GMA LIVE! (12.19.12)

GMA LIVE! (12.19.12)
3:00 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.19.12)
A yeah. It is fair to say we are live now -- And it's also -- to say I still have no idea what happened today. When the out of seven denying that there were tropics in the north heading siren do we have a siren is we have the said the girl. -- -- -- Okay. -- -- -- this album helped broker yeah little hopper thank you Valerie. All of -- -- audience I. I don't know what it felt like to watch it to be on the show today if I don't know what's happening that is Larry coming it. -- breakneck I actually said it was -- GM McGahee is GM man that ever yeah it was really -- -- a big part of -- -- Tory Johnson had. I was bringing some visa slash. Bernalillo. And I would like to make that a part of -- -- every day and. Yeah at this time it did what we gave -- -- and now we got marred bay. Coolest gift ideas for the holiday season art subscription boxing is and what so we -- about it is yeah really go read online you decide how much you want us then that that type of person you're sending it to and boom it's not taking -- -- -- so -- Favorites in the company -- you -- up you'll see they're now policies sold everywhere support -- the big department -- today fox talk I'm do what made an and you can choose. Three to six months depending on you know how nice somebody if they want to send it to something regularly they get back on -- off -- friends of Sinai -- -- -- so it's like -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Eleven of -- really matter. Yeah. Let me drop but I don't know. No one seemed all these details about this Good Morning America that -- this is one at love for like that beauty made it -- and then called the bark boxes -- is -- -- heading all the stuff you -- -- -- Okay. I'm sorry I'm an independent -- yeah. I just make sure -- together. Makes you want to do this where. Direct really want to make sir I don't want to help save shots from himself I want to make sure that we. Get this and we are you go online for dogs that its Firefox bark -- you get. All those things those are normally it's normally a thirty dollar gift spots it's fifteen dollars it's absolutely -- GMTV night viewers didn't even include Good Morning America dot com I -- it only to. Today only they don't you'll be able to sign up to get that in order for and you know exactly you -- you. I went upstairs after the show yes and I I had somebody sent me entire list all of your flash don't. And deals during the show exactly but does theirs they're literally he covers every single arsonist following a glass -- as we you know yesterday it was the need expert the comptroller of today is -- -- rendering it let's go upstairs right. Right now. Can we get a siren -- -- we go back. -- -- There's times of -- do you super on the -- Todd Tom wants to press the buttons that let Tom -- line. Okay. Okay. Yeah you you know. -- -- So what -- you and please come back I didn't worry you think you've already. -- -- -- It's on break out front page headline I have that I have no idea -- still don't know about you don't have a little you know. Okay. Okay. We're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's very -- Are you lose cleanliness and widely this is -- -- the important thing out of that playing -- here tomorrow actually know what this is actually you know generate on the pre nuptial -- and so. We have got we have it says are fresh human grade ingredients. I -- and roasted chicken pumpkins and cranberries the list. -- so yeah yeah. The I'm encouraging you to try to know you're on -- -- -- diet historic still here but. Well I noted that. Okay. They've actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know my black. -- mile Atlanta won't -- -- -- -- Not yeah -- man. Yeah. You know. Actually in the -- out. Brilliance problem now at all I don't know what happened that show actually do not know actually actually election. Recent Tom. Didn't easy you have to restart again -- -- -- where where we gotten extremely important on the planet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- bridges and we're. Because apparently now we've got into an hour -- broadcast. I do we -- -- we met -- officially yesterday he's back again I tell you what. You let believe we're trending on Twitter yesterday our social media -- Okay. I -- it's not. Little lonely over here and I have Valerie. -- -- -- Yeah. Now Lara Lara -- -- -- what you can get her husband. There are some suggestions thank you know golf club the grill and get away guys we -- couples massage and giving ground. Actually -- a couple of them -- great ideas thank you so much everybody I'm miners are great multimillion got to wait for me and Valerie well. So we also ask that we asked for it where did you like a head of the day thing. I literally got -- -- -- -- had a bad Day of The Dead cat of the -- -- Now -- And now yeah. Now now -- -- Good animal and animal -- Valerie and help us along here's the question. This is the patent -- this is -- I don't know he's -- he. It's very cute by the way but his -- -- actual head of the day -- abuse. Oh this is -- in Virginia and sands Roxy -- view out the window to see if your forecast. Matches what's actually going on. No pressure no pressure off the proxy data -- if I'm wrong here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just become less like -- late Christmas indeed and it's. Well I'll get acquainted -- online yeah it's any line is the man of the year so we asked who would be your man of the year Valerie. So many people treated us and said it would be. But -- -- you got did you guys know -- time actually picked. Indeed we do. With. Perhaps not surprisingly time magazine has selected as -- its person of the year and the president Barack Obama and we have some actually never before seen pictures. If you received. The president -- take a -- with Spider-Man. Have a -- it's a great shot. Of course an emotional moment when he is reelected. Passed a few weeks ago and then this is. A real -- moment this is when the president was writing the speech that he gave -- the interfaith vigil in Newtown Connecticut. This past weekend Sunday night again it was a speech from his heart and various composing it. -- -- combat zone during his daughter Sasha is rehearsal. For the nutcracker. And so that's that was father working you can today and you have been multi -- in his words meant so much to some money going to be great we asked actually Rick Stengel he's the managing editor of time magazine why the president and he said. For finding and forging a new majority and for turning weakness and into opportunity for seeking. -- great adversity. -- -- -- -- Twelve person. Well a -- That's great -- have a little pop -- next. No nothing. What Seattle happily reaching new life in holiday decor has Christmas tree. Check that you don't think your job I London -- -- hate they want the big -- and a ten day that not one but it's not. All of the teams isn't Josh do you explain his view is really -- -- -- what he just he wanted to escalate what. And he had just actually cut the top of his Christmas tree off. Put it on top of his -- got an extra shingles that didn't immediately -- Santa deliver that collusion and myself fine and we thank you for not awesome thing. Although it out there is the whole you know eyes bigger than yourself when you go to get the Christmas tree. And it's everybody you know you want the painful one and -- get home. And it turns out that when you have to tell our top and it sort of changes the whole chain -- -- cut from the bottom people think limbs and branches. Off from the it's not you don't have. Well -- got a regulatory. I don't -- -- no social commentary -- -- needed and that several athletes like that but Eric says. It's visited the Wednesday show idea man I can't wait for the Friday -- I'm happy that you. The whole area. Yeah. And yeah. Okay. That's about it. -- -- -- We've been shouted down. On the on the big show we would count down the what viewer's choice plays of the year. And we worked our way up to. Number three it's we get a tried -- Actually why -- we go again count down to here we -- as voted by you and Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! today again we showed you number that pretty. And this is SBC running New Zealand the dragging dogs they it was just a campaign that. We'll bring attention to the plight of rescue dogs and they thought they would actually keeps them contrived we're actually -- -- Tech anchors Joseph right now Diego San Tomas well done and -- Well done you just -- keeping -- plan. I'm Jim -- we're gonna show you some of the other videos they didn't quite crack the top five. What is happening number nine do you remember this the reverend Cantwell and 48 year old -- -- -- -- With a dancing -- from his kids. You know he was. This is come -- now. And that's okay time yeah. I would say that they got Belgium's got talent because it. Oh import and I'm an importer exporter at number -- -- cat clearly not in the holiday mood. -- -- -- -- -- What it was yeah. Just for no reason to marry him you know that's a -- still has kept him yet yeah I love that about cash need to be said -- -- the cat. Basically if it finds a better -- next door it's not your -- that let me just say that. What do you think on the on the on the best part of it via its Estrada done a thing yet you know -- trumpets. You know I mean I got a dollar -- -- -- dollar come on it. -- We showed you a video that is not really quite shocking we -- -- talking about -- off camera Alberta. They think it's an eagle snatching. What is said to be a baby this -- in Montreal more asking you all what you think let us know online do you think this is real -- This is a video that has a lot of people talking today I'm sure that you have CNN I didn't -- -- our -- -- do you think eagle video is real or pay extra springer what do you have -- -- -- have for us on this. -- what people think it's -- yeah. This we saw comments that it has everything to stake by the Eagles not -- -- that but can't you're saying I'm on my hair everybody dancing anywhere else. Ought to take you from -- -- -- dominatrix. Everybody thinks it's okay thank you yes you. You thank you and your update. Valerie thank you know yeah. Yeah. -- -- A little dog biscuit well you know really know -- tomorrow your final primary and that. -- did this every bit behind every month we're getting me either the -- ignore the -- --

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