GMA LIVE! (6.20.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
3:00 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.20.14)
But never feel like we'll -- -- but Obama met vessel and then -- They did their work cut out for them it is very ghost CBS say they can't prepare -- -- -- favorites from home. What you ask what oatmeal Cheerios peanut butter and does everything well. Isolation. Because between the Stanley Cup and World Cup. My husband -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get out I did this and yes I have found at noon preliminary hearing next -- like Terry. Just cherry color yet black cherry check colon who just want to listen in the first to know yeah. Thunder -- I'm. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We made a brand of gasoline diesel and sugar. -- Right exactly yeah -- didn't happen and you get in their name yeah yeah. He has been. -- -- -- As -- yet so it isn't going to be a lot more reforms especially for people who may be left us all love this idea who I wasn't really great idea. -- -- -- And while he. Yeah. -- -- nice job you're really gonna. Pizza because we'll tell you that. Politics -- Jerry yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- So this cat is a very special -- the keynote talk about how to play you have to have likely campaign. The look at this -- essentially warm potato wanted to do everything I check out that you look. Convince you they do. -- -- -- -- Six days. That they did little. And I studied how to play I didn't thank you like yeah. That's his top news good morning goodbye problems come on -- families and so there's this cat -- LA I don't know and Howard street. You're right there this week debuted in France and here you see that -- right -- problem hovering here. But we decided to give -- -- -- fly here so we've got lots of different cameras so let's see we got this camera here and let. Push it away. Now we got that from. Maybe not tolerated I don't know -- totally totally defeat the they -- -- -- ago. Com all right I -- how about with -- -- And couldn't. Not really -- -- -- friends like this feline and who has decided to hitch a ride on the back of all of the -- dollar. Look at our -- easy but when they didn't have anything good to see that I was out of there we'll. We -- -- a year. Adorable when I want to see you Rottweiler and -- Yeah it's not yeah did you didn't want to go to -- that you. Plump juicy and whiskers and a big brown isn't pink and to that I say one. And finally you know -- saying the grass is always greener -- while that was apparently the case for. This list now he was. In search of greener -- I'm told they ended up being stuck on Israel's. Eventually she made it down safely but stuck -- -- with a built on the roof tiles. She destroyed along the plane but she she got down around and I hope that -- Is there really believe you told us how she got down -- -- -- are out there you can tell us actually got out of there now well she's a talented count. George you've learned a lot of the -- jumping out of the moon. The town -- hottest what's the big deal for the new nursery -- An epic and epic Broadway you know -- -- -- it makes it fattening amendment in the fourth and Chris Farley -- -- them personally and I think for the comedy -- best I could learn and perfect for whom you have an analog and we're bumping into on camera but to. I have a one timer if you don't get paid enough to do it -- -- So naturally but right parents. Some news first fifty shades of gray pants. You'll have to wait a little longer to catch a glimpse of the steamy -- brought to life on the big screen not only well. Fans need to wait eight more months for the movie not that anyone here was counting -- she -- drives. But reports say the trailer release date has also been pushed back now to September by the film industry's ratings agency. However the -- -- are offering a glimpse a brand new -- this morning I'm Jamie -- in character as Christian right. Just released -- this just stand on their -- FaceBook page to celebrate. The character Christian -- per -- which I am personally celebrates. Every. -- -- -- I didn't know this is very thankful that he's a -- and I like myself. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. Happy early birthday and I don't know like -- thirty is like so I'm I'm I'm gonna talk all night -- in my case. Full time and what. You agree this next what I wanted to -- us. The Bosnian starts next Virginia I don't you read his nickname the F that they really didn't beat Jack huge saves you know. I am -- teach these guys geez she. He's not -- like a bit of -- pocket doors there like their character. I -- who was really -- -- the lion -- do you feel like you really are. That person -- of the -- And. Yeah. The capital. Yeah. -- -- Let's say it now everybody picked up front leader Bob -- Yeah. It's the man leaves it's tested in this list and the -- -- the world for the last 100 years its cost to the greatest extent collections in the Wheldon was -- on by. George the fifth of of -- -- -- -- -- -- Stephanopoulos. If you wish you the best of luck but I got -- tonight -- and out of the united site as when I talk he's my hands on the Long Island also was a seizure of the. Thank insecurity man and I immediately announced. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And finally I dare say this is something you have never seen before bringing traffic to a sudden halt our -- -- stampede -- ducks. They decided to cross in a very hurried manner they wrote in Thailand all at once and we'll -- just keep coming. And Tommy there are hundreds. Of baton as the ducks waddling through. The thousands it turned out to be -- mass exodus won't -- not surprising here they are on a road trip to get some food. In -- way hungry -- people. Road trip worthy or threaten and do nothing congress on the -- Peking -- and thought yeah. -- -- -- My daughter Ellie wasn't watching this when she has this crazy fear of toxins that can recall justified -- yeah living -- gotten. Up next for the heat index and going viral hay fat dad had something else children's trampoline up on Craig's list and -- And the very Smart he'd hide old the -- lot of people talking. The Boston area father writes about how his kids -- did it for being close trampoline assuring him make. Couldn't live -- it how many times that we aren't -- -- that up plus up to -- Plus -- they sentencing messed up their lives by moving them to invest. And of them that he -- them but as all parents know as soon as -- top of the box the kids have already moved on. And that says he's now selling a trampoline to make room for a guard Kenya as -- tomato plants or -- -- jail to house three grumpy teenager I. Yeah. Well until. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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