GMA LIVE! (3.28.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (3.28.14)
Eleven CNN live. At the moment I'm hearing wow I have -- Garrity think that this is -- -- Only the governor -- surface that would be who -- inside. The fire at the prescribed burns -- they -- to start burning and then there's regulations darkening grand all of that. Amazing that made up. Smile that's right all. Thirty balking at supporting wonderful. I'm really sorry sorry you have to -- -- -- future -- you. I don't know -- and -- But -- -- back from the American academy of facial plastic and reconstructive. -- -- -- -- -- Sometimes we check of the time and a half hour we did two days just imagine all fathers -- this is your daughter Serena I'm talking about you. On this. -- -- -- -- you guys. -- -- -- He is shocked but don't worry how -- look at president. Because of the damage. These are now it's oh my god broke -- They're like leaving home. -- now. He had the -- saying that this story as was likely using the Internet where some somehow using. He's cell phone at 1:48 in the morning. What I look for our horror and Dan -- storage business but he. I haven't neither he what I tried to of the Tampa. Already without trolling -- Internet -- -- just before he killed her but I'll say that -- noted that actually had we just. -- -- -- -- -- Have to bring them back have you taught me about them in the -- -- -- the the thing they're in the memo here you know. And then there than in the strategy and -- -- -- -- now I'd like you know -- -- this is what -- penguins -- to say they weren't you won't last fall back in minutes. Taken from another relationship -- official no word yet on hello I'm gets -- -- -- do you -- I -- -- -- -- -- Africa ready. Iranian and CNN bringing you all things like I'm right here good morning there's no word on royal engagement and you're the one who. -- -- -- This is one little -- And again -- Kennedy noted this is a major -- Works out so many years I pretend like I'm sad to watch the first round. -- Six and I guess -- But it was karma I learned very how young. About as young -- this little -- take a -- -- one year old Wesley. Watching is the very first time. Dad does that. That I wanted to show you pictures yeah. You awesome today. Greatest time. -- -- -- -- Different yeah. -- -- In the fifth but yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- problems. All right river adventure and Kelly -- book eyewitness -- -- falls bar band. There's basement in there I was. -- -- I want that thing right now I want to live and that's what right rivers you we know what let them being felt -- next likely. -- -- -- that little nuggets beat back like. I think it's okay this -- around some camera. Until the general public back here is doing the show what you did -- -- -- office and is building be unhealthy smelting and Michael lunch or dinner. Today Hedrick rounds during the postseason where and that's not happening so I'm clearly not who are clearly not listen to a -- fight. But do they can always welcome them back porch trying to decide her -- -- -- and I -- yeah -- -- -- -- had come in handy yes. But -- -- -- about it. And you kind of say -- And -- Right in front of me. Probably check -- it didn't say oh golly I can't get better -- that name. We'll try to -- hotel with -- -- meant. But data quickly put fitness place. The I think parents business. -- Minh -- water for us. Tanker crash and let me you know this is how let me just give -- this is how a woman. -- -- -- I don't know. -- It's getting a little -- -- who. Playing like feeling better and -- knew right then played. During the Clinton didn't let them let them know -- -- to -- And ultimately how this -- her that I let me give your way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Meteorologist Matt upstairs he just a fueling this video they love them the that is also. There is no discussion they're dealing with that blizzard that we had. And parts of New England yesterday. It's pretty -- for them -- and then knifepoint from her there have to we're actually lose their planning and new lending I think we can't win regular. -- and that means send in the same situation that benefit came twice last year. That and there are times revealed little a little light industry thanks for the winter -- -- wind gusts up to one. And ten miles per hour and then I'm making the winds seem like strong and you just seemed really skinny at that moment. All the -- blowing in the wind and -- -- -- not yet morning. Think that it isn't -- -- is really on him when. I think about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess they pulled me -- -- -- lounge inside the business keep asking god. Yeah. -- -- failing everything to pass down. What Josh I know you continue to call that you -- return today and will -- I thought I thought this is a lovely bought again yeah. It is everything my personal behavior and then it just like many -- isn't really -- congratulating me the link here about the right thing if you gallon here. -- -- -- There's going to be the first -- I think we'll yeah. Look -- -- -- yeah. And a kidney. There. I had taken yet. You -- -- yet pregnant. I don't know if they're. Yeah. They -- letting my experience. -- yeah.

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