GMA LIVE! (4.8.14)

Gio and Ginger chat with Saturday morning Vine dad Tony Serafini about raising his wild kids.
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.8.14)
Ready for some GMA live and it all starts now live backstage at DNA. How it felt like regularly fact. Only dreaming that really gets out of my mom errands image alive this is steel beneath -- and O'Neill are watching him -- where all day every day -- top on our favorite moments from this morning. Buckle -- behind the scenes. -- -- locker room talk at the end. And of course spent a couple of extras that Bethel wouldn't. -- saying we have smashed burger that's where you're not seeing on here. The classic crichton yeah this one as the New York -- it is conceivable. That the New York -- green beans and -- normally I don't know me and I'm -- it. Until I'm not -- new Yorker he had an affair and then at that -- right up here for thanked his massive Manhattan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Abnormal know and I was so excited when I -- arms aren't great thing you can even -- -- you know fire your final four activity. Gary here -- strategy mind. We did sat on television but how does end up doing now what's with the -- -- While I didn't get clearly getting get up a perfect record I don't know if we can. See it out there. Bomb and in the Florida he was off right now everything is just totally off but you know it it did make the final -- -- was close you know that's up. -- are really -- with the with and whenever familial regularly you know we'll I don't know I don't know I just pick the teams that we're supposed to would help. And then all the underdogs -- They -- Got it I went with the I had told ESPN as if he and you came to interview us and I told them that just go by the height of the Sox. Of the players of -- that they dearly and help I didn't even take it -- it but it I didn't that's the way I would do it. And some beyond smash very -- got a lot going on right that's right half Baxter has yes. We have that he and his family here they have a lot of fun for some adorable rescue dogs but they -- got a few tricks up their -- -- home alone. They like to play a game of who can jump the farthest. Just go look at him go the -- we have video there. -- -- -- -- You'd freak out -- voters that that no. If -- -- move that -- At Minnesota eating -- -- the flu. Willis Stanley actually has eight rescue dogs fight fire pit bulls to Greyhound wonderful carrier. And one way and and they are all this morning's that's the. It's like a group of boys baby -- And whenever -- baby -- -- -- thinking that the kids that's what they look like to and he was just jumping all over the place I had no idea how to bring all land. Can't wait to have kids that's what we're talking about behind the -- in all Bob -- and they know about pregnancy every veteran guys have he's got -- dogs they -- then. Yeah. That -- I think that haven't laughed at got a very lazy Dudley -- -- moves more than two steps some pretty impressed for the. What should we deal maybe the plan that. Get them in a day and there are a so in do you love social media give everything he knows I'm there and that's probably why we're sitting here added it to sell this next guest Tony -- any better known as bottle rocket on vine has taken into that mobile -- to document. The reality. Of a four and a seven year old. They -- in there. Now -- gotten more than 300000. Followers in this nine dead clips. Six hilarious assailants -- everybody knows -- at six seconds than all -- -- very funny of his kids craziness -- he does that every Saturday morning. Get in here with us today announced that this morning. Along with his two little ones Little -- hit the video around a bit. Good morning rocket -- link. Yeah. How I say it's not so tell us how well I mean I love mine I think it is such an a brilliant things he is because you only get them to sections. This -- think -- yeah. Well how did you what why do you choose buying and anywhere -- get the ideas. And. -- weeks and Bryant. The Sonics in Iraq by February. -- OK he's it found president doesn't. And we just don't think if he feels together they both noted. -- my oldest one takes action very well in. She loses and. Cooler and weren't much. -- little moisture mixed. Yes it must have put the puck but I imagine that is not the one in the front of the trip that TC is. Are -- not know what exactly a video that. Kenya and and did they know when you're taking a blind. Com your speech now doubt that it's not quite frankly the lawsuits thing -- -- its front IMAP pop. -- -- I restarted a little bit but what -- what do you think the girls will think when they grow up a -- best. Aaron Tuttle Phillies. Knowing they bad. They're good memories. Is great memories and we hope you make many -- may be even an evening you can see him all the way up as they got the -- have to wait. Thank you that's nice for being with us and thank you keep fills my -- -- more than 300000. And counting where we find you again. But we're -- if. -- -- -- Man up do you mind mom -- I haven't done things haven't do you do it I'll I love it it is self -- you can do six seconds of I don't know I think in -- too long and sometimes because you. On the computers who were fifteen seconds -- tensions that have gone up I actually have a special guest. Here today and and I want to -- and a special next. They have a special -- -- -- -- early the susteren Chris Larry that was -- thousand that was confusing. But not. Look okay come and then we went admits that most confusing -- -- become permanent. I want to bring you up here Tommy name. And plant Claire where you found -- Now we know -- the special guest says. Parent and you know someone that I know pretty well. -- and we know someone in common. What where did you go to school -- would you go to school. -- -- mosquitoes trapped for a middle school -- you know the record public schools that's right up. I love your orange and black -- -- my school district -- that really got it for another you're coming today. Let's ended. No way it. Did you enjoy the sense that -- Is Geovany -- not the best Jimmy lines and -- you've ever seen. -- think this -- -- coming to visit -- and thank you for being gets we should invite -- more often that bring gets you thinking that. I hope I definitely impacts -- way. Come -- you know you can hold -- with us. -- -- And that's there. -- this is so cool into the back a bit. -- -- -- -- playing long time that any moment. Yeah. And they love it think he -- Again -- against bringing -- would be totally and -- -- I think declare we're gonna go get some really cool nailed them in the -- you have so you can see it looks like. Whereabouts do 3-D else we think that. Think all right and let's go -- trying to learn some more thanks again perhaps -- -- -- you -- -- you -- here yeah. -- -- -- How are you so let's -- tomorrow forward. Xanax. Desmarais and that's -- CEO and we have also Sarah able right here right here on niceties you. -- got greedy you know we -- our -- This is really cool look at got to get in here because obviously it didn't know the deal ended but -- Sally you've got 3-D yeah. It. Okay nail art to a whole new level and he really does how are they -- what are we look at. -- we're looking ahead a couple different Nelson printed in different kinds of materials we've Nelson are printed in nylon and medalist while also these are printed in brass and those -- in stainless steel. How -- -- -- are made of nylon. Oh my goodness if you mean you can see the little details -- run across -- how they feel. Yes I feel good -- to do it. It seems like me art is placing girls all the time and it changes and the color -- this but this really takes -- to a new -- to celebrities and they get into. I'm we'd hoped to yeah WW above that yeah. We think they're really. A really unique products for anyone really you can -- them that. Very cold day you -- -- for a night out -- piece of jewelry. On they come in a variety of colors and sizes and lanes so. We've -- them on our own you can text and -- you can you can go about -- Damon said they're really for anybody him. I hope people like them. That's how the one over there with the Lawrence that is is still extensive detail what that he does so very close and we have some that we can track down. -- you know. Please do tell me how black female parliament the -- -- right now we have gone we're using double sided tape to -- so excellently you can apply them as -- press on. So we can hopefully this will Wear -- my -- are very. -- -- -- -- And GL AM -- an -- -- and yet -- -- yeah. You know I had a long it comes out she yeah but he's more of our costing me downs came at their -- sedans are absolutely going to the new season tonight and in an interview any of these -- you -- -- a combination. -- me right. -- of the -- nearly. It's the kind of like 3-D printing it is thirty print only so yes so it's it's a form about it at manufacturing where basically and whatever material printing in middle laid down a -- material and just. With uses a laser to Harden a powder and then it just builds up from -- to make it three -- a lot how long does it take. -- -- It depends on that -- you can print. Southern -- and a couple of hours outside our outside our innocent five. -- so but we do get our -- outsourced -- -- really dot com so they do all the printing and shipping. The -- and -- -- people get eats you confined room at our right now we're selling them through our -- shop so shape -- dot com slash -- so -- actually think girls who. -- we -- them they started thirty dollars and up toward the metal ones cost more than the night on -- -- at a time. Thank you so much I was -- and a -- sometimes Obama and he never -- SNL made us. Doesn't that figure -- old yeah. We'll I think that that's I think you so much girls may have been handed Ottawa its economy. I have -- thank you all for joining us here and yeah. Teach your Procter and isn't letting -- yeah. Yeah.

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{"id":23235997,"title":"GMA LIVE! (4.8.14)","duration":"3:00","description":"Gio and Ginger chat with Saturday morning Vine dad Tony Serafini about raising his wild kids.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-4814-23235997","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}