GMA LIVE (11.20.13)

Josh and Lara meet their 'GMA' clay counterparts, talk turkey for Thanksgiving.
15:59 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.20.13)
Okay. -- -- -- -- -- means about it he -- for all. Police now -- added. Did himself says the -- and he is seriously. You know and that it's good evening I'm asking for recipes to -- has not clearly challenged then that we have we have topped herself yet again yeah he is he -- engagement with Brussels sprouts. Then when you're -- watching this incredible program. Please go and and without that recipe because it's as easy that -- -- think it's delicious food maker Thanksgiving you'll look like a rock star and you'll be so. -- should -- you know we were talking about it and. I don't know it was just me but -- we were kids. Their parents -- cattle growers to Brussels sprouts on and let's be honest lake you know the imam he had -- about its -- mom if he -- made it. What can shed any idea how would he admit that I would -- Forever. Yeah there is it like that steam to sort out. -- allowed to get from the table until you've been. He river runs through it and it to Tom -- the young happy young Brad Pitt can't you just stares food all day I mean that was it with the Brussels sprouts. I don't we were missing the boat on the right after us because they -- they're fantastic. Now other -- as you are saying they've they've become the veggie -- -- communities to be sort of like the -- veggies and now they are you know the most popular. You know I also think they suffered from. And this is my particular OCD public a strange and it's it's strange name. You know I've always felt the number of city league first it's been the Brussels -- it's like it really it's big you don't. Thank god can't wait to have some Brussels sprout like this just like I guess what exactly what neither is mushroom and I think that's I had my government able to get out and got a mushroom. I think that's a different show -- it's probably. It's not not the strain rumored death though regulators beats beats -- -- beat are you upbeat person I didn't get mom and I are not -- I was also -- to be fan I'm not ten not mean means I mean these and I did not as a child and -- and Thanksgiving -- to load because it was like Brussels sprouts beads. -- Sweet potato -- nothing I used to like it now. Thank god your your taste buds evolve as you do look at what is your -- because everybody -- What's your Thanksgiving plea was likely to put its parks and -- -- odalis greater that your -- are you like up up we'll -- opera outerwear -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am like if I can't partitions on the plate I would ask that you good if you look. Like a little -- boxes should remind my military TV -- this little thing. But then I like mashed potato. I love like -- onions. I'd like to green being just. It's a lot of veggies I'm almost. I'm really not a giant mediator that's a little bit Turkey there has the White House -- -- very end of I have a lot of families. The request needs. -- your parents I my favorite part of Thanksgiving is taking a walk between the meal. And neon and the deserve when you when -- outside it's cold out and -- my dad nice to catwalk on the block just be room for. A lot of them can argue it is it dinner is it and is -- the litter it's. More of a litter -- a very -- later down. Lunch dinner thing about and I love the appetizers my mom makes this -- -- -- -- really posted online it's a winner. It's -- two sticks of butter Ritz Crackers and at -- -- looking go wrong idea. The -- I I I I mean of -- and I will make. Remind is my plate is -- cat -- it's brown. Just brown and it's like it's cool it's Turkey. Mashed potatoes. -- and it's in -- tell -- like I was on the other importers yeah I -- I -- -- -- -- kind of consensus builder. And I wanted all of you know a colorless world it's all brown. This is all -- mentally I'm all about the real and I would you -- some -- on the side but I don't want it fouling the plate when -- -- and needs to be. Thank you happy Thanksgiving to you have to go to our web and check it out with such different Joseph Casey Affleck was cool night -- and document the and it is all of that is a little cherry that was really on -- -- money Hemsworth is really -- I'm so sorry for him. Yeah. And that career it's really spiraling it's a real advantage I was -- -- -- like to feel at home William internship would help but remember this allegation that -- ad that's Thanksgiving dinner. How he and Chris is like pull up -- say how many hoping I would be in a billion dollars cap value one point one million take badminton Guerrero. At that with another. Rather they have another brother governor -- as as unattractive yet probably it's. It's just relax and look up over the missing -- working is their way can we see what other -- -- looks like -- both of them are in on. People's sexiest man alive issue this while the other. Yes to -- and bringing out sexiest man alive on our daughter our team a one they have and this year I can't believe that you make -- this year resides in me you are definitely top -- insurance to if we have great looking guy team we really do. Not as well as out -- him. I would -- -- a close ally a very close. Thank you thank you I was not fishing. That. You don't -- you know who was fishing either he was just being did you dating -- did -- Look at them and that you. I like you guys cutting off C can't tell that it's a Speedo this yes America and Internet world that's -- Seattle. And that is our weather man that's singing and chanting resilience. -- that for the Brazilian beans it actually it is still. -- now we cross town that that's we -- of. I don't know magazine. -- for today's -- down. I'll be honest a stand to think we we now have a photo you know finally -- -- Luke Luke comes worth. And -- about a looks like what we now I want to -- -- -- will listen. As rescuers I both noticed that is placed it used to mean he used to have witnessed it yet -- -- Now it's just rediscovered his muscled its body Biden. Metro Mike MacWorld mark -- our tree bark and clouds and a -- ads and -- -- -- and that's what you get. Sammy look at him and little time why isn't why you're looking so certain things and you're on the beach and Brazil and tan and his -- what could be -- I think it might. One of those. How dare you to dish yeah. Let me just do some -- shops I don't -- the true. Because I've often very angry on a Brazilian. Yeah she has sometimes -- -- summer. Levees and muddy the embassy's hair and new -- good and we're gonna so much from feeling you -- also loved my I did I love my play of the day that I am and I am I better on the -- I'm I'm a dad -- Europe mom we have girls and I was really grade I'd like to check in my my daughter. Asks me about you know to always now -- -- -- like are their growth was envoy -- India and yet there are a lot of windows and there shouldn't be. And there are and. -- of the play in the acres eight I -- there should be there should be bigger variety for girls I guess I mean -- I loved. Well here we have a -- -- we should always show a little -- case. This was from up forty dot com a great web site. And it was it was a thing called girl toys and essentially. It -- with the Carolina or -- I'm giving you everything I can't get these three girls full rights to Stamford because. Its goal -- blocks into toy company that wants to -- want to inspire young girls out to the engineers to see that they can have -- young girls and I build things. And. Sure maybe they can be pink but they don't have to be another ballerina on a skateboard out this me so much better with music -- -- of course this is this show. -- -- I'm dollar yeah and we are perfect apparently and we spent -- and I -- his people was likely we are -- we were perfect network for being -- so we couldn't. But just like hum hum -- -- -- catchy tune with a drop already beaten your head in your soul. And your senior or -- Lined up for the dot com you can find it all there. As well phenomenal stuff and it's gotten -- know what outside. It's got action I got to share this you know what Serena asked me yesterday on the way home from school last. Where do babies come from one -- Now how do you deal. How did you dad I briefly considered it a fender Bender that would -- no one but wouldn't otherwise it's factor. I didn't I think I did -- to manager anti American anti and a nice I said. Petersen -- Stewart went up mommy and daddy wish upon a star. And they hope. That they can have a baby and didn't -- it's like senator up into the skies yeah. I've made it off goal like -- -- you know we let's blast off and then we -- up there in the stars in the. And that metaphorical you know I misdirected with science yes you know I thought that was that was that was -- -- astronomy than a mountain. Anatomy right. It'll be time it'll be time enough for flow charts that -- I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yes and I -- I think I. I think I handled that I really do while on that he's now spreading that its information on the playground today everybody -- stars -- the stars. That's the first of many of those items have news for him. They're like honestly right now it has been incredibly years it's like driving around with Socrates. Everything is why why why why -- it's just the basic ensued the only thing I've had I have conclusively figure -- out. And you can borrow the senate. Just ask for. The question -- -- why do you daddy why the dividend. I don't know why you can't and that's so much better -- -- in -- -- -- -- -- no it doesn't really work -- in life in -- been -- -- it actually -- come -- with a video. I'm hey everybody -- were holding as we are moving reviving what -- Let me they get from here and that you just jump in. Thank you were skipping we're skipping rehearsed. -- -- -- yes waiting for a good -- she's had -- puppies and we just want to. Yeah I think there -- -- -- humor I couldn't. And what we're go to dances at a packed that's what he wanted to of his aren't out yet but we'll let others -- -- an -- -- -- -- -- let. I'm confused she wanted -- yes yeah go to. Go to operative close is still counts and and it would all due respect on purpose so few weeks that we told you about spicy he would if you -- In Irwindale California residents in the dealing with. This knowledge comes a rush -- angry that makes Iraq challenge Josh loves. The company in the city have been battling because the residents in the spicy scent is overwhelming -- -- and toxic. So to help the residents from feeling -- they smell it outside the makers out of this excuse me. Yeah unaudited Q did a European country on what. The public brothel too much -- So -- -- -- survivor of the -- who offered Friday to close the doctoring a year's supply of their wipes. The word white grosses me out she but what are you that we can always be -- -- right now we have been hard to all that the citizens and so -- we ask you need to make yourself your clothing smells. Yet every can -- out. And apparently there has no I don't. Now you done -- yet I. You have her I don't -- -- -- before and she didn't attempt to come up on the -- and tied the -- survivor or regulatory record breaking down while other religions and usually -- we -- but we're not reading political is that we're we're breaking deodorant story story but this is so this is -- to close -- control I was roaming -- myself before -- -- rub it on your clothes on -- on your body and -- never actually -- But basically I ran around outside at all sweaty -- out violate the smokers across the street since turning. OECD -- analysis -- much better -- of cleaner I don't need to watch is. Of them -- union there. I don't know I don't know but I get this book Barrett. When they go -- Lovelace are you driver that's a nice of his good lord knows you don't want yours or actions or -- Larry know me sweet mother and vote don't know who say. So nice -- solution and we we try to to bridge. The world some here twenty unionized bank and now we have thank you -- thank you don't -- your neighbors telling -- Special guest by the -- as soon as we mentioned waiting boyfriend on Skype friend of the program. In a brilliant. Brilliant sculptor and artist Taylor gazette and Taylor welcome back -- -- act. Harry -- get guide all right so it's it's not to scope it's clay. So tell us what is what's new with you. Still I'd be working and you see you stop and I'm approximately sent to study the I think he actually got some -- One thing that I had we're dying at the some Miami actress while Sarah and her parents working with -- think oh my -- sweet and really it was to -- yeah I go to -- get to -- it. Another there's the cranky cats. Grumpy cat what was their what was the there was a wedding we we just OK so there's Miley and Robin. That you don't like it's even worse it's even worse -- clay content. God and then the next one here we see -- -- it's. A bonfire who wants what's best. I don't think anybody in the banking group and so this couple got married on national sports day today -- and and roasting marshmallows over -- Q I have also learned that he. And then -- -- win was nationals more stand where worse Morse. It's coming at the time Taylor I don't want satellites like fight -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then -- that was grumpy cat yes. Outlined -- -- -- -- how big are these. They're all pretty nice day I'm most of it my average and regularly sponsors -- -- -- -- ING Stahl. Reported. I think just say -- looking like sorted out today. OK let's -- -- like that today and there and then the madness so intricate Graham -- and that's got to be really hard to do that he used to elders as just your hands out. And mostly they can't. Absolutely Conley street and they can -- Tools to get -- testament -- really tiny heat outside on the bubble that's Lilja looks exactly like -- -- all I love the cost the -- are OK so of course last Sunday made clean versions of us. Taylor are we gonna be a role this claim we have to -- nation now which is how -- -- -- it does happen to -- the pilots say yeah. That's awesome. That's awesome. How my -- -- even bigger on being clay PA. Oh my Pickett Sam they could -- -- -- who know. It's so beautiful day and -- so animated could be here. Good Morning America. That's great. Wow it's like deviant life -- -- yes exactly what it is -- illegal. And even yes Max showed under UV that -- this in the space and it's our detailing that's all for coming visit hash. -- you can check out Taylor's work Taylor does it mean dot com 10% of the proceeds of course. Going to so thank Taylor thank -- Right Aaron thank you all for watching everybody check out the recipes on -- Good Morning America come on -- years down and by -- -- I thank you fairly spirited stickers.

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