'GMA LIVE!' (6.16.14)

New spins on classic ice cream flavors from Pamela Wiznitzer.
14:40 | 06/16/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (6.16.14)
Ready for some GMA live -- it all starts now. -- -- -- -- Like this one better we're getting our World Cup there you go you know which country. It's better -- -- That's not a good England I read my entree of New York City let me. If it doesn't. First -- I think -- -- do you live where we have more do you hate -- all the -- We have more of everything here we want your -- he ebony -- who's behind this beautiful. And eight -- screens. And a -- They didn't need debut here and you realize that's -- -- parents you know -- hang an impediment. I -- in the taxi and a variety like those -- should I start wearing that. -- everywhere is a diplomatic Matt Lepsis. If people ask if that's your real name me all the time you know -- -- Bill Clinton last week at a fund raiser. That SS Central Park Zoo for the Wildlife Conservation Society. And you all the things we could talk about accidentally checked the real last name -- -- the weather. I think incidents are mr. freeze my father Alan Segel license -- -- through through. I had to change did -- -- up up up up with a mission in your direction was chosen for you yes. Yeah I was laid I didn't grow up wanting to be -- -- on that be a veterinarian but eventually. My destiny pound may end this energy insert deputies found. The past -- comparing him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight states across the country. So happy to be here in New York City but that's the hope diamond to -- right on the upper west side something you -- -- taxi. And I don't -- half an evening. World Cup inspired -- from Spanish -- and to assume that she's very experienced in the house which -- recycled materials the materials -- -- -- got into an easy -- In -- of -- -- program -- -- aren't a lot yeah we're gonna -- that we're gonna do that. Yeah oh yeah -- that we continue to World Cup fever party needs a huge. Football fans football you know your -- when he called a thought if I'm that might claim to soccer fame -- I was the first female. Sideline reporter for Major League soccer and it when they first started they needed a token -- -- that's right. -- -- token -- check and I barely knew the rules every sixteen wickets I sat side. That now I got to know the players in now -- the most amazing thing that made me fall in love with Major League soccer is. Players like Clint Dempsey Clint Dempsey -- the captain of team America US team -- he's our captain and just to see him come through the ranks I was there is first your adolescent. Just what a -- it is for him to be on the world stage like us now ten talent. Actually is like what the position it plain that means that just getting hit so hot. Yeah our. All you know the bottom line is GO nothing nothing in the world compares to a management -- Who can who can not love soccer right -- -- them. We arguably the hottest sport but we have a lot of anticipation -- Epstein USA's first match of the World Cup tonight but all -- the World Cup action has been nonstop. We have noticed that soccer players. Like their sport take their. Parent here -- Some other styles we've seen -- if couple of -- guys are let's take a look at this first picture of a few players front. It's that France Honduras game right in addition we get nasty to Belushi and I think train got it -- -- from France. One out and took a quick hits yeah. Morocco and -- couldn't -- Espinoza of Honduras with a long hair getting heavier though is that long here's on its way out soccer. I don't know that an expert guide highlights that luck tonight and ultimately the government to -- soccer. I think -- -- he's confusing topic now we're seeing a little portrait tonight all of them down I -- you think you can your way how can you see if you're going. How do you expect just -- a court if you can't see you like your -- apparently is that this is caught. I delegate but befriend him. Conference call the pets are at Pixar and speaking -- -- sports coupe which are not soccer or football. Yeah a yeah its -- to -- -- a lot of crazy here is we can scroll up. Let's see. But I got old this line we got some of -- -- to -- achieving that on Hispanic. I'm not about your colors when we excuse me really imaginative color that's not a creative people using the palette to their advantage. And we got a got a couple unique ones from the -- -- -- Italian star Mario voluntarily walk in the Mohawk. You that I can't help but never got that style seriously there again and then we -- -- microphone -- well English star -- sterling with a variation of the photo. Often got there in that Atlanta yes almost all -- producer Brian is that it was more than the -- and -- and yeah. That's. American Larry and I -- he. But I -- here 1010. Yeah so that probably -- Little -- forget you I couldn't pull that off until you actually could I just don't think that sleep at night if -- Children with that would take a lot of machinery and a lot of feeling I don't -- jokingly as. Whatever free sample I get from. I Barbour -- -- -- -- -- my a one of the best friends of -- and so I just say whatever whenever he got them. Accountable to you yeah -- -- what are you agree this excellent what are you jealous. The Bosnian stores next picture yet why don't you read it nickname. That their -- Yeah. Seats BG -- she. -- is rocket like a bit of a pop the door there. A lot of -- lot of -- -- served very in right now but -- did you think the he underlying -- -- rid of those -- now I'm sorry yeah yeah but you guys doing a great job. Bring -- on in home but. -- -- excellent and -- of the biggest our little World Cup Brazilian striker name law. He had his own thing what I want name I guess people really think it's a fair the -- fall where they may. See that's where it's messy and I don't make I don't know if I trust is aimed at this point but tonight we'll -- maybe it's our question for the -- That's -- Citing -- Saudi -- ahead and in that yet again we love world class but let's get on some pop acts right now got interesting prospects of where today feels like. They'll just turn anything into musical yellow -- Had an excellent is no exception there is an open casting Kohl today in Toronto. For -- forward at the musical. There -- -- forward of the nation's. I got quiet grace and Uganda and -- the Toronto mayor is having a musical based on all the tribulations. Playwright -- tag has been working a musical for some time now he likens forwarded to -- modern day. Tragic hero. The musical set to run in September at Toronto's factory theater. From as the pistons to drug and alcohol abuse of course is candid conversations of the media while others. Plenty of material to work an -- An epic Broadway -- you away late night it makes me sadly remember though the fourth. Chris Farley lake -- some -- everything because of the comedy that would have played best I could learn perfect -- the -- -- to a -- and we're bumping into a camera but you. -- They're like. Yeah. I have one timer hit and don't get paid enough to do it like yeah. Naturally. Look right parent grandparent. Did your Broadway -- my life it would be Amy freeze life on thin -- It's. A lifetime movie -- -- and -- I can't. Have a -- -- audience and I -- the morning and it's Ashley's birthday he's -- visiting. The secretary -- Gemma night so really they're two of you right there right now. Look -- -- the Soviets have a -- what happens so if you're Gemma and I have to a little you have it's clearer to you -- and -- Saturday. Parents should I have had I think right now I think are not failing I think so yeah agreed to let you do -- -- it. Our -- our our -- today it's always a good time. -- boat -- -- top especially when -- make new friends like this seal lion who has decided to hitch a ride on the back a vote. -- -- -- You look at our -- diva when they didn't have any food the sea land was out of there. Oh -- mom and -- Me and I am -- here I mean this. I think it's soon -- looking closer look at hundred no more he -- he -- anybody else he's out. Can soundly for the next ride and possibly next. -- I grew up from Miami is you know and as -- the Miami's aquarium. This -- -- and they were the best parts of the. Hopefully it's nothing big companies compared everything tonight yeah yeah Ericsson. The finally around the one extreme they just look adorable when it seemed Rottweiler and things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's even whiskers and a big brown is king and to that I say want to solve my car accident training it's a good yeah expect that the lady that's. Gary. From the death -- handle -- The -- who it is. Good guy to do Andre. Like you don't -- having an ice cream have collecting German there's no matter I. Having an extremely young nanny I don't really popular right now holiday barbecues in the backyard it's getting hot wheel mounted -- York city at least 31 of -- -- -- -- underclass thing I think -- you have to root beer Vanilla soda didn't get a bit more creative okay. If you -- aren't prepared to you guys right now I'd like to talk like a really good classic areas of flavors. So -- series -- chocolate doesn't like that -- as are doing black cherry soda with a dark chocolate suffice it. In a T Vanessa at sea salt on top the suddenly love and meaning. He's ready to -- -- -- sample them a Seattle stood in the room. Apparently being the good -- and also another great idea for a floats is actually taking out -- the -- that you really like. So what I did I took the most classic content they have down didn't need and who would actually heard it but there like Terry just cherry Coke and black cherry -- eat. -- to listen in the personal. -- And habits now and you yeah. I didn't let me be beaten Oklahoma which is a great to -- -- comfortable lead in an October actions we've sent some grapefruit soda and to the land survey and it ran suddenly he's the salt and sugar I'm glad to have -- -- -- -- -- -- and you get in their thinking yeah. He has been really good -- talk I. Yes so it isn't going to be a lot more reports those actually from people who maybe lactose intolerant of deciding how does that really great idea. -- The -- the premise -- yeah. It was this violence in the and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again Nacchio could sell it then it's actually again making cuts they'll -- and not tell the Pina -- wouldn't like an -- frozen -- and a -- in the summertime right. And yet on how does he had been icing here -- you would like -- in the opening round -- again. -- and it makes me it's. Then that's what we're going to actually I didn't privatized so that's a little bit -- 11100 -- out of -- to taste fresh colleges and excellent seats. That this -- because that money. On -- -- the keyed up this is there when you I have been -- the -- bars actually. That you can actually -- on the ice cream then a bit more the -- to get back to that you. Catholic ethnic party. We have a really nice coat and survey here that's when my favorite brands FYI I -- that out yet Jessica and you're you're -- and a plan does not only by his and at these can be dangerous packaging so many of these everyday the -- and -- play while. Ideally Danks didn't and it -- do you think local not concrete -- on to advocate element and -- -- and -- -- gets an entire that. If you want to build without a little bit of both kids when the disability -- every -- to -- is like. Give it to Amy sobering didn't live now here's the fun part sometimes for brunch in the mornings or -- -- have like a little bit of business -- nothing to put you over too much traits that we have definitely be a -- party here which is an ethics if -- coming from Italy but as for forward. Really wonderful and it's low proof so it's not going so we can go crazy too early in the morning and this isn't actually wonderful clips. I never never had alcohol fast and I don't think Clinton stands out for so we're gonna cancer during talks -- -- it. Well you're working -- Report cards opened her I have a wonderful group notes especially foreign -- -- he's saying it was part of the -- that amplify that we're gonna actually accident -- assume that. A little bit Ecuadorean. And then who -- -- -- Q. Good partners really nicely with Vanilla so we're topping out what some really nice and easy and -- and more yeah news pardon us again. -- -- -- -- Then again what I did -- I -- the kids again. At a little bit more sat on top guys are busy yes and I didn't like music and not too much. Just -- so it -- not so much for sharing all these amazing things that he is gonna try at home this weekend have been. Pamela -- hits here I said your name rank grade I didn't the first kind of got on -- -- says. -- and I saw her -- here today. We're watching these are doing it tomorrow at 9 PM eastern for GM it -- see you then. He needs more -- tomorrow right about the -- actually yeah.

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