GMA LIVE! (12.26.13)

Ginger and Dan discuss the pop news you missed on GMA LIVE!
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.26.13)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage -- GMA. -- -- parents and yes we weren't really time. -- earlier this are testing is now an earlier start at the -- I. I asked her main mode of communication and I spiral I had a lot and about it and I joke about it on the Harrison's the sounds good hasn't entering into Atlanta's -- to how was your -- -- outstanding -- -- it was great my grandmother. 91 years old still handing out Chris -- Chris 100 dollar bills to remembrance of this. They have not unlock it and all that yeah. And -- -- what it changes over the years with that 120 -- cement a lot of. Previously Kenya can now apparently admitted trip to doesn't know that yes and we have a red velvet at a red velvet don't -- ahead of -- another one of -- his favorite things he does not -- much in the way of anything. Ever -- makes yet suite suites and few birds. I absolutely -- both of those things have been very healthy and that. President didn't really is that it is added I didn't get a -- red -- And don't mind my. Attractive looking -- -- everybody we at a holiday incident involving music usually Cameron then went into yet this summer buddhism is and I think. -- Is what we came up went. Were you slicing bread -- spending nights that I had as a suspect that about my new knives CU or even doing something interesting you're -- bread -- Although they relate nice -- parents are often when I'm eating and had nothing to do this I dance I do little food dance. You know I've -- that could damage done there that independent PetMed that's -- -- bad -- fair and had a little dance. -- -- -- -- It's not -- you know what's embarrassing. Is when that your fiancee loves to take pictures on view. -- not so I will hear nothing. Negative -- about -- -- a wonderful man Aaron one of the greatest guys ever but let's go ahead look at what we did our holiday picture. I -- -- I doubt that back it's a little. Out like this lightly hit movie that's crazy person in the green and red shirt that have been. Now that area as you see them because they're crazy as in full effect and I noticed -- not sit and lastly had a tree so we're all looking at the -- -- -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ever -- you know there's nothing you can do to a press that does not all of. Now he just wants food does not matter. Anyway it would put the -- -- parties toward to a party leader then that American -- My head about it here me coming up at an annual loss I had some fun yet -- your animal. -- -- -- the apartment my wife text me updates on with the cats are doing at any given we have three cats but if they want one we're have to give one away if he would die but our eyes yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's says she had -- one of the cat's case that animal and I believe we have a picture he is not impressed. Pattinson totally an editor at his name is Steve by the way most of his teeth were removed from that he had a complicated dental problems to a column ruthless and toothless. That and that's probably why is not very happy my guess days they've actually isn't moving he's generally the skeptical little -- cut if things change I think we have an update to this picture. Even his twin brother gas fell -- -- -- saying an hour later they're paying a little map. Am a little -- are especially in Canada daddy. Senior flip -- dad you coupled and yes event at a couple things hasn't had to travel holiday always been missing -- Yes it's fun to -- -- so that -- that. We'll that we talked about last -- -- and -- right and he was selling any -- at 3 AM on Christmas -- to get this thing out of its stocking. And then did not touch it. And no change -- you know an animal that -- was attached and you've now I haven't looked cool and look different. Probably -- maybe yes I know quite a lot of it is something different for and I let it saves you as he did not want to -- By the -- -- say. I don't know where you've got -- from but I got all my -- from ASPCA. And and you had a volatile eighth city. -- on the way yes. And I know you volunteer fears these days as -- about animals I'm just gonna get on my high horse for a second do it and say you should adopt an animal and they're great holiday gifts -- -- ASPCA says. They make great holiday gifts of god and get one millions of a dozen cats every year put down unnecessarily and they can -- -- -- better. That's my schtick I cannot roll my as a -- because I really think -- every every every other thing I say other -- or -- -- meeting at. And as the as million dollars or Dunkin' Donuts is a probably also show you -- of the sweetest stories that scene around holidays. And this is a man that is going around and -- actually -- -- an Angel plot. The special delivery. Special -- -- village. But the big man upstairs could -- and he can't see anything Baptist expect. Kodak and you hit me. It's. -- you're talking about it. He was finishing ahead into I don't know. It's good god until -- Ganassi that. That. So there was that they they're handing out gifts they're the Angel hands out -- to homeless people and then convincing them that that was an Angel -- not just a man. Is his friend comes around says I got a gift and they said I don't. What and CNN there giving that to you so they they convince them. But that it was -- -- -- senses a slightly pearl. -- -- would get them and Christmas sudden a lot of this. There have allowed to editorialize a little bit is the Internet they think they've lost it and that's that. What she said I would never say that she did and you have a bite of your red velvet -- it. -- want to remind everybody speaking of something that is definitely not rule in any way to. He's donating coats as part of our coat drive which were doing in partnership and we use every year with Burlington. Our current tally take this -- drum roll 74265. And we are setting a record pace. -- -- -- -- So please -- the Christmas cheer going through the new year for everybody needs a warm coat this winter. We all know how miserable the cold weather is changes he's telling us about it all that. Hard to deal with when you don't have a warm -- especially if your -- so if you've got an -- extras flying around the house into us and take a picture yourself. Hash tag warm hearts I believe yes. And maybe we'll put it on to -- And many thanks to Burlington and that yet do the best bet yes -- -- -- anybody married yes but I had to do the theme tier wedding photographs. No I don't think some just -- But norm love Dylan's love -- Willie Gary commitment Columbus, Ohio. Well well welcome to GM AY isn't -- -- in an -- coming -- -- and it is an. -- have a purpose that's where these -- -- pictures that we have. A designer that -- floor and -- Took of her Nina and grants because today have been married for 61 years nice -- an average say they are able to get. The wedding pictures that they deserve because I'm there actual wedding. There photographers does not know yes so they never have an answer they used it beam. -- -- -- Something with great. And helps me that is probably the best anniversary gift that match -- barely ripple out all the other nieces and nephews and cousins and things like it's now might -- means nothing. And in your friends in your defense I don't think most most people who take wedding pictures -- have -- theme generally now right now -- scared if we were to have seen what well. So her fiance he's -- very creative guy to the point of lunacy at this point so I think if you had a theme it would be he would leave his dockers -- and yesterday we -- how to save the -- Nydia. It's it's not normal we'll get. And I am prepared I believe. Yes I would love to see that can we Khalili and this is on the area. I in Bryant got that make this -- make at -- -- -- tonight about modern technology he's gonna send us up to the control room. By our up incoming and out -- -- we're realists this time at right guard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Move -- speaking of pictures -- -- we will quickly wanted to tell you about this very cool app called kicks then we can send photos from your phone or tablet. Off to be made into prince to -- directly to service men and women and they've got a program going right now called operation homefront check -- out. And they are joining one dollar for every order they received charities that help military families in need. We've got some samples are there isn't your pointed -- -- her best Vanna White. With -- founding -- and them. She. Only lightly -- Bryant -- -- explaining connect flat place. And very. So we have I'm yeah have a flex so leave you download -- you take pictures we -- take pictures with their Smartphone. And -- -- so you can download them through org upload them there to figure out. And basically send them off and the prince get made and sent to military servicemen and women. Wherever they may be and it's critical such as well -- just so spreading the -- you -- picnics gone. That is not the -- speaking of spreading guys here ideas ideas we've got these people who are audience members on on the web clear creek so let's. Would you like a donut. -- -- and AM got to know prime outlets well you know among -- -- again feet yeah -- -- hit the end of the day on a he's missing -- -- I didn't wanna say that. And I think it doesn't. Dog walking -- coming pleases me it's so simple and -- -- actual -- a lot of what what -- -- the screen everybody that is the coolest thing I've ever. That an Iranian. That is really really sweet yet but is it not content -- that we have. Like good they are look at it yes. -- they are -- maybe the other way around and then they -- that problem I go the other one can't reach the handlebars. Now is no it isn't this is not a reciprocal relationship like that this is -- I wanna be friends with them that don't know about anybody mind if I just put my face directly in what is being. Now -- have it will crash sell -- control room is saying what would be -- if they have they're facing raising wages that. My -- facing it. -- -- base that played. On that I would pay twenty what if I put it him and ice and I am just come back I actually want a -- in the asking king if they don't want you gonna do that. And how that is how did this before. Biting moment to explain what we had -- -- -- -- yet that's -- Robbins excess sonic should look Taylor I spoke I'll put my face and on the -- in my community in the donut stop. But my business done it if you give the forty dollars to a charity dangers -- -- AS PC -- I can't regulate its CA BC AB affect my -- dollar punitive billions from anything yeah. It and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a serious journalist -- -- OK yeah. Up and down yet our or so in the the and it's only -- but think friends and got this morning and thank you so much. -- he's -- I promise still. The video that you're going to see that we put out press -- the day also titled subject line was. Ginger is pregnant and just -- up up -- -- for a family. And that not that that it was a joke and anyway and then about a marathon at the. Please -- isn't running back. -- tomorrow or write back yes yes we are we'll see tomorrow morning and I'll be putting my face something else edible until that number thanks for watching.

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