. If I -- -- well a more info by the way on how you get Mac attack and -- other creations from rocket burger bar. Column on Twitter at Billy -- you can be -- -- all on one of the millions of people do. And and what the what is there a web site as well now get all the rocket burger bar dot com spoke out we're gonna post the what we can make he's at home by the way -- Actually really easy so. I put to rest the up their -- guys make it again Jack everybody I think. -- -- cops sitting next Japanese Josh what's popping up -- well you know as you well know Denise is the programs. Meet aficionados -- beginning so she requested. -- Mac and cheese -- yesterday that we should I should apologize for yesterday's -- -- -- it was nation and defending champs timeout that. This however all in all sorts of what was wrong with the -- you know like -- it has -- elaborately Denise doesn't do bird. Usually does cattle and yet she doesn't happy we'll get what I have cattle Italian mountains on the auction Harden has -- inevitably go ahead -- -- -- -- Do -- call them Mack attack you -- tactic to attack again. I felt that's not attacking it's Catholic that land like me that's a landed in my mind that's a dainty little polite -- -- -- -- I have not been back nibble at an attractively package had no more -- and where are not -- to needs me now that you're not parenting. -- I know all that it. -- happened. Biggest drag it will be back to last week -- -- that report on you -- Mac and cheese burger seems favorite things like I'm telling you use you or not -- in Chicago if you're not have won his spots they are. The coolest. Last run you are not that -- -- -- -- -- six Chicago in general as the place to party card I don't world. And I'll -- Chicago. Did you have any due by DuPont what do you have for us guys a pulpit you -- it is obvious sexual -- get something we always -- -- more of purity of a kind of that is of course -- Yeah -- a new product called the -- pillow light I don't normally -- designed to do just that. You you may remember the original lawsuit pillow I figured hey here's -- -- and yeah gap partners and it certainly -- -- seek contraction of the great look to help you get those other pouring drinks so now the makers of the -- because pillow we'll bring you. I need some sleep right now it's a sleeker more discreet design -- Seward. Tolerates on planes trains automobiles here we have the -- they said -- -- kick -- -- to help get go it. And the good news is they've already reached their goal -- -- -- -- -- -- If we get our shipment in will be sure to test the right here on GMA I forgive you original my -- hat I don't know how nice reignite -- life. Richard ostrich -- which is more discreet. Yeah the participants -- high stick -- these three industry to blast it. The streets. Now pretty -- eliminate words like that you just can't -- is ongoing thing Denise and. And and Lara just don't like some words and so they make -- not so I think there are probably worth while we're not -- they Maurice. I've heard people coming out like boy not a -- -- -- I don't know weren't whole -- the whole thing I know there's a whole -- -- work that out. Be discreet about it though. He's accused arrested Friday at someday we will surely -- do a large -- using all of these. Edwards. We are delighted freaking delicious got alleys and aggravate me so much and I -- -- -- Scott thank you so much entry says. These desert homes that -- we also have a wonderful cause in the in the -- EST on -- come off. Come on here please TV and come -- -- yeah. Paul first of all the do we have a veteran Cuban so that he got -- like yeah I'm and actually have you. Hold and you guys like would have. Com I do want say I just wanna say thank you for your service. Really did we we we we. And story for you guys all here together. What are your fork where it is support and thanks sport clips -- cutting shops all around the nation. For their fund raising four to -- in the farm wars. The money -- -- overseas. Foam blocks where veterans can call home -- Let's share they've donated not that -- share or 550000. Dollars and that gives. Hundreds of thousands of veterans a chance to call home everybody has been overseas. Knows it's great to -- of a call home -- -- parents or your wife for your children. Hannah is the best gift to moments emeritus of the law again we wanted to to a future he's -- my -- Well and we're gonna run out. Will be done up on Twitter and FaceBook from GMA again. It's a great cause and taking intravenous brutish he has passed those that is in which. I didn't want to cut announced until. At least in the head of the day I think I think -- -- -- -- public mind and on thank you guys thank you -- so much for being here on what is -- Tuesday. Terrific -- -- -- pay respect to all your energy out there is as good as it's been for us all morning we thank you so much to our audience got -- I'll have a -- --

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{"id":20574436,"title":"GMA LIVE (10.15.13)","duration":"13:28","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara try out a new burger that utilizes mac 'n cheese as its bun.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-101513-20574436","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}