GMA LIVE! (12.10.12)

Josh, Sam and Amy discuss tricycles, 'Buck Wild' controversy, 'Play of the Day', and GMA Rewind.
3:00 | 12/10/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.10.12)
While you're not getting that was a quick open. 12100 CNN live on the we have to address that suggests double -- -- always live. So I still say we're gonna figured out because it could be good late morning America could be good mid morning America mark and yen late night for us is -- -- -- And often -- you are taking this day. -- Front here and beyond all right. We have got hot and CMA goes all debt -- like planet of the -- is the forbidden yeah. We are going to the forbidden zone people. Although a Regis did you -- don't think you for taking note of what I was right there aren't any change and change -- -- Wardrobe changes about to -- From early yes and we wanted to ask you for joining -- and -- like -- and -- Every way we want -- athletes who want your photos we want everything you have to give us because -- -- starting at 9:15 eastern. Every day regardless of what state of various undressed -- RM. Lehrer is off. So we've actually got her might for sound somewhere in the -- US of -- now she's but she'll be back in when she's got she's here are Georgia's near Elizabeth is here and every one. In the Good Morning America. Will be joining us including in each hand and expand got -- some degree -- of all time I am joined by of course. Working left to right across your TV -- Sam Champion and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's just say that you're getting ready this morning and you didn't have time to glue the eyeballs directly TV -- there may be some things that you mess that your friends. We'll kind of give you hassle for because they were from the greatest moments on GM magnets -- we're gonna show them here while also. Just share some things that we really liked about the -- that's right. Don't we sadness that I thought we really need to reiterate this nothing is off the table here so we could just do anything and you'll catch it -- Fifteen minutes after -- and you know anybody -- say seriously I could say such as you write him off to continue to. Our -- an -- can't do it again. Epicenter was injured Ty yeah yeah. Yeah working and grabbed me and -- still had no idea. That I hadn't changed sound no different -- I was wearing this -- hours next to you that test and I think about looking your face I wasn't -- congress and Michael resent everything was on the Americans isn't where you actually dig give us questions go on a Twitter will answer them right here aren't you realize -- get a sneak peek at what we're thinking. Right when GMA is over whether you want to know what are not. Such until we get a big thing for thought bubbles that it's going to be ground -- fun here of course nothing said fund quite like. Mini little -- so take a look played -- day on Good Morning America this morning. And now the one in Russia that we actually showed video was about 110. -- -- -- -- -- -- I would -- Jamie needs it looks almost like what I'm wearing right. Now -- yeah. Yeah and then Josh. Now -- yeah. From all I know he's not he's -- -- I couldn't Julie. Puree until you are in -- and shiny and good where you like a candidate by didn't believe it. We're doing let's say oh you're the real got to take a look nothing and that's our why would submit that neither one of -- -- that you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- Amy Amy Amy Gibson and commodity. Then we will rock yeah. Yeah but you gotta like standing up what I -- standing -- and well yeah. Okay meets the unique -- me. Maybe yeah yeah. Yeah they may well -- They tell you know I think you could -- a little about a potentially through I think bringing -- little known -- I smell like pizza and a thumb and I would think we should rethink mission of -- show maybe not everything on the table may be most things -- -- it might be some -- Like this kept off the table. It was earlier this morning as well when he had fragrance writer and what did you -- what -- -- -- -- just put on me it's a little guilty pleasure it actually started as a joke. -- so I'm told in the Pizza Hut I am the only one who hasn't small that we don't know how. -- -- in this it actually smells like -- baby soft. In this. -- just came to mind when you know how -- how LA guns to wait actually they don't actually Sam I'm wrong and examine Sam tell us about that intelligence. -- -- -- mystical time called the center. What happened in the seventies and is that I think about the age -- the diversified -- Democrat. 7 NEWS some kind of anti MTV controversy over leaving until little controversy. Kind of show MTV hopes will take the places -- -- gang on Jersey Shore. This one's called buck wild we told you about it on GMA it follows a crew of -- and dramatic young people in West Virginia -- club I'm dramatic. So called it a cross between Jersey Shore and here come yeah. But not everybody is happy about it including west Virginia's senator Joseph Manchin he has asked and you need to cancel the show appears ready to -- -- -- what we're trying to promote for the sake of an almighty dollar for the sake of TV ratings is this what you wanna say that we should be looking up to. And you want your children be watching this tonight. Well so far MTV has made no comment about the senator's remarks but we ask you -- it tells what you thought. And we have some people on Twitter who said this is bending -- as our right to sold us on Twitter. At -- -- reality TV goes too far because it gives a false impression that integrity decency truth and honesty are no longer values worth. Embracing. And writer deal told us just one more reason to cringed. Over how are American society is portrayed across the world and that is true because everyone's watching -- Jersey -- redux -- In West Virginia. Listen I'm all for the infinite cable universe -- get -- there's something out there for everyone. It's. I think my biggest problem is that it's not in fact reality so often we might learn just how Steve's all of this is and in the lowest common denominator appeal is I liked but there's a part of -- that understands it I certainly understand why could be a big hit. In fact because we're talking about a like this but. I just to take it reality let's at least drive for some sort. Now -- Allstate did it often of the so much alcohol involved people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do in the cameras are there and it's just didn't want my kids watching yeah. TV people will do what they don't normally do so it's not reality you know they're being shot but. The you know one of these days have we seen enough of it is the question now I mean you know when do we get tired of over. Dramatizing. Fake reality. I think America will make that decision of the -- stop consuming it right it'll I think OK now we kind of you know soft ratings in these people will disappear -- -- will never see these producers shooting stopped him -- -- -- -- yard extortion child and the rolling sound by the white rock -- on this weekend at their first go ahead of we've got to live studio audience we might later. Yeah. They got a little. -- very special friend legendary rockers called Mary. House down a gimme shelter. Today. Love -- you'll -- Everything that's all over and hearing about it. Rolling down still deliver good -- Now I couldn't get in the door you were supposed to be I don't know so I had friends who had tickets and we went to dinner with them -- and they went to the concert and I went home really sad did you see you wanted to -- Wouldn't you want to -- At risk of not being able to get out of the studio. I'm hearing around comparing -- now look. OK number -- football Sunday sorry we and I am I can't see you I don't maximize -- He was still alive until the Seattle defense decide to show up and all 85 bears on the other cardinals yesterday. But -- I I listen. I'd give it. I died I -- it I just from for me no doubt would not have been the first that's that's not a bucket list for me The Rolling Stones in concert now not a not about us now. I debt of honor I loved him -- on what did not know is that yeah anybody in the. -- -- -- -- And just moments ago of going about our -- -- -- And Rolling Stone all night and I feel like -- is old is Mick Jagger analogies. Frighteningly scared but I'm not sure I mean -- you know. How long do you wanna see the music series count how long you. Thank. Apparently both -- and I would have liked to seen it and heard it irate woman on. -- play the game we actually here on GMA and GMA live. We're gonna bring us some of our very best of the year. -- -- to have another 140 here dom shaming you remember this yeah I. London -- zero it was great -- earlier this year. OK I. Dogs that -- bad and shamed on the Internet where they cannot you know log on. Boxer. I'll give you the best I hope there's been reading by the way kids are funny -- and I -- immediately -- I -- shaming apparently has -- -- the holiday overdrive because you have the presence on the ground in you have. Things out around that -- aren't always out around and take a look at this is the holiday version. -- -- -- mommy and daddy came home alone I try the could -- -- -- is history that cats did oh with the with the tree over. -- I just think this if you're -- -- A Christmas -- fully decked that is that's cruel and and genitals want to activate the daily strategy Nintendo -- -- I it. By the way I don't you have never seen. The water at the -- you know I'm -- you put snow yeah notice he put -- that you put like a sugary drink in hand being America mystery police tells Josh please tell Josh that that word is on the street. That if you put something you mix with the water like a little sprite yeah something sugar sugar water and under the tree lives a little longer. -- -- that I don't know that's. That's urban myth I don't know. Yeah I did a good one of those stories from the seventies and. Now that -- you. I don't know this version to look we want -- to know your very favorite play over the years you cast your votes right here Good Morning America dot com right here on Yahoo! and we'll have winners Korea on GMA and GM MA and GM -- -- all next. We. I yeah Ferraro first showed today -- -- at we have an extra we have plays of the -- for you people take a look it's a horrible after all Julian Burris. And it's gone viral. Perry liked it and that's a major site that's Watson -- and -- noticeably -- Yeah does what any other guys hey watch figure on her own find out some jumping to -- -- This is the. And right now from our Internet audience is getting cavities that died Tuesday -- this week. Your thoughts. My thought is that Watson is a very Smart dog he knows that mom actually has the Cameron is looking at everything and Watson is not getting them that Ronald -- gonna get his months. That's a home owned lot I guess you can say it out on the on the and -- where a gallon on animal world we're cool we're working -- today and said that anyway. We need food and definitely. That's out there. That fact idea that the segment your notes wait we love a good competition not here GM name. Add it's fun when everybody can get involved -- this -- When some members of the crew actually. Miss it. Now we can't have any holiday sweater -- -- I totally yeah right here on Good Morning America actually come and let look at that Mara -- element when you. -- -- I don't know Elizabeth and could George vote -- -- kind of the normal version have a holiday -- out regularly handsome mark George Stephanopoulos. But there are to have -- literally there might like Josh Elliott who decide to dress like Katrina itself -- decorated. And then ladies and gentlemen there was what the winner. -- can only be one winner got to -- that additional well he's. This -- and that I see -- there's a little Madonna going on in Africa Taft. Sparkly belt -- on the. So you did not know he disease really didn't -- -- this -- I was -- -- communion wine you want for your Nancy and yeah -- be -- and the fact yeah in slow mile Anemia. I don't usually de Niro. Paul and his older stadium rooting -- al-Qaeda there and just for you. That is not the way America do we giving him an all America. -- Just blind date there's yeah. That's not -- my tip went back to Leon only on what might just tip the scale. The students all about it and I mean I'm just magnet that well in doing was -- 170 Utley and. That's a good -- yeah. Pray this is going on. Christmas Eve baby. While we have one more moment for an it's from our trip to see our pal -- How -- stop by a little early after some holiday celebration. And look she -- for all of us when she said this about coming back to work. An alarm goes off at 345 and actually going to be happy. My life is really normal. -- -- Wednesday that wears -- you. That's actually true -- -- of but we cannot have wait to have you back room. She greeted by the way -- I love seeing her smile and does she had such words of wisdom she has through this entire things -- unsolved area so many lessons and championed the guy percent of we. Door and that -- -- -- bright red -- Santa hat used just like hot Internet smiles got a lot to us. We want to thank you for joining us and we want to ask you to join us each and every day here on GMA live 915. Or so. Until next time they --

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