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Watch "GMA LIVE!" With Josh Elliott, Sam Champion, Paula Faris, Amy Robach and Rachel Smith.
15:07 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.26.12)
How are you folks I welcome to GMA life. There has. Our -- we are always live the world really -- Her sentence we would give them the last -- on the program. Earlier this morning Tom we've got a lot to talk about the first -- -- home. We had a cast of thousands you can see here that sports -- is joining us today -- joining us today Rachel joining us today. And sickened janitors and -- hang on if you wanna come back a steady because I want an example a little more comfortable -- cannot view it. Hot -- yeah -- yeah. Yeah Davey Johnson and -- -- it another day. Thank you sound like I'm really uncomfortable god -- Yeah actually can we also are -- bad host of on the red carpet as well joins us all the time villages on the weekends. -- A that it hasn't -- humanity -- -- Levied at him that radiant smile and even know really don't -- -- we also is some breaking news here on -- alive. The last moments. Of this -- single life -- That's pretty that's terrific yeah. Good one if we could have GMA alive when it's. Eight men wedding if you want him. You know ask someone to marry my -- relying less all the little universal might -- Josh has been all downhill she I'll appreciate your -- Everything I had -- probably not. I eat yeah Al I'm Al guys and a first thought. -- family. How -- first Christmas dinner and was kind of amazing I mean we we really did -- he Christmas. You know not a lot of presence because it was just like that everybody together very so not a lot of gets weird had been busy -- I think being an element denies that he definitely twelve together. -- children in one apartment yes it's been flattened in the month lots of love just a few flooded. It its Christmas -- say we we had a good time a lot of lot of candy. Trying to not bring all of this back home because -- -- in my kids not related combo. Can you really an example -- when highs happening actually to -- nothing nothing totality is that a little dysfunction. -- how money is actually at my -- and I'm works. -- commitment. And I haven't. My children confidence that. Club actually came in -- -- came. Early -- -- Christmas scene you can thank you work. He's an handiwork yet he's getting -- front perhaps arrogance and and -- wrap some presents on Christmas Day at the -- that's why isn't. It isn't an eyewitness -- presents -- It would it was fun we had at the end cat and singing we shall pass -- from -- a lot of things. -- students also -- your clientele. They sorry the most serious for now assume she's gone from I think when they were -- was this from happening when -- was three was the boxes. Now she like -- loose -- and blue -- and ends just begun accidentally. Many dolphins may need. Princess -- -- more goals that were high Tea Party like four hours. And we know I'm in a -- Christmas at our house so yeah that was draped it -- somebody said and it's true there's. Father's Day it is Mother's Day Christmas release kids. Really since its -- and it's it's it's again and special -- he was well. -- -- all all the first responders the firefighters the policemen pulled the people. And sacrificing for our freedom. We have a lot to get you here. On this program we have eight we have a reunion these are phenomenal Hollis price organization in. What else is on the big show this evening -- We we -- a little Reid gets angry mean mean mean I have been getting too many -- ourselves as they're giving all of hard can this past Christmas holiday but wheat today celebrated. A few gifts from one another million that we -- it -- -- -- we have some pop little puppets and I'm very shortly we have some -- extra also a travel -- -- You never -- an elderly -- never want to -- them the weather play a role this time -- -- certainly plan oral you have this. This has been this is a rough one and it's going to be I was yesterday was it was a terrible day for travel and weather and today. Is more problematic is that storm consciously east. And what you what you're getting now on -- live is. We are wary of a look at the models so now we know there's a little bit about dating what's going over that limit that it's been snowing in Washington DC a little bit longer than the forecast models and -- DC and right now yeah yeah and and so. There's a little bit of collection what we're afraid of -- this is gonna turn into some -- -- -- DC all the way through New York. I think for sure in the Hudson Valley and some merits of Pennsylvania that I think. They carry on into Boston so do be extra careful appear on the roads. And owners -- pick up a big hit a snow out of this guy in new England and then we've gotten the storm the storms that again. -- on the Carolina coast today with the possibility of tornadoes so this is that this is a rough so many people traveling to -- -- tough one yeah and not necessarily paying attention to do. You know weather forecasters -- with your family here in the car here I know it's that the Tibet and with your local ABC stations as well for -- travel weather. We just want to thank all of our staff here because there's a lot of folks that were able to spend holidays Christmas with their family but they're -- hardworking staff. At the office yesterday for a lot of showed little photo -- yes. The obligatory Chinese -- -- that ends in -- -- those beautiful smile and I'll see if it on the -- today on the year to -- agreement Poland who really really be appreciated. And again. OK. You know what why don't you know Rachel one -- little pop extra and you don't know. It's that paying. I'm not here not right well pop extract. Settle as -- -- Twitter -- -- sent starting with Jennifer Hudson's three year old son David junior. He's been very proud of his Christmas tree and a lot of Anglo -- says. I take -- Neil Patrick Harris the son Gideon cannot wouldn't trains from -- and snack. But -- zero. Of them are a dividend play Andre and I mean haven't said no -- ago that you -- all of the get it right there like the boxes again payment -- the actually -- just how. And -- thanked his in disguise and her Christmas cookie days the little help. Next to her and her little sister Mellon its freshness and -- -- -- -- -- -- plan -- -- celebrities think there. You know. Yeah I -- we we want to welcome home. From the welcome home -- flip side. I am going -- little welcome home -- let me see if congress yeah OK so apparently US army soldier Chris. Is returning home to give his family holiday surprise he hadn't seen -- -- an eight month. His mom and sister thought that they would have to wait another three days to CN. But they got an early Christmas present Christmas so exciting to -- his -- He said he and butterflies he was barely able to breathe with senior reactions made it all worth it Chris said he -- since -- so tightest. I thought you might actually work. Pop. I'm. Some -- apparently the dog got pretty excited to everybody was happy to see Chris back home. You never get -- by the winning any time -- -- but don't -- so many folks have. Been away for so many holidays. You know overseas and then they are doing re occurring from him so they'll go back. Again and back again -- so many wonderful welcome. The military justice and so it's -- so good. Bomb and the holiday is more so than any other time that's when you really -- -- your families my this is my first time away from my. Family in the midwest is the man actually two days after Christmas last year it was tough mean -- don't have -- family here in essence just me and my husband -- -- look at hunkering down. -- -- making it does make this campaign now. Still -- -- -- immediately -- cold weather Christmas tea growing up the Los Angeles and if we got the bike you can like go outside -- you know in -- OP shorts in the healing socks would -- I'm did. Right now these are great -- yeah. Who probably view -- I'm gonna hear that I can't even -- it can't be lucky than it. I can't help but -- -- get -- Christmas you know they weren't in -- And these stocks is that the system that actually I'm not can -- -- the controller in hand Tracy millionaire in the control -- him. Because I just -- Canada I only mention this to you see because I -- and I've been getting a lot of tweets. From people in Canada asking why we are self. Actions with the -- alive and can't we can't exported north of the border can you confirm Traci. That candidate concede this program. Everybody here around the world can see this. Because there on the Internet it's OK I'm just again I'm saying and then you run saying -- -- via W that more than I want it live hey yeah. -- handed out our very best. From June -- and. It was so why don't you get the forecast you know some like Toronto or something like that loud because we're Good Morning America but -- this show addition you can send us tweets -- -- Facebook's you know things from all over the world that we can get you in on. This show so what can. What can expect in Madagascar and -- Well I'm not -- well I -- Apparently one Josh nick I had no chance of rain I am I have not yet -- -- -- -- mark mark Donahue partly cloudy at Augusta there's yeah. They hit you valued -- an area degree weather -- yeah. He's now -- got to work on that that we have to be ready for international weather. You know -- -- -- can't afford it we will do an exotic locale whether. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hash tag exotic but didn't get it -- -- and -- -- yes ten warning area and had a that's correct. Speaking of Madagascar are a white Christmas came of -- in a bitterly there's a -- -- not that we -- -- with problem we want to talk -- whether it is the story today yeah com and there are lots of places I mean Texas picked up a little bit of snow Dallas we're getting some amazing pictures -- -- shut your live -- out of Washington DC. Which I think we will use ad nauseam because. It is our only live shot but we do we have. I'm doing -- public -- and if everybody I know but everybody from Texas through Arkansas. A little bit of Missouri Kentucky. Sending us your pictures today even now it's into Ohio Indiana is picked up a little bit of snow as well this will just continue its. Nice. Nice to see the holidays here with the pictures -- airport delays. This is the not nice problem the storms a light up in Atlanta today. So you know that that airport we'll have some problems have been on engineering -- you're flying today just about everybody will because of that icy mix that we think -- -- -- with a system. I don't want -- leave out the West Coast either because the West Coast is to brand new lows that are moving -- So from the San Francisco through CFC tax and an even I think organ airport we'll probably be a little that the -- Hammer returns from the west and yet he -- I can't think what makes you feel better. When you're stuck inside snow rain whatever is if you can think it's chocolate right we should -- let's longest chocolate train earlier. It's already been certified as the world's largest didn't hit just -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- The world Iraq earned -- -- holders are declared it yes apparently -- 110 feet long and weighs over 2700. Pounds. -- ninja promised some follow up I promised that we would follow whether or not this month a world record according to organizers Josh yeah because. Everyone wants to know it is. Longest largest salad and chocolate attorney knows it -- -- -- changes that are designing women. And I know that yeah there's not a definite separate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nice not tomorrow night's Marc tuchman. -- -- -- -- that sounds good -- stop Salmonella got went I -- really got credit any other questions -- about the -- Smith column with how many Kelly yeah. And really in get a close. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Four times a month I'll get away. All one has more calories Christmas tree or world record trains trains trains for turning -- Okay I'll sing Christmas tree just be contrary and -- were shockingly. We earlier I told -- about the re gifting this morning on Good Morning America. We have lived something of -- would you really get to presently receive this year. Turns 71%. Of you said yeah yeah. Something is going I actually want to get in the 29 present you say they won't because it turns out 29% of this country are liars why. Don't know what the best gift is to reach yet like who doesn't happen then we get T -- -- government that's -- 18100 calories didn't like -- -- -- -- Ahram on 1940 month. Friends as -- today and I don't hate that extremely yeah that's it says the new world and connect twelve telephone hot roaches. Hello by the way this morning we had a bunch of stuff so we're -- -- yeah. Yeah believing that your mom dad and how about them to be here I don't. -- One -- we do. -- -- --

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