GMA LIVE (10.30.13)

Sam, Josh, Lara and Robin talk baseball over a slice of California Pizza Kitchen pizza.
7:58 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.30.13)
Power of the pilots be out at this hour of live very frightening -- it's worth every. -- morsel to. -- is a rival to the program has been mostly body. But took puppies you know you we as well have you. You -- usual did elevate the food on the brought and I thank you appreciate you guys what happens is that receivers were Johnson gave me like a think of a bear -- full Nelson -- I think -- I thought I'd gone gone downhill from there as fast. Yeah I don't think settling down we want to stay away -- -- We wanted to give -- yet California Pizza Kitchen. Those actions and the -- -- mean it's the first I was taught them the first time I hate Al alone the with the -- freshman year high school with the California Pizza Kitchen. There at the Beverly Center. Still there. And they are they make a good -- so we want to thank them -- -- damage is a little airport different flavors of lovely every night at a star when he married up much and that running. Hostage and then the signature barbecue chick on the part of a shipment of the honestly our quiz and get it get -- Robin Roberts over the right. We had 29 seconds is that the by the big show that usually you never get some look at it -- that you can't move as fast as rock. Apple -- open. And she stayed for the -- little element boomed and the plan. In the end of him like it because we're also -- actually -- a big advantage in me alive I go there isn't. Watch it you laughing. -- -- -- -- -- -- Think yeah that's a good patriots have been waived the crash six -- well -- and -- back into the bad news. I'm not tests are talking about behind the scenes you know -- -- that sort of guy. Didn't dishing about what I know what really went on a -- on big child erotica about the baby. And how -- all right well about the find out now that you both here. What behind the scenes story can -- -- our government. What -- apparently there was no behind the scenes and that we were told that got. The music for the dancing continues through the commercial breaks the -- auto show that is -- -- -- and even backstage he isn't wild and -- it's insane it is a four hour entertainment show. And they are the most happy loving little I've ever I -- -- bringing an end their lives porch and -- My god I forever of the hour I had noticed -- -- idea every single man in my life I -- I got back it was like talking about that -- -- another woman Amanda she's incredible and completely completely wasted on -- you don't know look. Drags that was drastic unilateral my hand and let me tell you. -- -- -- -- -- I I think -- feel of action. And C and -- -- public. Just as lovely and sweet as she can mean I don't -- looking at as weakness. -- -- -- -- -- -- We just can't grow. Who was hearing tomorrow yup. You know how we didn't that they that's what they're also just ultimately Ottawa who ultimately. They were -- and they were awesome and the -- I said. In an interview if you -- You show worthy -- with a bunch of and they were definitely got on the the moment total. And yes compared. Five minutes I swear I've lost sound bites where I -- and then all -- we were we were actually. Begging -- to let sit down. And they were going for two more hours. More hours at that pace and that's why they're -- gorgeous by the way yeah. Five minutes and come back and edit my test lab analysts who is like giving -- and chair and. -- like -- pop band that looked like a soccer bond that. Farmers and others are -- -- the seven they're banging your could have of the giant remote control them and how a lot of I give that up again and again they didn't -- the work -- restaurant. Via next week to Atlanta. We don't need a lot about the gulf oil royalty have gotten them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your favorite sporting event by the way like dumb and it's time to celebrate the World Series and are lovely studio audiences sporting argues for -- home. -- Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals -- from 47 -- Now they make apparel for all major sports teams of course I know this. But did you know this but it started right -- -- in 1947 has reviewed and innovators and went to Boston Derry and king there co-founder. Farther De'Angelo. Husband every game as I have at Fenway for over seventy years. And at the Boston legend. That you are -- thing. I have and thank you for the gear. Thank you for the dinner by the way I'm gonna Wear the Saint Louis -- you're gonna Wear that -- You can't let them. -- happened I got a history. Record and visit I think it's game six it's -- today. Game six tonight give you don't have a horse in the race as we've been talking about. I -- I do -- -- game. I'm rooting for the cardinals tonight they'll wanna game -- I want a 70 yeah. It's been a wild -- -- phenomenal candidate look really good. Not about about how homes on your show not sports and I got I got -- -- -- -- they decided their bases those things that are out in the middle might be likely -- basic -- Traci good student but you know in the. -- -- to go to CRU. -- brand strength is best. Oh yeah so I already -- -- -- is ready the World Series and is in full swing get a tonight in game 600 -- of the stocks have been warned some serious beards and have -- -- -- highlight of their own -- I don't -- want these guys actually looked like before the facial fuzz. Look at that want -- -- It's funny you should mention that -- Latin and we want to take a look at some of the that's. -- -- why. -- put up a little. Yeah my Natalie. Yeah I would have brought up. There is doesn't. Throw out all -- it is not designate David rocks and an agreement -- snacks. There are some beds and beards goes Graham blazes in the -- back to -- -- At Big Papi. Accurate and he's always you know kind of weird. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- I love that guy. Yeah. I honestly it is a member yeah I -- I'm on the grounds that promote all -- we want each and every. I tried to new goatee back in the day but couldn't get -- can -- -- -- you you know I don't even know what that's called -- the connector and you know that -- -- -- couldn't bridge the gap I don't know does not -- the connector. But it should -- in the yeah. Well probably all get yelled at you. I have -- yeah.

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{"id":20725549,"title":"GMA LIVE (10.30.13)","duration":"7:58","description":"Sam, Josh, Lara and Robin talk baseball over a slice of California Pizza Kitchen pizza.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-103013-20725549","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}