GMA LIVE (10.16.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara enjoy delicious mac 'n cheese and check out video of a traveling manatee.
16:40 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.16.13)
Okay. Johnson right now yeah. God how am -- touching up he would be very easy and normal -- lol but Intel tiny amount of food yeah. By the way lovely lady beautiful love look a little pop of color on the thank you can yeah. Everything is new nickname based on what -- -- what -- -- -- was half cups. And I said. No no no no no. No I -- Yeah out of -- place thirty. Why everyone in this -- authorities because it even Tracy said it might hear this old this whole place -- their mind goes into the gutter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what to say that so go -- you know we're just getting -- -- today Rabat Camellia. Now that's sad and not really police believe it's just a little fountain right or they got -- compared to where we know so we -- -- sad that. Plus constancy and she gave me that she I don't know I'll Lara and America you guessed what -- she says he's that hot -- all look at what yeah. And he said tweets he's everywhere -- -- -- yeah. That -- daddy why not always what I said hey boys it's how I it's the second time boys and they don't know what I love that can do I think. It's not a game anymore -- Now I know he might want to eat what you just just looks bonds and not even widen the gene Rayburn thing and she's you want my aunt -- but -- With the comfort to what it. He labored behind that's all that's holidays Simpson didn't want to Christine Jones -- -- -- kids you know OJ labor. You gotta do what you nor -- he went -- fantasy. You and I together helping himself and wheel of fortune hello my god if -- -- fortune because you know they are ready to retire at any time now there. Okay. They're actually not at night I know I we have final planning but we have been working wouldn't -- -- the video. -- And. -- Anyway I'm tortured every day it's. -- That would. We started talking about gene Rayburn and we started to lose it -- it -- eyewitness that's what -- yeah I want to just give you might result I don't. They're not I think you and then I don't I now Josh has his own and I don't have one yet -- God -- -- and I did I know there's got yankees. Chocolate chip let's as the Josh yeah and I think we should take you know there could be -- -- 7 o'clock am going to think about it. -- okay. He's taken very seriously America. Yeah. I -- a so so just to recap this. He didn't just break up this morning just before play of the day I -- I doubt we'll Lara Spencer and called her thoughts and she's. Let's get a lot of accidents this could you be apple and UV Charles Nelson. I I don't know how I can -- get -- -- on the rocks hitting. -- -- likely missions. That we yeah I just love. Eldorado you can always liked. My ink this did that here -- they'll get it's just that's possible and found. I love that Lara. Walked over to -- today before play of the day. And -- said hate cops. To which Lara replied. Paid. -- -- Games. You like you're you're not on her grave if they were like I don't rip roaring drunk delta and how I want I had -- Kids -- -- it's a little. Amazing what. What was it was what was the name of the show gene Rayburn and ski -- Saying that to dad that loves you look -- -- got a big child I want I didn't we knew nothing I want more than I can tell you I want you -- -- have a long healthy happy life. And match game on the big -- back. Thompson rescued you're listening we have to figure out a way to incorporate that into the two hour broadcast and thank you -- -- we should get started -- not can she is yes OK but -- -- yeah. Okay. The hot -- I'm told it's it's the so we're doing this on Wednesdays and we can adequately prepare BK is that it is that we can prepare. It's -- -- a couple days to adequately fund our emotional center right of the country. As a nation. To prepare for the first ever national. Buffalo Mathieu she's -- all right so I'll Obama little active season it's made by our friends that smashed. And it's Toronto cheats the -- rest. Is that that's -- of the elbow that's a very. Malicious you know it's great they've -- -- summon up and let's find out -- -- it is red hot -- the studio and it will be featured this weekend -- -- community of the line and -- -- ability to you learned how -- got to our -- audience because I'm up I'm like yeah not -- And download the -- and and we want to say winning their Friday happy -- -- Mac and she's running to all of you in advance of Friday's big national day that is and we -- getting really specific. You know I really don't get me terrified be tagged and we told him that must be services and he's really scraping the bottom yeah. Delicious that lovely folks it smacked. You're going to have. There's there's really good there's honestly nothing better than that -- I don't know that there's anything. I love a good -- who -- -- you know -- -- if I had you in the morning at a hearing. And -- happening and -- was. I got home on how to read I Annan Monday let from the outside and so my -- -- was all wacky acting had to get a -- early for -- -- I would at 9 PM on Monday night and I woke up literally like. Or I -- time is it it was 1 AM and I was totally wait I almost got you out it was met she's done so yeah. So what's a girl who do -- -- went down the fridge and there was my kids left over Mac and cheese. So heated that bad boy I sat myself down -- -- last easily gas. They argue that what scandal again with my Mac and cheese on the one hand and. -- this offense. Unfortunately those pictures I actually mercifully let go use and the underdog. -- -- And that's what I'm gene Rayburn narrow Stanton and her dawn. All doing the -- I don't remember that it can regulators dominated -- Food -- house. Her refrigerator is its lights did you ever wondered what I know a lot at a 7-Eleven. You ever wondered. And I know you have like you've walked and the like what if I could spend the night and 7-Eleven you can have all the -- v.s and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's the slider why god as we are quite. Corn dogs you could live yeah ever Ali out of her friends -- tell you do -- -- lifestyle expert -- well I think it's under utilized. Your. Fervent fervent. Through life style freezer earned the event that an -- as a fanaticism thank you for everything you have. And it's huge it's. I know I will tell you that what that one night the -- the boys were up staying the night because we didn't want them they may have gotten lots of wine. And we we thought it was fast -- I'm just say tonight so we've slumber party my kids are very excited to have Josh uncle Josh Uncle -- sleep over. And and and those 28 like they're going to be electric chair -- I mean I like steering guys it's not gone anywhere. You couldn't stop. Well let's look at it right now especially. -- over it stands yesterday for a little it's notable that there's nothing no food just like what you have been. -- -- like -- like a tree -- yeah. -- had one mile champagne and I -- Yet another editor -- gluten -- Morse. -- you know -- It's true they were sworn baskets. My mom would be so proud we -- hidden -- Gary Graham crackers and in the do. I'm being requested that we get to Bob extract the other doesn't like -- -- -- talking about our refrigerators. Each and everyday I talk about this are you cat person he's always wanted to celebrate Christmas or birthday with your favorite -- people I don't like this bill if you are. You're not Japanese pet supply company he needs lights lights in the NH -- and I'd like to tell you that -- is not a word in each. -- lives and lives in Phoenix lives is making wine exclusively for your cat yes you heard me right. They're now getting bottles. -- out new -- and miss tasty may change is actually grape juice vitamin. But -- -- panicky you won't know the difference. A six ounce bottle doesn't get word out is that all. So how does the cat work the bottle opener that any final question it is when you got a small islands and the that cat opened the bottle by doing -- No one's winner the best game ever any. They didn't and by the way Sam got a six back to the -- wind in his yeah. I try to get John -- Right next to the tree -- hey by the way. -- -- -- -- come to us from our good friend lazy dog to love this man I'm telling you they're not. I don't think there's a better man in the banking world a kid nobody more battle for Baghdad now Jack Hanna -- totally trip director emeritus of the Columbus -- you know. An amazing just a total amazing yeah he's a lot of great work are. We're -- -- all of the Cincinnati zoo they moved three manatees to Florida as part of their rehabilitation program called seek help shuffle if you will let's go out. The operation took place this past weekend. Where the -- named. Woodstock. Pixie and we see today. -- -- not sure why someone would name a -- Reason because I'm Louise Jefferson and allowed -- -- -- This is sleazy yeah. That's hurricanes -- -- what easy what does Ronald Allen -- -- until it was cuisine. Are even as he should. Not yours or go to doctors -- the age when you. He might not always easy read easy -- you say -- and -- Yeah well I -- -- for the little -- yeah. Yeah is yeah. -- and then having all have a double. -- Yeah. There were transported me queasy -- transported -- did. Don't flight to Miami -- Korea SeaWorld Orlando area me to think -- on the DHL plane yeah I don't express. DHL is wonderful and how they do this because they actually. Will allow them and they. They have to have containers. And and they got to be kept away from the engine noise you know and have a quiet location. And they always have to be kept moist and -- for the entire flight. So -- it's true. Still so they also went so it's. Lowry Park Zoo also got one of the manatees are they were. Seemed poised to expand that either redundant but really -- it yeah I mean I can't tell us but -- -- -- anyway. I know I don't know where queasy -- How he got under. Thank you to establish is saying there was a sea rescue to be made here right. On Saturday morning on Saturday -- -- it -- nation's -- ballistics. -- -- -- that we're ready we're. Until I think that's awesome. Do you know if somebody lets it isn't quite so super Salem yeah I need my my amenity we -- she's. Everything do you like stop think and say we. -- -- -- My first choice would be excited about will be easy or. -- hey -- -- -- my nephew's -- on the East Africa and other as in queasy but others named for the parade. Had little that that little mind. You're on my cold dead and went -- yeah I am I can't I can't help but -- just. I cannot be completed before we go I did something that would. Burton act as we do -- -- hello hello. Well -- -- yesterday. Was the final day World Cup qualification so teams. That had Norman Mineta don't don't just yet for this yet though we don't -- too early don't. Office of the U. That's was already through and Panama the team they were planning -- also goes through. If you get us with G yes because -- crude points it's like there's a round Robin that's happening -- it was the last it around -- Mexico hated archrival the US. Hated archrival was not going to go through. If the game ended too -- one Panama which is where it stood. With one minute left in the Panama US it -- the US actually gonna help. It's -- archrival Mexico. Let's take a look oh. Do we give the audience. -- -- -- Olelo yeah. All of them. They didn't they help balloon. -- -- Turning. City you know not only on those bills. Went just isn't going really well another -- okay. I was at. Yeah. I think. American announcer OK and how -- -- I was excited right but didn't listen to them Mexican announcer they have been split screen yeah. -- -- -- The -- amounts of everybody watch -- -- There's a lot of good. And we -- -- New England. That was the best I've only for an extreme soccer fan does that work out for them through most of them lost yeah -- and I -- like. In an average -- that he is still happy and excited and that's what makes me happy hello Sam. Hunt ever hit. It's. Got that -- I thank you absolutely OK. And -- all of you. Yeah. -- --

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