GMA LIVE! (12.18.12)

GMA LIVE! (12.18.12)
18:08 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.18.12)
Leaving camp out for days -- The latest -- I love it live -- -- thank you guys thank you thank you. America -- every day showing all the pay performance of all morning what goes on here just take Carmen. Actually just wrapped up today. We haven't we have -- we have it. -- -- We'll see if we wouldn't let you -- 10 -- listen to music but Internet privacy laws say it's. Okay. He -- -- Rio -- we have heard you BBC lawyers say okay we and don't even humble. All as well as a little preview they're gonna perform on our New Year's Eve or New Year's Day show de -- 2000 whether he we just talk about an -- Oh yeah yeah. Howard how how -- up to. Development and adequate I don't update tomorrow we'll -- an update tomorrow. Are closer than you are wasting -- -- -- did it again I don't count our hot -- -- inhaled -- Previous mistake when he -- off -- -- right let's talk. I'm a movie that's out right now let's call this is forty its stars Leslie Mann used you know -- from -- -- -- she's playing the same character. He's tall rubber married knocked up and your peripheral characters -- -- -- center stage -- this movie just. Really resonated with me I was -- Laughing out loud -- -- by her husband John out of town and it also started their real life kids if nobody it's funny and really Smart -- talk -- her belt and just like -- yeah. It's funny and really Atlanta this is forty -- can't wait for that it wants. So many years -- way to. Please zone jam example check birthdays -- -- exit. I think it's I -- my favorite part of the show by the way our social. Media check in will be a little later this morning -- you guys by the way with me go get didn't show up under your comment. Although it's not we don't know yet is not at the time now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The man we read another chance to do this suggestion that we want to officially welcome futures for an independent. And act. -- you know tomorrow we're going to be doing the beaver blow out -- He's like our young -- and yeah. I had. That it went on a lot of -- is -- -- -- George dropped those classes I ranked look at this I don't know I feel good spectacle I don't call just being around -- -- I got the job -- -- -- kind of caught it will be grow that in just a -- I'll be ready. We do though I want to address. Sat in his hand again really I think as we take a step back now -- as we we step back in Newtown Connecticut. Has that community now begins to -- as that community focuses really on itself as it should be hard lessons. They'll have been learned. And boy as we give -- the privacy. That they need now it is a nice thing be able to do with -- you -- into that and you can log on our website Good Morning America. -- learn about something really special that we shared on the money -- -- today morning these are the comfort dogs and I saw about the Golden Retriever that that smile that they seem to have permanently on their face. And because they bring so much love to so many people. Ten of them were shipped. From Chicago 800 miles. To the community of -- -- to bring some unconditional love to the children there and the thought being that because -- so accepting and loving the kids might open up a little bit more and start talking. About what has happened in that community it's a really amazing program it started with a handful of dogs are now sixty dogs in the program in six different states. And they they do this for our. All sorts of of trauma an -- on -- and and didn't I mean you can see right there that you know not just the kids of the school but think about the entire town you know wit who lives. If it's traumatic experience for everyone and at some point something comforting like I mean would just. Just -- got to -- and that's what we saw over and over again there was those random acts of kindness just a little adjusters and may not seem like a lot but I think. That that community really appreciates it and needs that and most importantly needs all of us to remember them not just now and immunities to combat in the months to com is going to be a long process. -- of remembering again boy if you wanna if you are nearby and you wanted to pay your respects. Again let's just give them a did the distance the privacy that they -- deserve -- you can also -- -- not Stalin sent an off into the united way. So many people on Twitter and has been reaching out to us asking how they can -- so that's how to deal. All right and again we do appreciate. Collectively. -- nation's health or your loved about him or turning to connect him she'll be a lot of things in them months to come that hopefully we can do for those folks. As we head into the holidays. Though by the way -- note tomorrow on GMA -- -- gonna start showing you who gets no. For this for this season and who doesn't. Gets -- and even a little -- she actually are all right. We addressed it in the literally dragging -- -- -- now because so I said that there was fresh powder. By the way -- -- I don't scratch he said skier getting some fresh breath she's -- I have any said -- -- you know -- and that is that it does you better and we -- -- -- -- that's not a few years back. Well I'm not -- -- you told us that they that it like -- eight. We love you Sam and we love fresh sample -- Get it anyway you look at a holiday -- that if you spending your holiday lights the crazier the better but you know what we've gotten some incredible didn't have one -- -- the -- in the trees that's of Houston. The do we have. -- and that's the majority candor I'm sorry I'm sorry have you -- that was sent to us on social media and already things to be taken away -- Yeah. Good then you describe this where -- come from. So Megan and Grand Rapids percent to just take -- I have on my little note here I don't -- I didn't have to really look glamorous small -- she went anti Saddam supporters and -- I'm not quite sure why he's gonna win about our utility really -- -- in the middle. He's in AM here. And cat. Well you know that's me being a visual medium. Maybe we have the likes spots out of the we -- -- reviewed restaurant. I tried everything to give funds three and have a good -- cannot act you just wanted to -- -- like the sports ice seals copies of those don't if you want to. An illustrator but have you finished your -- lights will get as many of them as we -- on. Do you really afraid of maybe behind -- all stop the president intends to not. I don't think so hopefully -- will -- -- Some didn't do you love -- -- nationalist expanded. I -- -- her for a long time she's just to real. Girl terrific -- an ounce of this is a little Jimmy rewind now she is starring in this is forty and sheeting found scoop on her co stars they are at her real life. Daughters directed by her. -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- cameras. Vandalism. They don't listen to hand. They don't dig down he's not that they might because he's the director and and that now they can care less play he has to say and but they get how -- and paid to full snaps it. There there -- a bit yeah I'm kind of opulence and he'll let that there really get in the -- me. They are really going to be moving in that movie comes out on Friday this is forty not that Josh would know what that. Semi sequel right knocked -- again we saw these characters different story -- -- feels like old home week. It's terrific. Okay. Are you -- I think this is you are like to officially welcome. -- C social media producer Andrew springer yeah. In the -- so much fun. We're talking about what you're talking about online we discovered that people like to talk about -- -- on the Internet. So we're monitoring Internet content Internet. But people are talking about gas prices this morning but we had a few questions for you guys. Let's get to this Maryland. -- want -- now have you guys gotten your shopping done she hasn't. At all. -- I had no note I have not -- a -- -- -- vote I'm gonna bet that your you're gonna try to sound like. Regular and you're gonna say that it's not done but Lara as is -- it was unloaded. It would have got he got it all on sale and she got all eyes and the map and then and the clothes were hand Maine yes I know that you've been reading the I was I. -- -- -- we had our latest I don't know anybody Honest -- say it. I've no idea -- I want you done with your Christmas -- all -- It won't Santa brings most of -- I still need something for you. And hanging I had a couple things yet for David it's hard to find the husband presence at this point -- I need some not but -- out nicely done. But Charlie Miller. We're there we're gonna have done what we can have -- where why should Larry yeah. Hurry and I -- -- thirteen -- Larry what's a good husband if you slickly guys want mean Italy's only V neck sweaters and -- sit -- and plaid shirts. This -- the Internet right. In the event -- yeah. No shirt sweatshirt always always good contract. We -- -- -- question we have on our questions -- Christina. She wants to note you guys have a holiday travel plans yes -- going well hey Sam. Again you'll be you're going to be you and your head down to and beyond -- -- no will be here for the holidays -- time in New York this is. So we'll be here for the holidays and then afterwards for New Year's we're going to. -- -- -- On lol I would check when -- get out. I got a big bright bright if you want to tune in enjoy this New Year's Day it is the Rose Parade here on. -- -- -- -- -- not -- might think you're doing that you grew if you grauman's LA you've spent obviously you live in LA it is such a. Part of -- fabric of Southern California -- and lit up and -- -- why don't we get ice or deeper he -- blues three billion charitable I think that that's. A lot of attitude I would Stratton and I have got my daily -- -- -- For generations -- They have -- they've helped put it all together and it happens in Pasadena also I have to tell you. Did the big tradition is as high school kids to spend the night on the parade throughout the night prior on New Year's Eve and many firsts let's just say -- happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I saw my first shooting star. Yeah. Much. -- I don't what are your plans might compete not damn dollar. -- your first. Let's talk about all available -- yeah. I'm here -- law I am so excited my mom has -- -- day. -- -- parent you know we have big tradition where she is literally a huge -- handwritten and every kind of cookie recipe in the world -- family tradition and we make them and then we may have played and we go around the neighborhood not forget stark. To all friends and family -- -- looking forward -- -- family Christmas and then I am going down to celebrate very special. Hello I'm back with my friend Sam Champion Morgan Freeman family -- Miami. Yeah. On spring has anything else. History we want to know what Larry should buyer husband Bernie does GMA lives. Yeah -- you know I think he may live in any family around any suggestions for me to welcome back everybody Andrews. Okay. If you look at wardrobe that's -- I'm gonna -- And another look at my goodness yup I know -- six and nineteen. -- -- -- -- We think happened right here on the broadcast important. Let's get a little applause round with a -- you guys who would catapult by the way. By the way because we -- this story on CNN. All are. Com. And he wanted to use the easy -- governments little -- you -- -- -- and should be. Kind of like everybody can you shouldn't be gender neutral site shouldn't be here to -- -- the other over 40000. Signatures later the company took her off very seriously. Yesterday they announced. A giant by the way anyway released gender neutral version of the governor early next year -- divided -- The black. Silver and blue that's -- by the way that's awesome I think a lot of cannot percent of all the cooking channels -- -- -- -- -- a lot of people just can't get help them but let's say they do they -- Let's say -- six -- you could get it open. Hello. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that's a great country I don't. -- wonder -- people there's still plenty of time to change the world vital element fidelity. -- -- hello. That's great that's -- that's fantastic. What do women and found literally -- Wii console -- a -- but there's a Paul -- I'm sorry there's a Paul. Do you think. This toys in general should be gender neutral or do you think that there's still room to have. Toys for girls and sports for boys and I I think outing there's -- really compelling arguments from both sides to tell us which side of that version that -- -- up. O'clock right. Yeah yeah Spago -- may be right. -- -- -- -- -- Aren't getting. Your workout today are -- getting and -- I know you are on. The final countdown to the weddings how many times are you working -- now just one car -- -- immediately harp. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little that we had a terrific shop on the editorial he made little in the ideal recommend you go to our website and check of the -- -- State -- I don't even really like. Actually you know we have -- we have our -- expert up there in the control room Denise Denise. I drive Brock -- -- Daniel -- stage would -- bank it was amazing. But how amazing. Like it was debated affect me. I've ever had -- OK let's move brought a lot of help and -- assume that you'll really get good the other person may have happened to -- -- Sorry that is what happened that are here every -- that didn't -- Every day during the I don't mind he had a -- and let us now that's you know the trains you know sort of running on time we got off the track. And we actually have looked at all the answers so you're saying our very first guest -- this review this little sort of pop extra thing -- I was asking if you worked out and we -- -- -- as we often do. -- but not much I really cute video this didn't make the cut for today show what we thought it was so funny. You know -- just -- -- -- running on it we didn't have been chasing -- I don't know. Well no it's not just a stuffed animal thank goodness I was so upset about that -- -- so there it out it's cheetah running on a chair a track you can see now why didn't make that. -- -- -- I don't. Leon no I'm not -- you -- -- -- chocolate cupcake like that through the grass I would run. Just like a lottery yeah yeah. Right you BJ's neck -- get out and I would definitely -- Talking on -- -- them all right thank you very got a surfers off I. And she has -- I was telling a long leash and after she. Yes yeah I now I I don't have many of the details on so we keep hearing how much else in the empty but what did she lake what. -- -- -- -- -- that the stuffed animal that you he's hungry. And as they're called follow up free zone. What was -- -- -- yeah if that's what this guy we have time to get the Clinton again. Cargill -- explained that's what I industry say this and want us to stretch and stretch. Stretched. I'm still love around -- ciller to end GA. Many -- -- called by the way cold and warm -- Right being hopeful but how my guys. We're Brinkley and guns -- -- -- you wrapped up his we are certain. We're basically you've -- these online. And this is part of -- news today and we -- you know and a little everybody for the heart today. -- is our interview -- they're meeting through all of the reason that go to charity and and and the whole and you. Your -- incredibly. -- -- We'd love to stay but we we got a good -- to Fresno usual crap we want to thank you as -- -- wow. Thank you for joining us today and stays warm as -- you have what you we'll see you tomorrow here on GMA. And.

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