GMA LIVE! (6.3.14)

Ginger Zee, Mara Schiavocampo and Rebecca Jarvis play some Mario Kart on the Wii U.
16:39 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.3.14)
Get ready for some GMA -- it all starts now live backstage in GMA. -- -- -- -- My brother and I remember I was here and now is that -- -- and -- -- GMA live. Audio. -- -- -- I think that any -- sound. That big that -- and we love seeing how you start your day since you get to see how we start -- well not quite mind scary it but we love seeing and so we want to share a couple of viewers Andrew. Starts his day by taking a little trip. Here to New York City so that's how he didn't mention that all sponsored by Dunkin' donut -- I'm -- -- like that started with her husband and take -- morning -- -- every day FBI is looking at -- the sudden the and then hung up this -- -- John throughout. Taking -- -- with a terrier that's a great way to start of that wait till I reminded his mind in an odd way painting my toenails which I do not do to you -- long enough but we have a plus segment today and I thought my feet might be on camera and I want to put our techno -- -- acting rash. And restaurant -- -- a little touch up the minute look at the map and I hope I don't let that there is no way I could start my day chasing my toenails -- -- everyday copy it's like the first thing I do it make the copy. I look forward to it at night when he -- -- -- -- -- this immediately because he's starving all the times I don't. -- we have not been able to do this segment along times I've really wanted to get to it it is time. -- -- Yeah. A summit these -- yesterday it was floating everywhere perhaps people just kept sending it to me but -- an interesting new study according to researchers at the university of Illinois and Arizona State University. People are less likely to -- from an oncoming hurricanes. With a female name. Then a male want. Saying that they seemed -- are less scary and scientists why is really -- -- the problems and studies. They did the study from 1960 -- At a couple things that go on before 1979 fall's storms were female names and -- -- and -- and after that America yes and then. Prior to move the early seventies we -- no way -- satellite warning so there was some really concentrated time when we didn't have the technology we do to -- now and so even if you had a weaker. Female named storm it would kill more because they're going on data ranks yes you -- so there's from a female. Be -- do you think people that plays into people's kind of respect for the storm -- it sounds. Soft and Fuzzy that they taken less seriously I think that they absolutely make fun -- -- I don't know that it really at the end of the day the day before if you say evacuate from lower Manhattan that they care -- -- named sandy or Victor. You need to address fliers -- so casually to -- I'll leave it right here or there NA if you're watching CNN doesn't work out segment and I swear if you take me out of the heels and that I am not going back there yeah. I can respect that it's a great luck to you especially pre wedding -- Is being comfortable -- not winning them through -- Marty my honeymoon actually had no idea where we are. When you go there aren't enough he can't. We want to turn out to pop extra Brad Pitt calling himself -- farmer now he's opening up about his love and the law of the land in the new issue of wine spectator magazine. -- -- remember Brad and Angelina they botanists they -- in Provence France that was two years ago. Cool sixty million dollars they spent on that one -- now. They're making money the -- sport maybe trying to make money off the land they've begun producing world class wine. Partnering with wind superstar mark parent. And in the magazine -- says he loves learning which fields are right for which grapes and clearing the forest -- in the off months. It's his way of escaping the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and he says he's quote. Instantly reminded what quiet. Sounds like. Also got a cool if you're buying my friends over to the assailant -- Brad and Angelina made big I a core facts and friends back into their -- -- again and they know that this isn't this to me I am completely on his side I've always been a wine lover I worked with Kendall Jackson a couple of companies to talk about how mentality where they're going to -- -- -- how the weather affect each great. And I went this past fall and just fell more and more in love with people how much attention it takes and they put so much love. Into that product it's -- -- Plus there's ever any doubt about Brad and Angelina having a good I think this this seals the deal they're making Hawaii they had on -- property at the rose Lara had -- actually -- -- months and we alligator really. I'm it didn't get any public like the taste test -- -- it was just to look at beautiful that's no fun delete Landmine in case you're watching slapcast. Reports wrap -- up batter and hit yeah. Bracket to extend the tiger -- record twelve onto this summer hair trends -- seem a little bit of a trend taking off me eight lizards are chopping off their mom laughs for the summer. Bob been -- posting some shots of her sporting a summary look -- celebrity hair -- -- Bernstein for her expertise. Other stars working with a similar new look many more. Good Kelly and hit a metal sent items celebrating her new do tally posted this thought and to Graham CF sweating -- I got work to -- Here at this actually is something that I did last summer but cut that figure hero where was I have it the best decision about me really -- you know. It's so freeing up to have here all over you all the time especially in the summer that is really good to just get it off. I was just imagine is that -- senior this place I just you know and -- and our -- -- used to be. You know all of them but I'm economic considering it really wedding like I was talking to is the silence -- -- hot. It was fun to get a little and your -- -- I used to what I -- to my hair off yet few years ago I chopped it all Lott is very freeing you know like you're saying it's like a weight on your shoulders and in very figurative but also real terms. -- -- Well so I think the Japanese company he does tend to be more work actually using our people I -- -- very short so easy. Currently the styling and the -- worst part is no pony -- like I can't remember -- either unable to -- -- -- -- -- you have to have a Dunn or pat. Now -- at it let's put it mentions it yeah. I would -- about a block thank you for joining hands the condition. This well until I. -- think this is where you want to talk -- a friend on top -- a couple of letting -- yeah and and you have to bring it up but Bryant's that you should totally. Show photos of yourself yeah OK -- yeah. Not right now I really didn't have an honor and the Chicago sun times has always been really great to me and -- contacted -- -- that we want to trying to onto wedding dresses and we'll take pictures of -- -- like all right assignment tough sell. -- -- -- This time this was 108 this is not so funny then -- All of these places -- -- glorious that this is actually the little park where we take all the dogs go to the bathroom back there and -- aren't looking like this is not. If you knew what happened in this park behind the budget this and -- very pretty -- in the -- -- New York very close my apartment the magic of photography it's -- and but this is toilet yet her custody. And yet I generation from an issue for your -- for the wedding. Yeah absolutely so we took after China we have the other photos we tried several other dues -- that what has happened this this. Wedding dress is just an every single one is by AM this battle -- deal and the Santa Monica studios and -- and I don't know how to say it. And that -- just make these brilliant dresses. This somewhat short. -- -- -- -- They cut an op Ed Henry coming up -- -- if you get a leg in there and listen and I love this hair cat yoga class one and that have you decided yet. And I think we'll start with it a little more up than that but in that same swoop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Perhaps hearing changed OK pretty manageable yes they -- little. Break in between the ceremony of the party anyway just to catch your breath yet. And probably is the master of yeah. Glass of champagne enjoy every minute what's up at random and it was just giving you some advice she said. And eat because nobody ever eat and then they get surveying device and it -- -- just that I love love she loves being married -- just enjoy it and you -- that's okay. I cannot wait like it could be right now and I would be so happy to have it on we'll hear that I left. -- -- -- -- It's it's just it's -- go time everybody's stressing out everybody's got something -- can't hear it every day we're so happy Florio. Also of note the past twenty years Mario Kart has been a family favorite and it just launched on the -- -- a few days ago. And here to show us how it works is PJ Sadler ladies -- general -- Let me days and -- -- -- Elliott. 300. I have -- we are gonna love I have never abandon Mario -- Atlantis is -- -- be your chance -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes so Mario party is only for the Wii -- this game that launched. This past Friday we've already sold one point two million -- -- -- we are really really excited Savard -- a it's our first Mario pardon HD so. The graphics are absolutely amazing. The game plays amazing access control that is one of the controllers keep talking hasn't missed the media that this is the game had this -- the game changer for the -- -- thanks so. More about Mario cart days so we have all the characters you love -- Mario we have -- -- we have -- we have princess peach. And then in this game we -- to do something called anti gravity so anti gravity. He's -- -- -- -- up walls and allow you to go upside down nice and it makes the game played that much more. I'll -- this is -- that I am not home already. Turn it into one and it's been discriminated on you now have you and I had a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are -- -- -- -- -- -- so let me -- -- -- Charles. -- pressing a button to celebrate you can use the left control stick to maneuver your -- a huge. You are going to be Mario yeah. You are going -- Europeans -- I only entity and its original originally -- yeah I'm getting used pounds. That's the right we know how to use. If you're Carolina you know an attorney cancer -- so the first -- that difficult. Of course we live but it is stay -- the court yet basic the basic civic club other players. You're gonna live now he's well let's -- Saddam be our goal but they now call any media and from -- -- -- -- Those ginger is on the left in -- allowance has on the right yeah so -- on third and now we are about to come up the ante grammys. -- up beside you could see the environment in the back I think they've had to come around this point you're -- -- castle. Actually flip upside down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't plan update on this list that spectacular items but -- we -- the anti -- -- Bumped up to another -- certainly that's going to be BC news. That Mario. My -- back yeah. Now -- -- only 470. That's in the -- -- -- -- Don't know that we dedicate the assets here -- just aren't ready you hear about Clinton's -- that -- Omar ready losing water on the back. I don't have there. At the American -- -- If you're in first place is amazing. There's two more loves riding her leg and well she is about -- advice don't know who's going to be ten. I'm not blaming others in. Do you sell the company to do about that the Mario Kart franchise that is be the biggest enemy. And what about that much. The much of the -- people. There's a lot of different items -- -- any that began -- a lot of different items in this one we introduce something called the super -- Which can block that -- -- from hitting you. The boomerang. You press that back button you'll get that point. You'll see the -- -- on the racetrack he wanted to -- -- of Baghdad. 1010 point that would give -- -- Max acceleration. In the game. Having I have you have sixty -- -- that and it's. How is the tough. The top player got that bottom. -- I mean the top players that are pretty amazing mean they do speed trials and clearly there's actually online -- -- game where you can play with up to twelve players online all around the world I gotta go on and I get. I didn't like to listen amazing players on their sanity and -- -- him around. Mario -- -- -- all of -- all time frame yet for the Wendy's franchises twenty years old retired in 1992 in the super Nintendo. It is impossible for me to conduct an interview I think and take my eye ironic I like having to eat anything good an idea that's but it's -- give the of the negev and but probably don't know who spent enough credit but I -- this -- your obviously it advanced vehemently. So when you become around -- then you can see it jump. When you hit that jump I want you to hit the back button -- your dream I have packed ideas. When I'm in any that'd be enough to -- which flaring in the back -- -- about how it looks like now. Can't process and -- like I'd like that in making -- -- -- talk where fat lit up. I didn't -- blackout when you fall off you can put you back on track to hit -- back but didn't -- Little an important that you should. -- and getting second nine persons inside nineteen. Some fun things that night so it's okay so which -- up again. -- -- -- This is the last lap dancing yeah it is in the last seven. He needs you accents at corner and defense no matter -- -- -- -- -- give -- one more I'm really asking if I'm -- go to the gym -- You can can actually do splattered how many did you get an animal right out of great -- and taking so guys thank you guys yeah this game is available now where people get it. They can get it and retailers all around Nintendo world on the block target Wal-Mart. It is that the I 99 people have -- -- -- is three point 999 if you're not -- -- -- -- you can get it in our bundle which includes. The game pad for the Wii U in the -- On the examining each man had anything you can before we go we have a little a little extra outlet -- -- -- -- and -- Forget -- you're here now is the only line up but yeah. Here whether it came here with a and friends -- -- can -- yeah. -- that -- you -- last Colombian in my apartment I -- McCain. The idea that he sometimes didn't care why you're enjoying your paper and watch is about to click for -- -- bachelorette stand up. -- -- -- And today you I don't really they'll find no you I love you. I love you. Did and I love you. I love you. I had I think the best part of that is him saying I love you because that's not everybody your field I don't think people realize how hard you -- -- in the morning you're you're through the night. Big storms your location. You deserve a break he deserved to relax on the beach -- -- Much anything you mrs. Bryant and Allen man right. And Maxi let me talk about a month and -- only. Thank you guys so much so happy for you ginger have an amazing wedding come back a married woman incredible -- short hair. So happy for you thank you so much for joining us today. Ginger have a great one point -- every night. -- to thank you I don't. Really felt I know you. I love you. -- I love you. I love you. -- they'll find -- you run.

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