GMA LIVE! (5.30.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
8:42 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.30.14)
Behind the hidden cast just waited overnight. That he's on his way to San Jose to give away money tomorrow so I'm on the right after. -- -- -- -- F five meals a day in genius because you're never hungry. -- -- kind of a active. And yes -- it's contagious to watch yourself here as you see these puppies. Tough work. Okay. Papa on a little -- -- yellow lab. Enjoying a day apart and O'Connor -- You had never ceases to amaze me we will watch baby animals do anything -- sleeve beyond and block out ground. You just that we never attack. Baby animals off and right into the camera to make them happy -- -- if you watch things like visiting. -- -- like this your happiness for the day we've all got a little happiness visited this -- to help unstick. We don't know nothing happy -- opening -- to help -- that we as the top marks thanks for those -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- strong guys. -- -- Video that we're used to block. I'll forgive me. -- you imagine that. -- -- -- -- -- Undoubtedly have serious topics. So this week like here cafeteria. I thought -- you had your first certainty -- -- I don't want. But you -- -- here. And sometimes -- -- -- is right here -- and it. And -- didn't -- commencement speech have been -- man. -- but this morning every stroke at Iowa maharishi university -- management as we didn't. Aren't many great lessons from the dead who taught him -- take a chance on doing what you love he also got some laughs suggesting what might have. The -- numbers to help you out. But you can ask for universal. If it doesn't happen for you right away it's only because the universe is so busy fulfilling my order. -- -- everybody. -- got me again from my job right the right thing I'd like all. -- -- -- -- -- -- Issuers waiting hands -- -- -- waved their hands to make sure that her just does not have a plant because there's always someone taking -- picture of them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- alerted hands and I don't. I usually happens in my joint I rocks in the control room doesn't really good at. -- version of that aboriginal. How rob Bartlett can't pay for -- He doesn't -- us by phone and television news -- subtly -- -- Brad had a full hour. It's not a -- -- -- -- The world's terrorists we turn -- -- -- That's hard and I can imagine you in the -- in your bathroom your practicing that. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. And finally the star of the show at a College Baseball -- -- -- North Carolina wasn't -- players. This lady from her name. -- -- -- The dog -- taken -- Job that boys who run down picks up the backing him and turned them back been dug out making sure there's no blaming game and this one's from big name you. You make -- -- last year she needed more training now she is at the top of -- -- -- smooth glow blue this guarantee didn't care. And yeah. Thank you -- We need to get to ginger for a final check out of the weather paving and isn't this fascinating and it's a mile gosh yeah. This is cool because this is our first Google+ thank you talk. Who left just happened there in Arkansas I don't think that's -- I look at -- and I think it's gonna pop up on the screen can we wrote it. Maybe Kevin Magee just turn it around there I didn't quite hear the duration of the. -- -- here seven pesos or nearly -- on the idea that lives here. Hey cat and visited -- -- -- hang out like that development and a fourth place I think for some people it's it's but it's very easy. That's right because what's what's cool is that we're able to have a conversation back to -- Kevin is he's he's graduating in a year -- that's -- for some advice and some TV general graduating from college from college. Yeah like you did you don't blasted out on. Story can -- I have -- Now that's crazy they look like in -- and everyone -- not writing -- and there's there's quite a few people on here right now so Russell I'll talk to them. Sale and that conversation -- individually -- Happening at -- -- they can happen individually or we can broadcast that everybody's that every go to do broadcasting. Everybody. Okay -- -- everybody's waiting it is they not only. Yeah. And then -- tomorrow over here. Scandal -- -- and there's yellow envelope and it added that her. I'm very cool haven't my advice do you enjoy your last year of school. Right and you think about -- life but didn't expect. So when my producers wanted to put -- a picture of my dog out his name is brevity. But he might not think -- -- -- name I think -- -- Sydney graves. Rich it its okay what's weird -- -- up from just -- You have to superpower I guess is that I I think that's superpower something we just figured it out -- -- -- are angry -- hundreds. -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of I don't know much. No extra. Good morning there. -- America. Our. Well -- -- opened my high school football star who have overcome incredible just to be on the field but stick them. Now the of about about this video. -- you'd never know it. -- flying in the air and dollar did joins us now to tell us a story -- And finally you. Never heard of Konrad Becker but his dad is really happy he made the decision to drive all the way from the Indiana Iowa. To watch his son played baseball over the weekend because. When Conrad got the places he did nothing he's never done before in the midwest fleet he had a home run but against -- -- Did you see it -- guessing -- yeah that's dad. A lifetime. That is so fantastic and I -- I did what I really what a great farm yeah. But I already caught that ball and I am not a my son yes Conrad says -- -- -- have -- everything now you know.

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