'GMA LIVE!' (6.17.14)

Gio and Amy enjoy a cool treat from @joyridecoffee Distributors on GMA LIVE!
12:44 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (6.17.14)
Get ready for some GMA -- it all starts now live backstage -- GMA. -- current credit card and and that I am -- lying ahead crazier once again. Yeah are gonna do it again softball and so you know we will on the big show we were talking about these cronies right he readies itself -- take withdrew as a either -- How they're on the move yet these little things that flight to the or they've got a camera on the south. You're liking control right now look at any personal lyrics to with a look -- -- -- here summing up -- lack reading -- ago. -- -- I look how about I hope I -- -- starting at Clemson and yeah. Comments and. Not really drew me -- you. As Laura our camera you know these drones are amazing -- -- spying on people. They're they're they're walking dogs and now they're taking cells that -- out of that left Saddam right into the whole thing that -- -- going -- -- -- It's clear from camp wonder troop withdrawals about 11 draw lessons at camp -- -- -- three guys from. Here. You're from New York City I love your ears and you all are our big World Cup fans -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- raise an Italian and I married. Constraints. That Canada is based is practically like an on nine counts. Just -- and then. What every airline being say Tiffany union and its. Also sell online you guys would be watching. The post show right here right the after just haven't picked a Good Morning America. Karen GMA -- become Smart -- market. Thinking is a -- I'll sit around and and how come it's everywhere even in the camps for the magic Allen and we have. Some coffee here self government gets goofy because we're getting some help this Tuesday. It doesn't have you need a little -- into custody and I think pat probably acknowledged Brothers are here. And why -- -- speed and David thanks to CNI. And I so -- Utility you have this new you have -- -- water cool clear of coffee as is kind of a new water cooler for the office that dispenses -- -- coffee. Real guys like driving is older so -- -- and as typical. Water get water cooler talk we would now have done this -- -- now tell me fresh surprises you why would it what is it like working with your brother first of all. It's an interesting experience nights just like at any family event you end up having a little bit of friction within the same time you know that they have your best intentions at heart -- -- you don't I don't know simplicity. And it -- what kind of businesses are picking up on this entrepreneur -- -- brother. Invention -- come up what they're really great idea -- -- the majority of our business is actually means called Bruce Conner and I'm later on -- -- summer product. But we get all sorts types of creative -- Anyone who have basically as a hard working competitive workforce so financial firms even. It's kind of getting a whole species say some some some some some the kind TVs and community I think we -- little -- -- coffee all over ABC here. -- -- so can anybody just. I of one of these things. How to work having underneath there is this what's apparently don't have so happening propelled by night. OK and it. It's is it in the keg and it and that's that people events refrigerated yeah pretty simple -- totally Gregory to come spree and and you just by the copy that you drink. -- is one brands -- one type of coffee or can you. At the moment we carry one type coffee we're also working with one of -- six -- local partners to provide alternative. We're also looking into developing single origin coffee -- Think single farms from single countries account of that unique profiles but you're talking next year this year were just trying to meet the man -- didn't. Yeah I -- he had dreamed I'd go back but I'm actually seeing a spike in restaurant chains in the future as -- soda machines we've got. -- -- all right it's certainly better view there's. No question about it on that front that -- no there's no -- and that's you know. -- insisted -- and so we're so expensive Cisco as well because there's a lot of demand out there are a lot of our customers here in New York especially the tech sector have offices out there. And so and to -- because the growth what's the demand like for your right now people want to try something like this. Welterweight or accident at the moment there is no way you can move either reach out to us send your right -- dot com are evenly between -- is just acting -- -- -- you know. We do have a lot of demands such tastings are and a little hard to get fine but I would have went -- -- the -- warlord here. If there is no really O'Donnell did not -- All right out of -- -- you think we're going to use -- I and that. Guys that you. Think he really didn't -- This -- so so let's turn little -- extra year jolly old Brooklyn is all the rage but big -- from Brooklyn today. All of the baby's name that is -- -- another name has surged to the top. Thirty for most popular girls' names and 2013. Over 6000. Baby girls were named Brooklyn. Well you know what do you think about this mean isn't popular becoming a neighbor or is there a lot of is there a lot of action happening a Brooklyn and then people name their children after the place that they were. I have to concede I'll bet that most -- -- -- many are not even looked okay. But I want to get its everyday coming and apparent in his very beautiful name and a great place to is a great place to go queens. Cleaning the bronze and bronze are over -- Not over. That island -- -- -- have to draw the -- that's his -- longest outbreak -- that's torture. I was so happy that my -- was Amy is only three letters and as I named all four of my children I'd kept that in mind. So tie goes by Tyler. Jerry goes by -- Kate Kate -- jackass -- or Katherine or anything just Kate and William will come from again Willingham will Brooklyn who Brooke. I'm that would since -- -- -- Let's talk a little World Cup car man World Cup fever I was so -- Clint Dempsey last night we. Not only does this guy leave the team he's excitement all over the and the last he comes up for teen USA he scored the -- in the beautiful game. Even if his nose is broken it turned out to be beautiful could you believe blood gushing and I think he inhaled -- and who cares and one. -- -- -- good friends letting out and I love out of there as well that's not. Worked with the I believe -- -- mean going around right now. I believe in you to -- -- it to. I didn't you know what do you think about that -- mean do you believe in affirmations. Some movement so it's the way I -- in my -- what he was so little would he want that aspire into your life through verbal affirmation. Happiness. And and and -- looks looks got a little jumping dog video happy. Up until this -- happiness and great -- really need right leg and even little George right here take a look out my god -- -- and I. Yeah that's it is watching the World Cup. And timely sacks. Yet even -- a record right there. Music Mary you really doing here -- what I hear me. It's considered well let us. He wants to follow the -- I think that's what he's doing what it to die since the door to highlight I have a little -- might have a little check myself. I get nervous -- that's. The so you were doing and we'll have that as he had a I don't -- -- -- like a tactic I definitely don't have that he's. Army -- that is quick. Buck up. Let's get over his closest part of my right and then maybe our friends from low wonder -- can join us both more -- guys. Let's go to social square here. Here ago. Doing -- -- Hey Joseph -- deal and as any in the days and I police news. I can see it right in front of -- One while on -- time since you're the online can yeah one time right around here -- to turn right at my house. And we'll get you some samples and we got the twinkies here and a whole bunch of different -- recipes for these twenty. Is that details about whose twelve pound the original slinky cat that came out down there celebrating its 75 anniversary twinkies. Her cell and American -- admit it wonderful recipes and we are right at the year anniversary. Mostly he's coming back so what not a better time to revive yes they -- doing so that was such a scandal where we're the rule of inside the -- box over here. There's something suspicious happening alone is not normal. This is very cream yes let's -- happened before I'm no actually -- and and we are celebrating the summer between -- -- So you can see it looks exciting and fun and very -- -- Yeah. And I -- -- this is an amazing. What is. This is a patriot patriotic. Can -- -- Although it's think he is even though putting. Strawberries and blueberries happening how to cut into because he's taken with a spoon and a variety of government does go -- -- -- No no no -- -- -- cnet's senior asking and -- it's due twinkie. That hasn't already had. So like -- so we have some cookie recipes here right. -- some of the recipes the we -- you straight out of the cookbooks and took some of the recipes and just brought them back and then we also -- and savory applications so it. So suspicious or with her hair and this is a lot going on so what did not mean -- -- -- five -- the battery is made from twinkie. No -- we can't tell you yeah we will live. He had out of -- right. You know there is always there on fifty. Did you women giving and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The ketchup is spicy banana ketchup which -- serve at the restaurant of the -- Yeah. Really good academic -- but take from it is an important. And that's what just a little -- -- Forward an easier life fit -- and yeah. I don't mind that even death the little -- I'm really I'm not really hot OK and that's on American. Well the beauty about this is that you can use hot dogs veggie dogs chicken dogs any type of solace in Thailand where you can -- tonight as I can't do I want to talk highlights by -- -- -- brush that's of chicken sausage in this of the -- brought. That's at the end abruptly as the recipe is not in the book but what I'm lying on the -- -- will be in the. We have our an 85 anniversary. Coming up next here with the twinkies and we are asking all of America. Just submit -- -- wonderful fantastic in the vast sweet and savory recipes to meet with. Submitted into the books so hopefully -- -- I didn't. For everyone to participate -- send -- your recipes to post this cakes dot com. While Laura and then -- got a lot of creative stuff going on now and -- just -- quick. -- what is. What's going on here we'll hear we have milk -- to a -- Harrison twinkies who had no. And -- the men have friendly -- could use and love and they are gonna call us. Doesn't mean cookies and -- really -- -- he's going to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- TL article the only there -- went up. New York City cookies yeah. They don't -- by extreme. Levys. Look at -- He did all he and cops -- nice job you're really don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- going to call -- -- summit seemingly everything you for coming and this is where fat kids -- Not just twinkies and out of the rapper. But everywhere else you -- States of -- running again. That's really. When the camera.

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