'GMA LIVE!' (6.23.14)

Chris Weidman and Frankie Edgar show off their fighting moves with the show's producer.
14:47 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (6.23.14)
Ready for some GMA live through it all starts now live backstage at GMA. -- Okay. Both of them are from -- air out of the studio audience since he and they live welcome back. To GL class select kicked him we'll talk about in a moment. There is out of nothing guys so I'm it was you know let's look through that video I think we're still just whatsoever and yet -- we have the GM makeup during the big show so I went one more. -- okay right here eagle -- coming up right now and I'm like I'm mark I never saw it coming. Collins -- that -- twice as bad wanted to see if this back. Hello -- the eating because -- I think you hit your side right hit my -- definitely died Puyallup and of course. -- never -- to hurt to knowingly what. But today -- that we should have been in trouble that would assist them. Typically is the that -- might as well so I'll just say you guys next to. Welcome back thank you so much we are doing this over what almost two weeks of yeah how lesson. Brilliant it went very well and similar enough that it was flying the you know we really -- it off just got married is -- Audience today lifted and that -- -- -- Yes I -- and you know I thought showed a lot of photos on the show showed a couple of the wedding data honeymoon but I thought why not for -- lives a little behind the scenes. So that you -- about to see if some of the stuff that. I don't even know I've shown another -- saw the beautiful stuff -- beautiful venue up in northern Michigan yes there's my dress it's all very nice and thin trading and then assessed. Yeah. Ends -- -- me and then he -- -- dance in front of a sunset upwardly. My mother getting ready that need doing yoga I start my stepfather and my dad Lou everyone says looks like Chris Kristofferson. And -- and I thought of -- -- -- via the beautiful scenery that and then he worried about getting mosquito borne by not accept. -- -- -- -- With our friend -- state -- There's our video on different Kate a couple of friends of Lisa I just want to show you a couple behind the felt welcome. Into what was my wedding and -- and now it's over we wanted to talk about it and promised except my Brothers band was. Outstanding the fact that your brother and sent Testa did everything he wouldn't. -- -- -- Can't dynamic I love that mosquitoes that that was in that body trauma that I was so worried my new mother -- -- -- she's gorgeous. OK let's go move unless I want you to come over here and goodness. This is Melissa -- then. -- your -- comments. From you don't yet she has protected these so many times in the -- -- if you. It really be needed to today when I was -- called -- a -- I don't -- I am but Melissa Griffin is a meteorologist she works -- her parents are here come on the record as saying hello -- -- -- Satellite beach Florida moved me Melbourne Florida Melbourne -- -- so we're just saying hello wanted to say good morning hello to you guys because you can't anymore. -- -- Clinton said that she saves everybody -- wonderful meteorologist right. Around in the car and -- out of a tornado hit upon. And I NM and -- I'm like selling my location and taxing remote resort was. Yeah right now and is it gonna hurt consumers -- Yeah happening there yeah applause yeah. Earlier this Elliott side when I -- DL we kicked off -- -- -- it was quite the competition you. And you know Sarah if he had a slow start but she was so good -- -- into that pool. We just keep it just didn't get it at the end of unfortunately you know that's not the end of it. And and -- are afraid that GO here as a suffering conceivable -- since we've we've yes -- I -- challenge Zealand set OK and we've got a couple of people for help from our audience. Not making girls -- points to thank everybody that had eight. A Lisa and John come on -- back. Yeah asked. -- -- I. Kelly says tell -- free from Kansas and Kansas City right yes and done you are not just sister -- brother. We are actually twins. Zine line that is to kind of even out the competition at at least and that I don't think -- -- got -- participants strength unhappy about a peninsula but the might sound we're gonna deal. But first we have to run through one person connected dribble and then one president to -- which one you want to Asia. Suit at Macy's stand over there. You wanna know what to do you wanna do the -- when you wanna go against them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay what it actually it's -- -- thrill OK give doesn't give us some. -- Yeah and -- -- -- -- hands and they don't know I'm the except -- -- -- favorite weighted down. This month the everybody can we yeah five million. Well some -- is. It's as I could say finding people like I'm me. -- -- -- And and it's. -- is. Mean that's -- -- -- -- as stage manager and the -- yeah. -- and the other everybody else has really great people both Condit interview it is Monday through Friday. Anyway I just -- -- and study a study -- -- Let's get on didn't you probably get away from -- -- -- that that the statement is I love when I get my workout done on GM right pickup truck that. Marla farther up the real soccer I don't. -- Christina. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know at the World Cup they have some not. Wonderfully weird superstitions from the players they have not so we watched Christiane -- those last second with -- to tie it up last night. But did you know he had to sit at the back of the airplane on his way to -- And he also apparently must have a haircut before every match -- a fresh haircut -- I -- although I don't know balances of persons and that. That seems yeah I mean to have a fact check that you -- have -- -- -- know -- yet be on TV again. Also reported that they English player Phil Jones puts his -- on the left or right -- first. Depending on his team if it's playing home or away. And fellow -- and Gary apparently where this -- events. Well analysts pretend here is good for both I mean I used to place very you know that didn't seem like it right there equipment and those concerns -- The new right. Kids yeah. Paula cook -- -- but going to be a. And then a Croatian goalkeeper us -- hey let the -- you know. -- deep pay hefty pay -- devout Catholic he wears the T shirt with a picture of the virgin Mary under his Jersey for every night -- But thankfully he does -- it. And for the weirdest of precision how well former Argentine goalie Sergio going to -- -- and his habit of that -- of doing stuff on the field before penalty can -- C urinate snapped a it really does not play but adult problem. If it was not authority are -- net medical and son Blackwell I think. Back -- and it started when there was no time left for him to go to the bathroom so his teammates surrounded him. As he discreetly -- number one right on the pitch but not apparently worked because Argentina made it to the final that. That is as well so he is he allowed to do I want that the World Cup cool music and have some rules like that -- -- the -- is so funny he -- of the yellow card. Roxy good out of beating up a rotten upstairs either in the -- -- -- -- in my head of and he should just some little Bosnian you come up with a little one liners every syllable like once a month those that's a pretty. And I -- that will be closed while seeing double in. You know not every day do we get to beat up -- be okay. Our wonderful producer Jimmy life. Right here but in this in this next area right we're gonna have two guests that are going to be she left it up numbers let's talk to for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and Chris why they they -- excited about. Getting you. I have a -- coming about -- -- Okay -- excitement -- -- -- -- don't hello how are -- he's only got angry he forget you're doing so need to vent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- although I had an own. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't let other people San Diego. That -- defeatism among the treated so far so good seek out what the -- coming up on the fourth of July we don't. Yes July 5 against Lyoto Machida. -- -- -- -- -- figures I don't think it's a big test -- -- ordinance is so -- last -- -- so it's totally different which is good and every fights big at this point because we're titled self. Savage -- and that is what -- -- also. And this is such a fast growing sport people all over there are so into it why do you think it's caught on so much and. You know I think fighting kind of everybody's nature you know everybody understands fighting -- something. Pretty -- to get and it's exciting. -- in your family who do you think most worried when you're when you going to. Did you guys are ready for for life your family or your husband your dad's life. -- -- -- mountain lions are. Yeah. You are -- and vigilante thing. -- -- We have my my mother my mother's by the most the most the body's nervous -- and everybody William moment yeah. The fitness say cameras say my mom and my wife's lawyer don't wanna pick one over the other of them to put. You have my of my wife she puts on she is what goes on a phone she puts on headphones and puts -- head down and while the people tried -- what's going on and she won't pick your head up until it's over you know. She's been she's obviously hopefully after they saw the strange superstitions from the World Cup you can't have any of the -- site. Myself -- -- tried to have many among almost a point where maybe superstition has to do things different so I don't have to recession -- theater. I'm I'm quarter up from a couple right now I've been news and the the song -- that it won't back down from a walk out and -- -- to -- -- -- -- I don't -- -- -- -- you know what I don't -- -- So there's a couple of things like that his company's work and kids right because then if something goes wrong -- -- -- -- -- the house because of that total. -- -- eliminated any problems. -- have to keep -- this I think can we do -- can we be grand enough let's do it. Variety. I'm not that I -- about. We had -- and here and then you said Brian. Well you know. I guess I guess Jia we can give GO break and I'll be I'll be the -- them so I I want to know what's become -- know about the guillotine show. From me can we from the demo it because -- is very -- Area. A all right so. What's what what's the the have you destroy you try to grab me and I -- right -- right to a -- -- -- like media room. You can't get hit his head -- -- do it. I'm here I wanna put to sleep when I'm when do I want I'll always think more times hitting him with any means others grabbed one hand put on the back of the says it has pulled into a joke. Driven toward -- my hand if not -- which is the spark. This -- -- -- Zayed -- does walk in my head since those are obviously out loud and that's. Yeah -- second out. -- -- -- for the rest -- hanging like it on the stars are nice. High levels we practiced both. Businesses so that's. Miles hello how -- You're -- you're doing anything. And all but I'll freak. -- but I think I'm heavier so I might not. You know I'm not your weight -- -- let alone today but it works it works with. -- -- -- somebody's let's go -- the generation try to -- -- getting. The other -- lockouts and how the heck yeah trying to teach me all right I got -- -- -- said. -- -- Off I want to get -- Not to mention that -- -- -- cash. -- not a lot of things that people as head down and that now and then threatening him. It's an easy yeah get behind me -- just. More money -- -- World -- that satire but you've won a road that you can count on top well that's an -- And that is what my own I'll look at I don't American bonanza that is -- -- -- it well yeah what did your mom -- -- -- -- -- Smiles at her not kind of people who. I honestly have professional looking -- and yet we got on the to have. So July 4 -- -- -- bad debts don't live here on July 5 and then he's on July 6 OK great for the are huge weekend. We have nothing of the UFC one -- five deaths on paper view -- Tom Maginnis thank you so much Chris Weidman -- yet there it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna we're gonna do -- -- a man later but this right now is that self congratulations thank you everybody. We're live right here 9 AME -- every day.

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{"id":24260862,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' (6.23.14)","duration":"14:47","description":"Chris Weidman and Frankie Edgar show off their fighting moves with the show's producer.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-62314-24260862","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}