GMA LIVE! (6.11.14)

Rick Schwartz from the San Diego Zoo stops by with some animals.
16:37 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.11.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. Hey good morning welcome to PM -- line so slowly you've got a lot of. I have had fun on him in Philadelphia affiliate contingency when she's on -- an. And infants so much for so many fear. Well you. And I -- But -- this is illustrated my last day and a colleague and we'll be here down tomorrow and ends Friday and he's awesome -- he already told me -- emailed me yesterday -- of I can't believe I have to follows -- police he killed possibly talk talk talk talk. Fifteen you know he didn't play until you break it I'm just a warm up back he's been -- -- that's happened at the consulate employees -- not on others Turkey I love. Turkey because tomorrow is national jerky day tomorrow will be celebrating the wonderful world -- -- with a selection of flavors here. This is actually there's nothing wrong with any other -- but this really is my favorite friend al-Qaeda have that you you kind of have to get -- like these boutique shops you can write a gas stations that he had to Atlanta usually -- -- -- like super predator and what I like best is that they brought it to us for free today at the. -- -- so and it's it's nitrate free. So it's actually very healthy no I didn't and -- got all sorts of lead that turning the -- -- big -- citrus and lemon garlic and -- is black cherry barbecue grill sweet teriyaki and eat chili -- garlic. Scott chili pepper and sweet -- hope today will hold but -- -- on the released by said he really but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most -- they weren't what do we do you even know you didn't. Get hurt your teeth it's not right frightening and -- -- -- from gas stations a button. I. No I don't think he wants to be careful. I think there if there's -- -- is are you alert. Any thing. They aren't enough of the -- at -- if you go -- the all right my thanks and there's one more -- you're getting -- today. Yeah. I -- I -- -- -- -- -- By the way these are -- -- -- -- -- Merrill. TJ just starting day one right away. You have an evidence voted yes it is welcome together they bring Islam and oh yeah. And I didn't night. -- excellent all right let's. Let's get some puppets personal or we're going from beef jerky to be okay because I'm fat not in my daughter you -- -- boulder -- say. Hope all new look presenting his new do you want instant Graham. When -- met with a captain blackbeard is born now the normally bull headed star is set the -- black beard. In an upcoming Peter Pan film along right Amanda Seyfried and Rooney Mara the panel is due in cinemas in July. Next year and so you know I think -- -- haven't looked at our our rights but. Practically knocked out -- all day how they'll talk like your way to seize I mean Peter Pan -- like yeah disagree but I do not like he'll lock button and hair -- back. That's okay but it's going to be interesting to see this Peter Pan because there is did you -- once upon a time yes. -- is it that Peter Pan has like over a really evil -- -- yeah. They love the single -- of black -- and actually good guy. I don't know his actions and we'll get anything -- -- you know Iraq as far as I'm concerned. -- we've got more pop news extra extra. Big news for avatar fans this morning Sigourney Weaver is confirmed to return for the next three Cigna and if you're scratching your head thinking but then her character guy in the first -- -- -- -- -- Director James Cameron says Weaver will in fact return as -- as a -- character who he says it's quote different and in many ways more challenging and he had yet untitled sequels will be -- back to back with the first due out in cinemas. In December 26 team that's -- and Sigourney Weaver I never years ago. -- Virginia and she's. The officer wasn't -- he's doing what could accept Africa didn't know make eye and still completely beautiful -- less than -- -- -- -- think. Some of time also -- head of the day isn't a lot of our favorite and it's not her cut in half and go to -- Harry. And edited it kind of a bad dog fighting not check out -- he's an American Bulldog. And in this video she's being confronted by her owner -- Austin after she was caught ripping up petition. None of the north -- angle makes. -- -- -- -- A moment. -- -- -- yeah. And I landed here do you need to -- business -- explain this. Com and was getting pretty annoyed. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah. -- -- now. Home may have you had a net and more the the ninetieth in the morning affect -- at our -- about a bonus pet of the day. This next clip also shows the dogs. Not doing well what do you love doing Dexter here he's he's 200 some -- but he's not exactly getting done in. Yes and it doesn't -- That -- can't seem to get him moving they did -- wondering why it's. In the tech a third hand hurt this team. It doesn't matter because at least he's making a little bit of effort yeah handing out of letting me -- you know would write I write her at a pretty good but I don't post failed to do it. Cannot work in that is also Duncan never enough thought it went -- -- -- -- All right we got lots of animals here because we want to have one of our good friends there Rick Schwartz come -- At all and I. -- -- -- Good morning good morning -- they're -- and young kids occupying since world business resiliency in the safari park. We all animals goes to Rome -- -- -- guessing those guys either. An important time for we are here or -- after. Phyllis I have this will I am we have Pokemon there Pokemon. Were negative is his only form -- Sold -- -- species goes crested porcupine gets full size you're talking about forty to fifty -- It's the very large -- -- -- had to deal with lions -- so these -- on the back because he's perfectly honest you don't dress and beautiful. Those who have wonderful drunken game is big runs a pencil and upwards of six or seven into the wrong. -- to touch him yeah probably don't. -- yeah. Its instinctual concede this -- be closer modified here's of -- -- quilts so you can't touch this low tech solar sector of almost one. With a modified here they brought Paula right paradise but they're really hard. And so when anyone defend themselves if something touches these longer wields his seat you'll actually jump backwards enforce their body that. So usually you want to be careful SARS pamphlets go and where these guys fountain while these are found an African thank all the -- socially engineer founded Africa's last -- in the group is a very very cool laugh and but I want to move on an excellent for getting my life are -- guys. The segment here. Title -- I unequivocally is that important find his accuser when you feel that is actually admit they cannot see their quills they they'll ram their body backwards again Q -- you can lock in rates. They're you ran her body backwards into their prey item for the -- into the predator excuse me. And that will then forced to close into the face that animal and therefore then. A female inmates. These two they got -- only 82 -- well you know this guy -- -- -- well -- the -- here is mark throughout the. I don't mind the. Yes he's here on my loyalties is waiting for music that him yes definitely put a ring on the backside -- -- I don't alas it cost plus tomorrow slog through Vietnam cuddle you wanna come on line and enough now let's because you don't like the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there -- Age don't settle down just -- and if you've had a right between his eyes on the job with Atlanta go to sleep. Really get off to -- -- authority. We see that we'll are now actually -- Qaeda in. Yeah maybe -- it. Thought it was some forcefully and it. Maybe not you don't like LA care to put -- -- cameras and ally -- the monitor lizards are. Actually directly related to the Comodo dragon and -- what dragons course known for their their somewhat venomous and bacteria filled by these guys have a dirty bacterial mouth Jewish can help with the till they're praying for the most part they're gonna seek out their -- in this. You -- or take a big -- -- that when these are giving it. Other reptiles amphibians birds bugs and things like that similar racist snakes they are pulled slugger echo from entering their rely on outside temperature -- regularly there is -- Different this excel they have -- they can blame. They have ear canal -- here. But similar Tuesday extended the time comes in and out hope listeners -- perception of smell so -- very interesting animals very prehistoric been around for very long time. -- feces found in Africa also is well but -- if you come -- out for himself and this guy actually -- the second you'll have a bigger though gift to big about five feet five and a half four Bronson is almost there. And it. I don't ironically enough his story was he was taken out of the wild illegally. Someone -- to be part of the pet trade decisions are popular in the pat know by you what's known only guiding us how to confiscated by the government eventually ended up under our care supervision. Unfortunately they're Britney did very well in. In America people have made the -- world in the -- the mentally for the pet trade. They don't have to take a while took another wells -- unfortunate things illegal pet trade people on educating sells it really damages the wildlife. Army you know there's an old guy over here. We'll work our working up to the faster animals of Africa. The peregrine falcon here can be -- -- all. -- Back to -- -- all throughout the world every continent except Antarctica because penguins coming up both. The realist and I'll beautiful -- -- can be found right here in the United States in fact right here in New York but they're also -- -- Africa. No one for their speed they can get up into a stupor a tough. And Easley hit 200 miles an hour wow you can imagine sticking your head up the win over -- 5560 miles that's a lot of when your face. Everything about the structure there had helps bring that -- around the body. Protect CI has so they can still keep your eyes open on their -- And if you look at the nostrils or conceal those who voted for that helps break up three years ago because -- two miles an hour your nostrils would explode your lungs and nasal hopes they can breathe just fine even though they're forcing all that earned their -- so very very impressive cutters. Our -- a story he was con Los -- -- broken wing. Most likely living in the cliff sides in the city as they do concede when humans were around to build buildings that's where they -- -- -- sides now if they nest and buildings. Unfortunately he couldn't be be released because of his injuries but he's a curriculum masterful. -- and they see their -- -- is in their eyes and is. The note thanks -- Run out of their primary thing is our eyes a flat higher altitude and other birds bill seals birds flying below the minutes from the -- on -- -- and when they first make that initial hit. They do not actually. Grabbed the trainer moment that -- stones -- praise has traced the source of public now they'll circle around in the either -- the France's tumbling -- -- on the ground and have a fair and using very impressive and we have very powerful very fast. And were -- that. Love -- -- that are -- and have been present ever LA figure fast and it. You've got -- -- fastest land animal house where I'm from right out here we're told him not make any sudden movements -- around and happens god and wow. So let's look a little -- -- Citizens who frequently -- hasn't got ready to -- What I'm gonna get while stay on the -- -- OK I don't know I got no problem when massively. We have quite a team of people here because this is very exceptional -- lot of work to get me achieving here in studio. Charlie is an exception I want people -- definitely understand all the other -- -- -- -- do not think good has had a team of people here to have this happen right. Shyly is a three year old -- -- his partner in crime here is yet even the Anatolian shepherd. And this team is very important in general. She does -- with -- long confrontational meaning that if in the wild they were come across a lion leopard -- -- you know they're gonna go the other way their body is all about speed not about attacking and infighting. In fact -- when they get their -- The speed they're using it to their advantage is that they trip they're afraid the -- of the -- tumbled and then they'll go for the -- they don't tackle like the -- half half past command upwards of seventy miles an hour wanna get this you know I know -- -- -- the working out exercise -- golfer write imagine imagine as you start your sprint on your third step majority of sixty miles an -- now. That's the -- Very look at the facts tonight. -- like us and all of us -- all about running. Then -- have to hunt during a high -- salute black marks on the -- hope. Prevent a light from reflecting the on hide and that in during the middle of the Dave Lyons and other -- are sleeping taken after -- too hot. That's what these guys know -- it's safe to hunt because after they grabbed afraid have to wait two hours to cool down before they can even start eating. Meanwhile silicon -- that food so again non confrontational means than. It's it's questionable if they're not gonna go -- -- the studio lights and camera people everywhere employs scanning of carry that is look in and look he's looking at does that say to women are rubbing her right where they grow with the dog the we can bring a domestic dog and they're like oh you -- you get these common. How hobby. And must be OK so we used a dog toward managed to kind of set the tone for everything. That everything is comfortable fines of south of the -- -- all -- getting anywhere -- goes. You know that it's legal and right now yes I honestly take a somewhat I was additional right here are -- cartoon nobody's right here. We just got this new baby -- big -- he just met on his new dog and this is how we -- this is actually just yesterday at the safari park our sister facility city goes this far apart. Brand new ambassador team working -- together this is how it all starts does this help -- Fontaine. Really big yet they get to bond they get to hang out together in this is how -- cheated inserts a trust that -- dogs and a resident of thousands of years to liking except people. She does have not. So Machida reads a dog's body language coming into an environment like this allows us to educate people about cheetah conservation. City -- -- has partnered with nine other facilities across the nation to work together for breeding -- she just to make -- we have a strong population. We've had over a 140 at our facilities or very proud of that but we want to share our knowledge. And our conservation effort with others and there were others have learned to -- -- so important -- not -- left an idea how -- are there they're critically -- -- this point they have a lot of challenges and it's kind of a funny others had a story having Anatolian -- here. Conservation groups have sponsored they pay for the dog the -- the vet bills everything. In place in Italy shepherds with livestock keepers and Africa where the problems that -- is there is livestock keepers and -- them. Because they fear they'll take their -- And so that's drops the numbers tremendously but when we can pay for a dog to go live with the -- She is being non confrontational kisses all the goats -- big dog never mind and body here. So at no cost for the livestock farmers -- replacing -- -- them. And that protects you is that they no longer feel threatened by that she has that option look how cold has right now man's best friend and Piacenza. Exactly fascinating Rick always a pleasure to -- -- -- already -- Of the best leaders by the way -- -- -- -- handle a lot of people Rick yeah zoo -- Rick I'm always really are an animal facts and Eileen and said he does you also have a Twitter handle -- of our other facilities that we work with so -- is a big thing for conservation animal care really appreciate that while some rain. Thanks for joining us not -- -- audience. Thanks and we'll see you tomorrow on GMA live probably. We'll -- provides.

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