GMA LIVE (10.31.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara talk hottest halloween costumes for 2013 and ghoulishly good candy
14:01 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.31.13)
-- Does not -- run but. No I have not -- yeah. And Vietnam news all right hey res image it got a lot of speculation. All day. -- man. Then he you know yeah. -- -- -- everybody wow. It's a great. It was gotten almost down so disturbed I -- James Goldstein wearing like a naughty policemen here announcing that -- What's happening here on -- asked for being too high Obama. -- you know he's ready. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- still I wanted to the first story that needs to be told him. We obviously -- -- the legend continues is coming out soon the V studio graciously offered up. The Romberg B this is the natural citronella for a live where very similar -- And I thought you know we we got to put we got it we got to get people -- we got to get people involved and -- you have to be a Veronica -- -- What's the obviously have been out beauty yes and so again when I sat down I'd like to extend the great thing I -- especially about the two people here. And who as we see Sam you're just -- perfect. Sam borrowed my suit for not. Is it. I it is regular roads and this is why it is great working with you got to cut the commitment is complete. Home. -- it is it is phenomenal -- -- had a hard time listening to. I'm after. 510 minutes -- I can't just can't do this I can't do this as examines about the content from comedy site. And you know what Sam -- video. -- -- -- -- There's been an eleven of those are sensible the other we're not that they were like at mile high -- there were mile high. That is not comfortable OK you know what else -- accountable what. But very bear suit that -- another. Well that's not a Vietnam -- that's -- -- -- bear suit that is something else entirely that. NBA. This. Big -- -- -- attacking me again right because really what it as a bear cannot go wow I'm -- here. It's it's it's an uncertain without a Santa I didn't really you know it was and we almost we showed that we have the technology for the for the wrecking ball. We George. -- -- -- that was awesome I love you all saw that -- -- grade I do also want to point out this is now. Halloween outlet -- where George has managed to corral the George Clooney character do you. And that's. Pretty weird Weaver across like something -- definitely -- -- he's -- -- -- who look you have -- will get a break and then and then the wreck involved. They can we just roll the -- were you scared off. Did you know that you know I was I at that point I was more scared about you off seeing in the us then yeah -- -- -- and by. Your witness -- you -- seeing you. In this. Tell us more reviewed all the right promptly if you don't really that much more I I I swim with and and -- -- no that's true but what little. You're you're you're -- -- -- -- -- -- We would have changed this tonight -- That's great -- lot it's good. That's the biggest kind of -- I could decide whether to around here the way did you -- -- Jersey as the Chardonnay and shark you know she's. Under the I got out all. Kerry's -- grabs you. Beyond military got I don't modern day fairy -- Ever I'm really worried have you Robin Roberts shattered homes channel -- -- runner -- I don't look -- what a great idea I had David -- and the -- entire team came over the concept of the award shows -- -- -- Totally run -- and then Tom Bergeron. I -- -- -- yeah he's just about any. I'm you'd like Tom Bergeron you know it's it's gonna take whatever you're doing -- -- like move it up like five I also want it didn't -- years -- and immigrants because all of this still does sprang from a couple years ago we first started doing our homogeneous and and we got to realize that there's one thing that we all I think like equally to deal -- -- did. Shooting neo lodges all the greens fees now we do for the movies got -- payment is. It is truly the best day that we spend I think working together and her -- so it's only fitting. Because it was the great New York your job very in the game -- drugs was good. -- okay. Yeah I'm. I'm here I think they're beautiful -- About a letter on still that's not so easy to take off -- support of those two of those look at it is that looked like -- writing -- -- -- Obama. The there's not lot of make a -- that broke. Is not down here now is probably upstairs she did a wonderful job. Let me and I felt very glamorous. So what is -- -- -- -- of ideas are great and -- became my exhaust on the news reporter is reducing the -- and while I'm. -- -- Oh no we're good we're good and I -- I'm gonna walk on more -- Obama well Brian -- -- and the final and so I thought I could righty. You're chief panda affairs correspondent would look at with the high with the might want to town looked like -- you know get more and more pandas are doing. More thing that's every day do we have. -- -- and so all the video -- that's unbelievable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's going to be hard to wrap us when you're trying to and it. That's that's -- -- certainly -- -- -- how good are those by the way morality the whole. And you came up with these apples and they are. Delicious and thank YouTube. God crew well and crew they're breaking down -- a crew well up performing in Boston. Yesterday last minute drive -- -- trying to unite did hear their first gulf war shows they'll play today. In and around the greater New York City area and they management. That police -- show it was a -- -- -- this -- always the come down happens in the music like that. It's 364 days away but when -- get -- -- -- I'm already thinking about Netanyahu -- from ideas you have and how it's getting the Oscars we've gone from these -- -- -- movies in house ship bound by you. I'm -- early enough and now we're so I'm so sorry about that but I -- -- I am a little bit exhausted it's hard to get out of hand housing get into -- I'm telling you feel pain. Right so let's pop that threatens the -- stocked up on supplies for tonight Richard Richard don't -- need to be worried. We'll tell you -- -- you need to get to avoid having had treat bullet when the paper plate. I just I just Waltz and a triple a toilet paper -- You never toilet paper -- -- -- I hope you didn't I did did you not. Of course it was one of the most fun things as a kid I know what's your response ordered a high school student CNN I don't know with our school like. Like often so -- as we did it to people we liked. Like we did that we that we hit out at night in the football -- Amazon that would they would tell you every. -- -- -- Let's go to mediator. -- didn't -- -- -- car on fire on the -- You know obviously we that we didn't you know people that we're at our -- tidy Britain group and we would all kind of -- -- -- surprise someone. Anti either -- I don't know all of those things you think about it can Josh you're gonna hear her Elian could get up and -- -- -- look at. The -- or anybody else we would deal on our block we would take masking tape and -- stretches. Across the street sticky side -- and you kind of security for the back across the street that we don't run in the first -- team driving on the block. We'll get it wrapped up an advertisement that's -- -- All the all of those things -- did -- now. Previous segment thought immediately as BA in tropics and -- -- -- -- -- -- that doesn't do whatever Josh Elliott just said to you. What everybody is on his Gettysburg is really fascinating good about -- let's get -- that Miley. According to a survey -- not point 4% -- Wall Street and the most popular Halloween candy guy snicker -- story -- And -- coming coming. Eminem is our second I would about Eminem's would be read for. Is. To put their peanut butter in my shop then put your jocular my veto of your like your. -- That commercial is amazing commercial please look it up we cannot -- that area that is commercial noted Jeff also -- I don't know that community. Making the list of pencils or Barnes and applaud -- get onto land and -- -- -- -- Slate put Camelot and -- what you -- but still do. Home don't give those out because parents don't know that your cool enough to do it safely and I wouldn't want my kids eating anything that wasn't -- up cell -- -- -- -- home. Carla is amazingly this stuff because she Paula that apple has got little thing and -- talking about it it's -- about a young thing you know. I want -- thought. I wouldn't love -- enemy number one. I'm on my new leases was -- -- you but you knew it and every year I go into my kids back -- steal all the reasons not do. The -- -- of punishment what was your worst the worst candy when you jumped all the candy table -- got worse anyway I don't like cops I convinced might younger sister. That she loved mounds and almond -- -- -- I would trade all of mine mounds onto it over for all of her but -- -- so you hate mounds and almond -- I love them. It started a young -- ladies and gentlemen Josh Elliott kind of tricking everybody don't want what was that you -- dogs -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're not -- -- gathered you don't neither stunning pleasure -- anti torture device I don't like licorice. Don't like liquor I don't know well don't like twist -- don't like to finally please read a gaggle that -- -- real pressure during the -- minor or it was Lerner a diner on the red. Yeah but -- were in the minority. -- -- -- especially red -- on. Look up to whistler. Hey Joshua you -- -- get out everybody and I. Yeah Atlanta -- I gotta play -- that isn't even one. Remember thriller -- -- -- I got together with a bunch of my public my one friend who had MTV we all that ready for a minute. Take a look zombies I mean walking on -- has fifty million he ordered him now. It all began when -- yeah. Done by a much attention might not a part of Michael Jackson. And yeah seriously. But this is it's -- it's -- dance theater. And god love them and you know -- -- -- I'm not a flash mob guy but this is -- and it's following him to work one one. Look I don't that thought exams and what wow this is. -- -- The lowest energy -- -- and Jill -- and here's your -- A lot of -- OK we just talk about porcupine should bow and every time I told you not how we talk -- now and you are right up. Board take a beating for it -- -- Expect that only Israel but -- That's how drugs. Is this is my. Ought to get battered and whether. That is how important job steady American labor -- Are really nasty on Twitter -- -- That. They. Because I was not a believer in making up for me yeah. It's so -- so I'm out I'm totally out I'm a believer. And I was bullied yesterday on Jupiter -- now I'm a believer of whatever that thing you do -- I support the charity. I can support the goodwill I don't believe that's involving that he -- not talking or whatever and. To give it to -- your I want to I want -- I want to see it -- -- and tell your parents and animal ambassador -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't see having been more -- pretty yeah. The eighty degree do you -- -- unique plot out of -- and forgettable verdict cover artwork. I deer caught in the dyke and Mary -- was the better the day -- -- We got. And it actually say -- -- we love you and happy Halloween we'll see tomorrow I -- a lot of stay classy all of you stay classy Internet. That's always.

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