GMA LIVE! (4.14.14)

Ginger and Gio talk to the University of Missouri students who invented the Safe Trek app.
11:41 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.14.14)
Get ready for some GMA live and it all starts now live backstage she. And yeah. CNN I went there is mark GMA all day here on Good Morning America that come thanks for joining us -- that -- -- -- is here all of club. We're starting yeah. Really. You might get yet that's -- fans do you that you now you have a -- -- -- that intended to. And. We we -- -- wolf sort of hash tag with an on and on foot or so -- got to look we'll get all the G units all around the country talking. Everybody happy to -- here. Yeah. Excellent excellent excellent parts -- we've got a lot to talk about here on that if you haven't -- the big show. Hope you saw -- share her wedding planning -- group just a few there are so many more -- I have to give Democrats Francesca and tail -- coming here. Palin and her producers -- -- -- his fishing where it's that the -- as. And you say it's inspiring right -- its ability amount of money you can say. I got some incredible I mean just a line from new -- -- Francesca I mean it literally I think you guys. An -- -- scenes who. May be a good 8101000 dollars I mean that's incredible and at my wedding I just wanted to bring times the size of gorgeous and she's TV yeah -- well is that it is prepared us. His brother had just beautiful. The -- -- -- I think -- I think you know. Thanks for coming panacea -- -- -- coming down here soon really hesitant because all the producers David -- -- wanna do that. Atlanta. From those weddings though that we're talking about -- proposals we do have of them one of our play of the day expect today. David -- his girlfriend on the dating website. But like most proposals it is all about the surprise. -- take a look at this month. Phil -- Jane good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She and her hands on. Her and start. -- -- -- Caught on tape she actually -- -- now but that is just such a comment I wonder you have magazines. -- livelihoods in -- you know why not -- -- fax us or is yet Africa. And here's our top X -- BC's hit series marvels agents of shield. Is ramping up the star power Samuel Jackson and Kobe smolders who costar in the box office smash. Captain America the winter soldier. There are returning to shield. Jackson will bring his beloved super spy character nick fury to the small screen. For the season's dramatic -- on May thirteenth and smolders agent Maria hill. Is expected to return in May -- the schools as well as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not feel so good if not. And alert the authorities then and creates a timeline vehicle patient in the event that anything bad were to happen to you -- Themselves we're gonna welcome Andy Katz creator how lucky enough to have Zach -- -- to create. It -- -- okay. They're apartments told -- yes -- the app is designed for personal safety so let's say you're walking home at night and it stars. -- -- your parking garage are trying to get your car something like that. -- do not necessarily going to call 911 if you just feel a little uneasy so. This -- is designed to give you this kind of a passive connection to police whenever you just feel unsafe. So it's pretty simple to use he just. -- pull it up. From two things -- page here -- -- and there's a safe button and all you do is you just hold your finger down on your screen on the safe buttons. Until you get to a safe location a home you let go and you have ten seconds interior pre designated -- -- already entered. And nothing happens the let's say something does happen and emergency. You don't enter your pen you can slip the phone in your pocket something really bad happens you can just drop your phone. The police get notified and then our -- call center gets notified and we can give -- your location and a live update to the police so they can come here. That's amazing and help -- out. Seeing that the ten seconds -- you can obviously do it again if you feel -- think everything's fine -- and then -- again yeah definitely can use it anytime minutes available all over the US soon you're actually a college student yes yes and -- university and was there. Are -- that video and and what what -- -- -- inspired. To do this and these -- college. I had a lot of friends tell me are actually it would just watch them word they would tell stories about coming home at night where they would call their friends on their phone. They would feel unsafe in just talk to their friends. Com which kind of makes sense but in a real emergency you can't like shout -- your location to your friend if something's happening. -- so we were just playing with this idea and we designed a quick. Just little mock up and people tunes like -- liked it so we just kept going with it and now I'm here so. Well and it automatically dials -- won't yet automatically dials 911 and it's it's kind of -- How a home security system won't work now so now we have a pulse senator that the information goes to they can -- through the emergency and send whatever information is necessary right to the police in your area and like you said -- -- so even after the -- somebody could. Yeah definitely I'm not -- plan over time as more and more people -- -- track we can. Look at cities as a whole and see where people are feeling unsafe and in the cities can go to those areas and make improvements that. What saved they can add more lights your street or change police routing and things like that so it has a community aspects to it that's really cool -- Mom so -- download it -- go listen you can go to the App -- it's available on IOS or android. And that's that's as easy as it is it's really simple -- -- putting your name your number you choose your parent and you can uses for -- late night -- there is yet safe track -- -- again and to have those location services turned off right and yet -- any -- -- -- Yet elegant enough competent and ended -- That -- so much for joining us. Thank you down below you could -- a great idea thank you thank you it's me or is everyone just getting smarter and better ideas and I feel -- vulnerable everyone has always been listening. Just gone out to that path and it is -- since it is that I -- -- the press play that we did not have food and I was we definitely area here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Martin hands right nice to meet these needs an outstanding keeping -- from tasting table plans what would say hey we got here. Our -- so because there's so many -- that are off limits during passover. Some traditional dishes get in the same way everything williams' yes so at TC table -- -- mix it up a little bit and I'm excited to see that's what we have. I am so happy to do this because of my soon to be husband is Jewish and I'm not -- -- still learning ways immediately that that makes sense I can bring a little twist things that I couldn't pass up -- So let's check absolutely vicious -- right over here. This is not Sonja which there's a mashup that's exactly what it sounds like -- lasagna. I don't like to tell what happened here. So because not of course and awful and it's the layers are made out of -- we -- have been first soaked in chicken stock to make -- tender flavorful. And the feeling of -- above ground -- and and eggplant with flavors of time and even though there is -- -- that's amazing salon stroke -- he knows ginger. Denise is another machines that knows -- notably -- you. Denise you wanna that you are didn't win here -- another question we got there on the -- if you look at us off -- -- -- fossil. Still -- -- -- need a soft because there are so many flavored -- and erratic sit on top at a nice crunch some Denise to me it tastes like. Thanksgiving. Channel they're really does really -- -- in Canada but Epstein -- like us nothing exactly. Lieutenant -- and I'm very happy with that -- -- this Lesotho thing I would end and this is Denise has been in the we -- -- -- -- and OK guys who. Who won't even -- here is brisket and instead of being -- and -- traditional flavors. This is great but chilly and don't be afraid to -- -- -- well I think it's gonna fall out -- -- yeah. -- -- What do you think like yeah I -- its -- but it can't happen and I think. -- -- -- -- Not too spicy in terms of heat but they're smoking as from -- -- publishers and not have Vega and Diego thank god -- About Anna -- And that pickled onions on -- give -- -- -- -- -- -- -- threats of Lincoln in that little little -- of the twists and it exaggerate this is looking very exciting season chains. I Seth Reiss an out of we've had to -- favorite let's jump to the sweetness that we have some Horrow sent. Which is of course -- symbolic items on the passover table meant to represent the mortar used to make bricks back in the days. But -- -- a try it's made out of Apple's. -- this cooked and some wine. And it's served on two. Some amendment -- benefits and so instead of -- being on the regular -- themselves. It's mixed with some common -- and some awesome meals so it's -- -- corporate cookie. My animals has like that -- and an Internet survey exactly some nights -- -- -- -- and that's what -- fear that. All right lastly lastly we have some managed -- senator -- and no passover table is complete without bottle of Minnesota's had its Concord grape. Why -- -- that's honestly your side but it makes it a really great foundation for some Grenada. And it's been flavored with some star and as some minutes -- remnants. Well. To do this throughout the meal you can do this throughout the milk definitely did he's -- This is a great okay well I'm in I'm -- on paso that this is let's and it can actually like this scrape up stuff you -- -- -- all the birth labor through all the world are still. Sticking to the rules and the traditions. And you've got a lot more recipes right that's right I'm gonna find out about these and more on tasting table lacked confidence. Robert Tyler tonight he guy's got an email lingo and and -- newsletter that's -- yeah. I get more information I'm going to need to sign up for it definitely. That and I think this happened they resident Stephanie and I think my absence maybe we'll check and -- -- from the -- -- -- -- -- -- you don't think you all for being here and -- -- -- -- Right here and of course the victim -- thinking thanks -- he.

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{"duration":"11:41","description":"Ginger and Gio talk to the University of Missouri students who invented the Safe Trek app.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23316420","title":"GMA LIVE! (4.14.14)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-41414-23316420"}