GMA LIVE! (4.16.14)

Ginger Zee and Sara Haines get today's news from GMA's "Kid Korrespondent."
11:55 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.16.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at GNA. I always ignored CNN -- say the giants seven a favorite moments from this morning Sara -- here and favorite moments being your wedding tips and an a lot of Bobble head -- of myself. And that is Mac's gonna like that on himself police say even out of his comfort zone shooting ending night I wrote him -- -- he has not yet -- you're all over it. I mean all over all over it might have been a Mac segment it's so important though because he's such a depressing -- kids were great and I have to say -- like I think people watching this. Don't always realize we're really hitting on budget. We're really talking about budget -- yes and that's why we know that there are other options but totally and I think the biggest thing they keep getting feedback on -- people are like you know what your special day. I think the important message here she picked the places your guns and senior prior to -- -- the couple and -- -- -- kind of cut corners and that the emphasis is where we cutting pray you don't have to cut in one place or not have a great friend you've had some very nice I appreciated that some of them from Francesco. And -- -- and Atlanta -- like that's totally offended that Elena but -- another thing that I realizes that the music. It's it's been that kind of -- people with the problem we have yet and that we are getting married with which -- sold platter indicated I think and I Jersey -- but. But. -- we're not but we would. The thing is I -- -- your music choices we could have a party together I think we'd be better off together do you live on the -- -- and I think I mean hello. Yeah now I did say that a little we have gotten some funny to leave until whenever we shoot together we make the point of feeding need Chad Clarendon holding hand -- getting that contribute to the confusion -- -- tune in again yeah. To see what happens which we do have more coming up on Friday we've -- -- -- of lots of fun there we do have breakfast still. And at BK thinking for bringing to brides to be big plates of car. Yeah. Creating an address did you not. You know you know what thomas' English muffins also Hampshire has -- choices they shared some of their products with us they're limited this in line with the servant of seasonally inspired flavors that does does not then you -- that cinnamon isn't it cinnamon. I love it so yes the -- English muffins are only a 150 calories. Yet that only take part of your workout to -- -- on -- if you're not calling ginger and you can do it immediately after a workout videos -- -- an area. That's tonight nighttime entertainment is watching Jersey did today -- -- -- them cheaper and 150 calories in the first two minutes -- it's it's been great -- little party a blast -- is what I did yesterday. As we do hasn't had a -- that spot here come on up here let let's try. Take come out here to make money they got money for English muffin what can you Chris -- -- -- found it to you don't want it will I. Chicago last night and that happened after five yeah yeah yeah come get you the -- you -- you -- have a single -- Like -- hold that threatens the very cool yeah. Because this is how I do if I can't eat what I am not a lot of young people during the trip. From this group through Syrian prisons but so let's examine -- eating dinner and firm and when you competing. How what do you compete and playing -- -- room. -- -- -- me -- -- A hundred meter run your -- and it really a flat out and that's -- that's coming metals you can penalize people. Got a letter. Psychiatry and estimates it will leave -- -- right here. Transient and still thinking I young and -- now we don't get a that we don't give -- what else says hello again but I. Carolina. Passing on them -- and changes in an eight it's not. Just for show me how -- Yes and you guys we got angry and mark your calendars we now know win the magic -- sequel will hit heaters but for children -- -- so it's funny that with five kids surrounding regular. -- -- -- Go big -- -- -- this is magic Mike and -- -- will premiere on July 3 next year just over one year away so it gives you something to really look forward to -- me -- Damon. -- is expected to be back including star Channing Tatum -- just hot. It was writing the script. Back in February posted this photo when he started writing a movie and yes that is a bust of us. I'm Coast -- Matthew McConaughey on his -- as a whole is yes. It inspires him to write bigger better and Texas. Going -- -- and aren't going home I have exact bust up my guess that's funny while it and so happy that there is here and not America's this could get this could get bad here speaking about drafting -- will we've got -- actually cool video was no way they're injured in the barrel using debt. Rusting engine supplier is way across a frozen lakes and here -- in Switzerland only -- utilizing that technology. Was developed by -- science. -- -- -- -- -- -- fifty miles per hour. -- -- -- Yes like taking hair dryer propelling yourself on how to care if my -- if he had eaten too many -- figure that would not move. -- isn't picking it makes your health system wow testy and could give us a glimpse of the future of action sport would you try. Of course the court didn't immediately threatened that that is that is but Dan Harris I says about me tonight and I think -- -- of adventure and yeah. And I'll hopefully it could be is and other stores to may -- skiing -- prepared writing something and -- -- put a -- up. -- after all the tests they are going to start manufacturing the jet thrusters they -- -- retail value. Between five and 101000 that's Kennedy's beneath not exactly stocking -- that's going to be the one I spend at my wedding I'm gonna say you know what then. We're -- also have these jet thrusters. Yeah -- and it didn't like blacks do yeah let's look at look at. Noting that other getting to their reception -- -- An entrance. Take yeah and honest we're looking at that cool things kids will be playing with in the future we should take the -- show you. The younger generation that technology Dayne missed out on -- check out the latest installment. And a hilarious segment produced by the -- Brothers for their YouTube channel that we absolutely love. They take obsolete consumer items and present -- kids and their reactions besides being adorable. Also make it feel the need for adults isn't isn't the holds the walkman. Do you know would that is used more work. Hands -- gene Blum. Land yeah this land. Like school children and tricky part Mary. It actually is a device that plays music at. Some Google music and -- here radio and AM FM. Stop playing OK. The pound. -- it's hitting. That doesn't feel they -- kids. The teaching kids the -- technology of yesteryear but it's much more fun. For kids to teach us so we want to welcome my next guest is here to give us -- -- online and how the NBA playoff picture shaping up. And he didn't mean a lot -- -- Confident. -- -- -- -- -- Say that I got it right -- say that senior from Woodbridge New Jersey we -- very quickly before and then it take a guest just look at that tape that great -- You're going to be -- -- -- this patch of -- out yet how old are you tend I'm teen gets ten -- -- not even mom and I -- he just. -- -- all of take desolate for the plane the day. But again this is you yet Sally. Healthways well we're doing I have to do and I am -- this -- nothing about me -- sports I'm terrible -- the west. I'm sorry I'm getting it doesn't have to learn people across talk this tough especially when you're telling your doesn't know anything about the subject -- could learn a thing or two you guessed it. Parents so you lessons and -- predictions for the NBA playoffs. Well in -- then there was just that -- -- powerful 182 on. Need -- defending champs. And is still there on out pentagon -- then issues and mold is sound -- -- that collateralized. They're -- strong teens -- not a play. And mail then but won't have to not a fan because any team -- not a fan -- they don't well here on the wrong track. Which player would you like to most -- if you had the chance. -- mindful me why he's my favorite plan on -- -- team much. What's your take ME MVP. -- during. Why we like to -- -- Me because -- he he had he been waiting for an ace award for a really long time and he then had -- -- playing great sense. What began as Slovenia is in great feature of an independent review would you like makes me angry about and that they. Who won an -- Nixon and his mom that -- -- that was Craig death rain you can pick and obviously it. So what do you think Phil Jackson take in front office. I think it's really good that it's happening because. Like he got -- came to send the old man on the next -- He's a great coach he knows haven't -- some who didn't. Contingent while right he's a lot of time talking to -- -- he had his freshman season. And then it helps to -- despite that just talking about it pageant like take and take training method acting yes. -- our problem I don't know but that's 5% I did it again but not mean that got nothing in this case I can tell. Well Andrea that and also teaches US -- doesn't see you wanna do this for letting yeah yeah yeah calls where it's not just -- Now yeah we of one of those voices like ten. Anything like that give us get -- can't get in you doing Atlanta she's really quick. -- act out of -- to make up. Me you can see anything in Kenya. You want -- to -- McLean -- -- they got -- and town and yeah. The current governor with a rash of bad and joining didn't play the day Cher duet and taking it. He's at a rate they're upset right there. -- We banners demanding massive wind mini U aspirin doesn't come I'm the massing its mini golf and even video games -- -- -- -- the bought transporting in the -- Have pushed no one out shot king here. Saturn are all winners in -- look. Yeah. Influencing me and his feeling that you know wouldn't continue was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have -- -- in -- -- and no that was gone too far do you -- Lokhmanian notebook. I'm -- -- from the eighties non. In the olden days OK. Hey dad I'm -- -- that pain is so much for having a field and they're getting and it's absolutely. Yeah. -- yes yeah. You can wave it off with bastions. -- that lets say good -- everyone and then he's not. -- -- -- Yeah. And -- Where did you -- interest.

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