GMA LIVE (12.04.13)

The 'GMA' Live team revisits Sam Champion's funniest and memorable moments.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (12.04.13)
-- -- Hey there welcome to a special edition of GMA live where regretfully we say goodbye to our dear friend Samuel -- champion in honor. Of his left. His charm his who wrote this I don't know all right can you go -- stamina and I just let it has been running out there isn't. His fine fine weather brought down the DGB -- moments. -- and stay with us here. On Good Morning America let's say all the nice stuff I wrote so enjoy this singular brilliance. That is one of the Greeks -- television luminaries. Of our time generation. Actually that we'll now conclude this edition of the -- -- -- and -- And and that's -- you -- to roll the prompter please thank you. We show that picture of these items like that you please show picture number one and not picture arts -- let's just showed. That's a lovely shot what do you -- About balance and that Sam with a little -- -- and all but you know what we -- each -- while -- went -- we asked. You know -- a very important -- why do we stop swinging so quiet why do we stop yet -- -- -- stop doing all these wonderful things. Why don't we why -- right now what I'm writing a children's book. -- to the idea why. I think I'd better job -- another yeah sometimes when you try to do it in a public park the police chase you ought to be equipped office. Patty young viewers to experience that -- sometimes they tell you sir please get on this week's debate for children in -- -- -- for that sometimes. May have made up the word its operational instead of operable -- me I'm not I'm no weather spotter all right well let's go to our. Thank you so much -- them operational. Life. Many ways to I think that I think that this is I think that's the way to where he had the house and possibly -- I. -- the little written and that's a different show today that the best thing I ever saw today. Yeah. Yeah I know what happened -- only guess what I did this happen. Now now now. I feel like -- I don't want to just. And yeah. My dad was a moment and an annual arts but you're really and you are no -- -- -- -- don't worry you and I was -- -- waterfall. Does that -- equipment there. Yeah. Any time I ever -- -- not a and definitely feel good attorney Andre heard -- yeah. That's driving -- anybody else. She didn't what does that legend and I didn't next time and -- -- the -- the naked elephants and vowing that two whether -- -- that you live in -- We -- play a role that public things going around the nation -- Here ten degrees warmer than normal -- Texas Louisiana all the way to Florida right now but most people can't reach it -- the weather around the -- nation. -- of the forecast just thirty seconds. Yeah I'm day so I'm sure he had a very nice weekend. And it's what it's have you all we can -- you know exactly what's going on. He look you know it's. Just that I. -- in Hollywood on us we love you anything appointed Davis but because he's contest seems. Suggested he's a little cranky little congested -- antennae tell us that this is the and is seen show. That when you static -- -- like now I'm going to be -- -- and I might went through your mind you know because that wasn't. I didn't think -- completed yet I thought I kind of been like make. And nation itself I didn't think it completely came out of it could that -- -- close naked -- nation that he can. You don't expect think you don't expect that that they -- -- just don't write and -- She's terrific I don't know I'm sorry I'm I don't know and the other hand you. I honestly can't run a problem -- hysterical she was not gonna let that pass that we were short on time so they they since -- you know you've got to go right to the break. But she came back like afterwards and -- are we gonna let this go in yeah. Now -- one -- -- loved and who handled it like a real -- So there there were a bunch a life size cut out this morning of -- swimwear all over. I'm talking. I'm -- -- like -- life size of. It was it was something of an -- eyesore I annoyance and I apologize. I apologize for the littering -- times well you know Sam. He. Internet connected globe couldn't help but notice he had a quite a time the right now honeymoon. -- -- -- -- -- It's still early you've been. -- -- -- -- -- This and it's almost quite something because you know if you follow if your friends with them on FaceBook -- -- -- we -- and it. I would highly suggest being friends with Sam on FaceBook. -- -- wonders never cease. -- you saw him take. A self beat me with through -- out there on the beach and -- all right and it's you know. A modest it's it's an admittedly modest shot its immediate mid the mid pack up or are you smiling folks there are we we're really hit. -- -- -- -- And then amid -- OBI definitely definitely wanted -- these cowboys now. -- -- Everybody. Hot hot pot luck I want I want you to -- -- with me why. Two. Threw me more or 560. Okay then I mean yeah. I mean -- ten not nine not eight X ten. Glad you -- -- -- decided to give me a break from the really help -- said the best. Smart about this story is that if you follows them on basement. That's the picture you got right if you are anywhere near the Internet you got twelve more live. Size photos. Other Sam taking that picture -- -- some nefarious. -- Iraq so. It was snap snap snap -- and all your Brazilian. Glory -- So I mean we we we didn't we clearly didn't know -- until I'm talking to Josh when Josh Elliott. -- back home is actually you're like oh my god -- like that you're huge in Madagascar right now as it what are you talking about it. And there was congratulations thank you very much down was it fun was it -- I was the best trip ever and. -- I gotta tell you we saw so many beautiful places in beautiful people and and it was. You -- take two weeks to really feel like you get away from what you do he underworld. I mean absolutely just some that by the way is I want to that's -- yes it is. That's so that that's just this gorgeous little town that's about three hours north -- of Rio de Janeiro and is spectacular. There are some. And there were some gentle moans behind me they were wondering where on the ten -- when. But the ten -- so yeah all of that may be or outside -- -- times with competing to break world records. It turns out. We do have one winner. What here's what am I just know it's a big -- -- -- why you told me how many times you told me right. You wish that you could hold a Guinness world record I heard you say that's him. I don't think I've ever so that. Primary. OK I've -- have never lose Florida and W heard him say a mile away and well -- -- really. -- You -- big -- I'm gonna bring it -- letter. And the world's largest large -- And now I want everybody. Look at -- giant man who looked at how big does Vegas my book I give an example. -- -- I really felt this is OK I and -- apparently a lot of -- Hitler and his team how how did you do this I I -- -- -- you you. You're wondering what is. -- it just got in -- an incident. We wanted to honor you I think army so when I heard and I think you should hang -- -- house yes I don't know why I continue to build a house to hang an end. And it's real man -- Are these these are fresh marks not regrettable there -- well there's room in the -- And a new minister should there it is he is getting the Platt this is in -- the world's larger -- You are your friend and a -- that -- quick as I mean this is right here. This is one of a hydrant and then there as if you could fully appreciate. All the then why did -- -- I can't happen so I wonder what was. The single most difficult thing about capturing that in all added let's. Beauty yeah and black what what was -- was I'd say. Maybe the -- -- yeah. I sparkling blue eyes as he just can't imagine not brilliant but America stand further back it -- really hit it looks more like I think it looks exactly and we don't like to present them more got partially -- gets the -- I would imagine do you get it yeah -- imagination the way to go ahead -- Guinness world record -- -- -- Patrick -- largest marshmallow mosaic. There it is indeed I can confirm good morning rule that your dreams have come true. And this is the world's largest mosh -- -- -- an amazing. 100 square feet and get -- you a Guinness -- record holder. You are yeah. Congratulating. Imagining him -- -- like the -- Acquired -- and a lot of folks didn't -- not. Happen to me and eager -- and thank you so very much Stuart Claxton guy in the in the Guinness folks thank you very much -- -- you guys have gaffes at McDonald's and -- pigeon. -- -- -- -- Beautiful lovely studio automatically -- my. Get over how Constance on some Muslims don't even -- is ahead. Eating them yeah. You know.

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