GMA LIVE (11.18.13)

Josh and Lara plan the great American pie off.
15:02 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.18.13)
-- I'm very. Well I have. -- -- -- -- I'm so happy in his hadn't really get high it was a resilient we get the we get -- rundown. So -- -- the night before and we find out -- -- pies on the show. Then I don't and I -- ukrainians -- and veteran mariner and -- and Melissa yeah as in thank you thank you Karen -- -- so it's appropriate to -- colonial style. We gave them literally right. -- -- when he was not hurt for my -- the Brooklyn like there's a great. Place because this growing up at all MLS audio. Growing up I was. Actually I -- I was frosting without being asked. How can you can. But I was I was a pie guy I was -- high level I loved birthday iPod as I did. And so you Friday and today we saw the salted caramel apple pie. Might -- and then it was gone it was. You know classic two and a half minutes it was rapidly people knew that they've got a pack of dogs and Britain. Coyotes who would like to not -- -- but we also we short shrift -- I feel like the. Chocolate malts and pecan pie I didn't I don't yeah but it's a brown butter pumpkin was it was so what's -- what was the touch what's your play on the. Traditional pumpkin while we make we make. We brown -- first and intern Matt brown butter into a butterscotch and -- NN -- -- -- -- -- and then back goes into the telling. That magic instantly is that magic kids -- -- -- the wizards at yeah well did you guys and they can -- mom -- kids we didn't have money on another at a restaurant in Europe. Do you prefer hot baking pies -- cakes. I do yeah you pretty adamant he can't do both -- -- you know nine million depending upon how has America around her heart and -- again -- The challenge of making it I got his -- it's tricky I'm not I'm a little -- an -- challenge but. -- -- -- you know have over so thought you know it's not even that. Acute care you can. I think you know I I'm not -- I've got your cup butter in the cookbook it's unfortunate not advertisement very -- -- and and and you guys to claim that high not to be afraid upon. -- afraid at all absolutely you know threatening to cut my hand and he'll get. I got all the -- -- -- I didn't see that illuminated. Yeah I am definitely -- in like September how many highs will be made -- that there -- shooting over 15110. Street and three. Hands down my two -- -- -- and I. That's got to get an order -- -- Smart guy and and how far reaching do you donate or cardiac and did you have everything local we're local audience up opening up and them now baked fresh funds to refresh her Brooklyn hey guys weren't there definitely street and the ones awesome. Mom -- bucks inside recommended as a as a gift I I I'm so excited I just got an unfeeling unfeeling and you're pretty good luck I'm feeling like -- can -- -- He could do it. You can do it. Gotta love that we don't want to win -- -- I do have a lot of what would you do you if I make what -- taste entering -- range -- up. You -- who will weekend. Speaking you already Karadzic would you -- -- -- like -- apple caramel pie would you jet would you -- -- so we can you gotta Jimy and I we have the audience didn't make the audience taste it. On duty that city city's Lincoln showroom are you gonna it will UK's. Live -- -- are now. I I -- not paint. Did you meet in it. I like it -- Only apply accidentally like making a Bologna sandwich on the side -- don't pay attention. Which is that it is hippie ambiance that it back again I'm not selling well I make yeah I don't -- it. I don't -- -- say that's unlikely scenario but it's -- -- Yeah we did -- hide the impact petition to look you. No no -- yet done so how about this Denise you and Lara can have the great American pie offering yet GMA a lot of who's -- maker. And -- -- Sam showed judge you so it would it. Have a -- -- write this down jacket pocket picket Adobe -- -- don't make consigned. -- -- -- We are having a great American -- off that's the -- -- -- off. -- -- -- -- Quiet. We're gonna -- this happened TV it. -- -- -- TBA -- I'm secretly hiring the sisters to come -- -- why yeah why don't they finally get this solved or graphics department I didn't slick graphics department but it got us about this is the -- In the attic area ride that's for they -- know Photoshop needed. Kennedy five cents buys us a lot of delicious flat breads and tasty Moody's courtesy. I got movie I got a brain freeze time. And that -- -- OK working here we have. Chipotle cranberry Turkey club -- I think that's right here in front of me -- -- that's -- we also have wait what else we have what else we have put. We have got to fully stocked her delegates already the end they have to -- this initiative club. I went there on days it was Friday in Atlanta hasn't and that's how wild I am -- My husband and I went to spotlight ranked Connecticut near downtown really -- He did not only did not -- -- a bullet into -- they don't even serve cocktails did you fall not all of area. We did we bug found love over three guys in this. Split -- -- -- I would full tilt -- criminal and may get a lot of. This week Baghdad I -- up until we get a pass these around his I want to say by the way our lovely beautiful audience the spirit awards -- -- they were outside for most of god love you all to see gonna take want to pass out. He's a secret he's like great -- starters we'll get -- help me again about. -- it's undeniable that not to -- this tropical cafes movie -- -- Gary eyewitness projects are very excited. -- -- -- can you please -- without the law cried when you get brain freeze idea why can't I can't charge in this movie is actually what did they say it but here's some of the top near mount. Presented him with someone to -- me this is amazing. Yeah we need to win nineteen to stop the summit that he put your thumb and it's true that Scott did you preview your -- -- right now you're crazy -- -- me. When I haven't put -- -- -- -- out what did you do. Tell you I guess -- -- maybe you guys. I can't get -- try it. Then you got to -- big -- I have a huge brain cancer family so let's go look like -- -- -- -- anybody please treat me have you know how to stop brain freeze. I would love to know I've always heard that -- wouldn't bomb on the top of your mouth and I are you hear from tropical smoothie cafe. It what do you do. For your time on the top enough -- Things -- yeah pop pop pop plus a -- in my brain freezes subsiding and -- back so. So here or go with them with some pop extravagant it is a big check that but Robb. I had the I had those three and fascinating stories that I got enough for -- -- -- get the movie one. But the movie and bounced toward the ground -- keeps I've got a great on SNL SNL was so funny this weekend -- his did you. She's she's that was at least it was a burritos he got I know that's what might we had an I was presented -- -- -- -- -- me play -- Friday night we Lincoln still. It's a pocket break. Down or happy relaxed within -- -- I don't know it's a -- -- You're -- back -- back to that -- -- -- -- -- -- had Alomar is all of your -- that you're missing teen actors like you can't put on the you have them. You do -- Didn't what's inside your refrigerator could feel that you really are well of course again a French photographer -- kind of refrigerators -- sixty people so this is science jail they created this fascinating that a series titled you are what you -- This is fascinating Brian I'm so sorry missed all of us -- children -- A botanist who says he feels more comfortable around plants and people out of right now without this -- that's all we invade the bartender. That they they went down the -- yeah. He's not going to -- This is a -- a -- has a lot of take out. What he's nocturnal he wakes up -- all the different -- -- one tiny dot in the incident though it was a big one short order cook who. Bench presses 300 pounds and what. I think that's making history this is -- -- way to go and I didn't say thank you for taking this for me thank you thank you. It's his father isn't I don't know why not enjoy the I would go to the last woodlands where do you -- -- get -- in the freezer at a level of I and I don't want your vital jobs or not they should comedic -- refrigerator -- that's what we know that we're gonna do we're gonna do -- -- -- to the west of the. Illinois if they are gonna read you know that -- -- did you want to see her -- to hurt freezer they don't know about all the times you can I heard the talk about a -- He's you guys actually have asked him what we are it is amid easing -- -- elected I didn't even know me yeah tank job aren't forgot -- exclusive. Lewis is a big expert on our our boy this is really bright that the GM and that's the GM -- refrigerated what do you do on top column. He's got caught yogurt there's my water and now they're -- -- witness that -- -- lots of cream -- cream and -- we got a -- OJ or some sort of Orange drink don't come -- -- and that you're hungry. Unless and Michigan big -- that and then you can -- -- Apparently three you know that there's like three bag lunches that somebody will still has reality -- people -- like really is threatening signs on the back -- -- there's a keep up there like it until many years this. We bringing -- should I am I am I will find you can I am and turn you into a segment. Five -- can ask what you think it so Robin one of our -- you know our friends here the army gave me how to cure brain freeze causing -- -- still experiencing. Robinson Dallas another drop us an -- and her mom kilometer you know it Jamal. I'm so when something colinas is the -- -- on a hot day no it's not that heat get out you get that have caught a cold have -- called brain freeze. Love love love a -- basically what they added that brain -- happens and a cold food makes contact with rip your mouth causing your blood vessels to constrict which causes a numbing pain in your -- if you Arianna brain region need to know how to cure it. Stick and to the roof of yeah. Thank you I was not making that up. Stick to. Yeah. It's like to see what he's warming arms that in I don't know why apply pressure pushed down on the repair novel yet it's not actually it's Wesley let's find out what else. I love -- they're like feet different steps to putting your thumb on the roof here -- -- here's the their number one open mouth. 010 sorry there's also the Tom -- This -- -- -- career and take the underside of the content younger. Which you got it built yet about Natalie back. -- -- Why can't be atop my child -- intemperate apply pressure okay. The war and drink method you can make poor methods sometimes you can make -- -- warm beverage. But I -- I actually admitted the steps. Except one. -- -- -- -- Step to drink your beverage unit it -- make it stare at a don't make it and hold -- Jack drink yet. He warned Arab method -- your -- -- almost practice -- chancellor. Put your hands on your face. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jackson singing don't worry me my hero -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is some serious take away for everybody you know what that's why we're here that's -- dozens what do you mean I've got giving -- number one. OK that was the warm hands -- -- hold your nose and the number one -- -- number one pulled tomatoes. And that's just did that feel that the I don't know who that was the only -- and -- here's the here's a sticky group this is actually a method. Just waited. For a -- I don't you know I don't with a great TV just -- called the suck it up meant that thirty got to get out Madonna Camilla. -- -- that's awesome seeing Seattle it was worth it that it learned how -- -- -- find out how we appreciate that I didn't happen. Love that pro golf OK we love Yahoo! more though. About credit act get eyewitness I don't give -- vibrant -- -- you may tropical cafes movie go Phillips. Bohannon or I might spill my -- all of me and looks -- of that tragic. Tide against that -- -- bears its fourth quarter action take a look here now. Look at the cougars quarterback sets up -- And another coach you've got my -- the wrong ball. Coach what do we do it. -- yeah and and now we don't know where he. That's not only. Not entirely her mom back to you think there is that this -- -- -- -- -- The guy the quarterback Columbia explains it's the wrong ball and takes the ball in the senate he's walking silence the wrong ball -- ball. And -- then how could answer to everything Democrats. He's got to work. That's amazing they assumed that I read -- -- checked the wrong Walter -- every time the drop whenever I'm sorry guys I hope that's the message. What it what have you learned today you get a break please just say wrong ball -- You'll learn -- love that little hop rap -- And finally the -- on the -- your math math that not did not don't forget. Waited out and the way the media -- we'll be able to Daniel that you walk -- having low feeling just a little bit smarter -- the matter diamond is it was Jim. -- --

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