GMA LIVE 12.05.13

Josh and Amy get a visit from the stars of "Mob Wives" on GMA Live!
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE 12.05.13
-- -- Yeah yeah. Brown did -- will take on it is this I mean is percolating. It's there are they asking people off the -- to -- -- to make us look better how to. That's an -- and I promise you guys. Some must ask must all hang -- gorgeous car that was a gorgeous -- -- And a lot lot of car aficionados -- -- -- included that was I mean it is. It's like that it's it's the mustang and accordion driven them I think before I have that you have much money -- -- -- -- -- -- here first. Traffic ticket for speeding ticket in a must. Not surprisingly easy just you shouldn't belittle and you're very now the cops say look there's -- -- -- I bet -- beating I think about it it was cherry red may have also contribute yes I actually went to have you ever gone to -- or wherever rental car place you go to and they say we got a little little -- next for you and it isn't mustang and it was a red mustang and I got to say it was pretty fun. You yeah I'm guessing anyway. That. I I have got a need for -- the identity there's -- so it's very good that I usually go I'll -- -- Because it has really helped my insurance policy. Because the points -- that those that up after a while so yes I do have a led by. And -- the kids in the -- -- like mommy you're scaring me says yes it's like a video game in Manhattan you -- look at the with the coats this is -- -- still it just you know show -- little -- plus cap. Happy with the new -- And passing -- beautiful -- the jury apparently -- aren't. I'm picking juries being out now -- -- died about what we think and I'll run first of all wants. We have to welcome back in -- yeah. You and I stayed in touch obviously through yet he or you'll -- It was tough it's tough because your friend and your colleague is away and dealing with something and there's just me. Everything you know when you write a note to -- it seems trite to your race hit and you try to rewrite it that seems trite and erase it and you just want to say like don't die. And be well. And so thank you for not dying. I'm married had an -- being back I acts as you know is it was. There were some interesting stories running about yesterday that perhaps and a departure our -- And -- not bothered me so much because I actually came in with jeans and it you know boots so as to not be in front of the camera because it was Sam's day and we had planned to come back today I I was -- -- read about saying that three of us did take indeed. All day long yeah yeah that was it's fair to say we left the studios and I think we've talked to some folks are waiting for Sam outside and then we just recent week carried on through the afternoon. Turns out think itself a certain adult beverages at 9 AM 9 am now which is which is -- but it was great to see him off it was great you know I realized and Sam and I talked about -- up -- -- laughed. As as sad personally as it was to have see him go up and -- off to brighter tomorrow. It was exactly having you there yesterday -- was kind of exactly what we both needed. It was an incredible dose of perspective and it was just wonderful to say you know what -- With you know as somebody -- some -- comes back it was it's just so great to -- Thank you and -- and it's been and you mention those little notes. And all of those little notes from my dear dear friends and honesty from all of the people who like never met who the -- and I -- -- talked about yet -- when she was recovering but. They actually. Lift up your spirits so much just to hear people say you know be brave and I have to play my favorite new hash tag -- people started and I didn't know that this is a thing. Hash tag fight like a girl -- -- that's today adding that that inspired me so much and so when I starts. You know feel certain feelings come over me you start thinking fight like a girl and I I -- that that's become a powerful thing that's great. -- -- after election. Trees and it's on do we have the -- we have the cover. Meg obviously yet it has I want us now now hike takes its basically a high housing in the seats with two outs we have to show you take a left. Becoming -- Laurent desire has -- where it could hit waiting waiting and an investigative powers to -- wrong. -- Internet. -- -- Didn't you know and I want us. Lee Gifford didn't major -- you're gorgeous you know what it is. You are strong and you are healthy. -- onion it's just it was it's great to see. Great to see the shots inside his family great to read the story I don't we got to -- too much into. Story is great because Wharton's story because I went and had that mammogram and that man -- -- when I was going to the doctor's office there -- they were saying because they were. Unclear where that images came from this is -- -- -- like in Times Square. On television on television in front of knowing that I. I remember the first -- -- trust -- to do it we were on the idea that the -- -- I'm not gonna believe what they want me to go visit your story Josh is on his way to Afghanistan. And I texted -- -- -- in case you're still getting -- You've got call me you won't believe what they're asking you to do it because I just felt like it was so private and yet now everything's becomes a public and all for. A good reasons so it does give me strength to feel like. Other people other women get the message and they -- at forty is the number and when your doctor gives you that prescription do not lose it deliberately like I did. Go and make your point and again. It everybody makes their -- -- that get you consult with your adopters to make your decision in no way I feel like are you saying that this is the way you have to do it but. Powerful message in this story. Please pick -- the People Magazine and it did was -- you yeah there you are in this final moments before I had you know and again if -- -- as well -- you're right we can't we can't play music on our child but we can -- -- get the memo. That was up I'll elevator music underneath the video that's a nice -- that was very -- to. So what do we do we want talking for -- we have our guests are here I can't pretend like they're not here so we're here to eternity until rundown honest and I want to -- to you. Big being stand right here I have to say as I read on the treadmill may be I've -- on mom once -- -- All the time only very busy women mothers -- -- Norris and superstars in the reality TV world. And they all have. Elected -- Yeah I'm not wise hello hey happy these shell welcome welcome what I'm. Out of our exit she sighs again in the -- -- -- next to her eyes. Dallas I want them when I'm on the treadmill so well okay what wet season -- -- on already. Four that is incredible hero dad so I'm weight is their blood in the title with us. And I -- Irina and I don't worry we're OK so it's just about a new personal Lisa how -- -- how. I -- you know what you're getting in fort see you kinda know what you're entering -- not really. -- -- I'm -- my own yes he definitely is holding a B -- that that's -- mean not addicted you got a soldier you are not this is not for shrinking -- this is not. The week of now absolutely not you my apt to have a strong personality. Etiquette that's something I did all this lifestyle you have a strong yeah. You build one but what's it like having strong personality with cameras constantly following not the whole -- -- You don't want to say and do certain things I mean I do everything I don't wanna find them because. -- -- -- Not to say I'm not just -- I'm not gonna that's not gonna fight him not come and I do everything -- I'm not going through its heart the cameras at where adults the real witnessed ourselves I -- know what it's like watching your back I mean did you anyhow I don't like it or not I can't -- by Saturday at this here are actually. -- -- and a lot of embarrassment. Yeah your biggest why am I different myself. I did that trip that we don't want. The heads up when my relapse as it was really really hard to watch an advocate and you knew all the content I'm not saying look -- -- -- yet. Out of all thank you invited snow to say it is my own I couldn't I -- got it right you know I -- -- I should it get it but even on the show like this -- institute. We in real life. Is suddenly -- like you know is it if we didn't. Win the human condition is quarter revealed like need to see you watch about you can -- ever regret but. From what what was that like especially in those who would win win it returned yet and yet despite the fighting in what that was like. Do not -- firm he heads II again very depressed and it's like that one moment and just like. You know what does make me feel better and then it'll go away and then that I'd rather feel like you feel better again today and it's just that you know so. I think for me I I had I I'm glad it happened because I'm glad I get to see what. What happened before like look like I'm sorry to say that way but I am -- -- I -- -- -- -- it is and definitely ain't fit to stay in recovery. And that's a message for everyone have absolutely how Libby. -- relationships -- now that there -- all for all of us to watch on treadmills and couches all across America and the world. I don't know if it changed. I just things that I think they were we all learned a lot about ourselves being on you know yeah on TV and seeing certain -- and I know I saw a lot of things about myself I I wanted to change and I did like last year. Like I didn't like a lot of things being a parent you now. Out of like of my kids -- gonna watch this one -- you know that's how I think all the time and that's not fond. Now now -- -- -- in nineteen right going to be twenty years old and he led really. Really liked my friends are you know and it kind of makes you feel. Shame. You know there's little bit this year you know -- think you know I think repeat. Who don't usually you -- -- thinking of The Sopranos -- -- mafia certain new content that comes to mind what do you think the biggest misconception is that people have about. Your family's. And the show itself Angelo relies on -- an ambulance was happy walk around -- -- yeah Simon drinks and make them believe life is grand. Yet the fur -- his pro really got laughs because you don't have how did that yeah I mean haven't done I don't know why right. And I thank god for the for Kobe's got to -- -- the -- now. You think that goes away -- -- -- -- we see that in movies and get on TV and maybe we even think we could have a sense of what that's like but. Really. They don't -- of that and the movies like they don't show that's why this show was so great. Everyone has about love and they just loved that everyone loves the godfather everyone loves to watch him but they have a seat inside the home in that balancing the kids suffering and they don't see the mom suffer and the wife. And it's great that shows that because the young kids out that they do think it's cool I wanna be against them but now it's not and in effect at Enron. Time for Clinton can we leave Alitalia under any Angela Reagan meeting as we might in nearby yeah let's look at that well that's not him not bad yet that -- -- yeah. Different kind of hang. -- Do not only just -- funding and just play she. Because we do not come to -- that it. Natalie just doesn't come multi -- I know all of ten. -- and friends but. OK I got here I didn't expect -- Saturday night friend. -- I thought yeah yeah. Can't -- won't play until -- -- theories about touching eyes and not life -- I will buy you what anything you want you wanna -- don't touch my belief. You can have the summit is Roxy yeah. Yeah yeah and wants to -- headway because we actually have learned how to hit -- exactly and -- I -- you don't matter. So when she didn't -- -- and -- its way out of life I was shock. I do not have a shot off before that some -- love soccer. You lopsided Q did you know that you are series you were seriously areas she was just talking about violent girl have a five year old daughter myself and who only think she'll watch soccer let -- sometimes but she really wants to watch it when the girls are playing she wants to watch the US women's national in the senate. You're raising your totals now you are you immersing them in this I'll think that I -- fighting like girls. I know what my father put me on -- -- team for about 1213 yes and two years older than my brother's team. And he did that so what he put -- on the -- seat would be -- you would be. Get out and and again I would love to do that would just -- held the one that lot of my five year old six. She loves soccer my -- this is like this is where it's electronic. Crazy like they just run it all the time -- I thought I spent a little I didn't hit the ball with me -- is yeah. In the ballet -- But I think -- -- -- -- I think dissolving art and I really into play -- make sure I play with -- I'm putting on a team I'm palm still left and we. It was great to read about today in -- Now that. God it's really something that I gave up and I always regretted you have to solve it but it's you can you have -- engineering. I don't know -- -- arrogant and yeah yeah. Criminal. -- -- Yeah. Something. It's not -- did hostages within their own -- and landed -- the. -- -- -- -- premiere of mob wives the new blood it is tonight 10:9 central. VA declined as -- -- set top treadmill and I think and I yeah. Yeah I we what you. Should we get to this rough weather you wanted to -- Rodham Clinton and that's being called bacon the veteran -- all I want is there I did the bears can attack you -- -- on it it's not. And I don't like -- -- -- -- that's not right out not cracked I want you to have the standing out of the house really didn't. I mean isn't -- -- and this is you know this is actually in the news and right and wrong. Candy T and so right pop popcorn and reverend Irwindale California the so -- to plant was out there and that's where they make the hot shots and was making entire city six they shut down so this -- Something of a collector's item. Okay this. You gave this is only -- an increase in value. And because it surely all he had never you know well let's get -- sit on the market gets in on itself to us like no I'm not gonna -- to music I've got to that's when he meets your. I know. -- -- -- That is going to be the program awesome to -- you guys like really really great really regret that I am not -- AM tomorrow he didn't easterners I don't know.

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