GMA LIVE! (7.01.14)

NYC soccer superstars show off their skills on "GMA LIVE!"
11:31 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (7.01.14)
Get ready for some GMA -- it all starts now live backstage -- DNA. Putting Americans back on the -- More GMA on -- and I am in the middle. Of amendments to -- What you guys do without me yesterday low minded and -- -- -- -- -- I think they have some highlights. Let's see I didn't adding a little -- -- -- -- -- -- the yeah. The camera like that's the whole time. Yeah I'm. -- -- -- What do you think about it happened -- -- with the. I -- just highlights and looks very fun and very proud of all of -- yet let's go ahead and bring back to reality. Well -- audience. He doesn't -- come over tomorrow forget about it. People we need believe we're a little people weren't there but it took -- -- -- -- audition -- yeah -- wherever about it is it. Now they can't think yeah. That are targeted for today you are. A big responsibility now looking at the end -- -- -- Atlanta go to Atlanta and then we just may finally -- really were says that's the jobs. In the U consolidated since yesterday's -- -- you wanna splash guard but that. Etc. I so loud fans are getting a joining us to hunt soccer play and get back. We're -- from -- look at a New York both. All right welcome hearts of fans are getting a sneak peek Ed Henry travels. As Clark Kent sit in the highly anticipated film that man vs Superman dawn of justice and take a look. Travel there -- revealed his Superman Alter ego posing for a photo for one of his favorite charities the royal marine charitable trust fund. You must remember that you might remember that Ben Affleck -- main character was revealed in -- Says should be very interesting to see how they update gavels Superman costume -- -- the try something a little more modern not a underwear outside the -- of the -- school the movie hits theaters in May Tony six we -- to see this I would see this movie with my wife. We're watching the movie Henry -- shows up on screen and an undershirt and she goes loudly in the movie theater. -- -- it's just. I was like really tell yeah pentagon happen. But right -- that again why Hanley has -- are upset about Ben Affleck being chosen as that -- -- How the outfits they want -- Though Batman Superman it's awesome you gotta love it but we're okay and we got some soccer superstars here to show a similar move guys -- over here from New York City I wanna see this. What do you do with that soccer ball you know rendering him -- under come -- Don't want to know -- Take it at comments government FF -- secondly we are -- gets the publicity juggling. Jack -- that's we need to try that there. And that when I played -- even that little skill was always very difficult really yeah I could run really fat gets the ball and then I didn't know what's with an enemy and analytical what -- hall have a what that thing you're giving up hope was that call. Times the next dogs okay SMU -- you can undo your rain now. Well the light that's happened about the numbers usually used ticket behind you right I want execution getting -- behind -- and then and then you -- -- I never did that but I saw people -- it once it's. It goes really high really goes really high and sit and -- -- lights he would -- Obama's these lights cost ABC how much of a better idea and could be replaced paid. Reminds us celebrate the life then and yeah. You guys Hideki -- receiving keep this up for at least an -- -- About. -- this is this is. Very fascinating there's a lot of buzz about waffle house's call to boycott Belgian waffles and supportive team USA today. Against Belgium of course sell it here really that superstitious and you want to avoid any thing a Belgian origin who think we -- we come up with a little roundup from the many other things outside of waffles that. Leave and the obvious items that you know about until polite cell let's do it. We've got chocolates and beer -- would be the Belgian chocolates and -- that you already know about but. Only thing that really known for their strong -- there is strong and intense. We can't have Belgian waffles chocolate for -- both the you can't forget about Jon Claude van dam -- us yeah. I love I don't know at night I have to watch his own club -- movie every day. Every -- -- a -- -- -- for the day that's how he warmed up for GMA epithet and -- The floods -- -- c'mon. All -- I'm not club happened yesterday and then yet when fat guys. It might get you pumped up for the big game you can't watch it okay. He -- and Belgian as they come. Belgium bed I have a hard time that Belgian. And and that's another thing you should try not to watch today believe it or not the -- -- -- -- I don't know Ryan you're gonna have a little. Yes our little blue friends were originally spin off of a Belgian comic series from the 1950s. Out so there ribs. And that Obama you lot sound like bend and then you followed up with Smart I watch Jon Claude van dam before kimono GM -- I watch the -- While eating chocolate on my Belgian -- and drinking beer that's right yeah. Now. And get up at 1 AM. Jason well this'll really gonna blow your mind for you may want to consider avoiding listening to the smooth sounds of the saxophone gonna take -- -- Kenny G. I thought there could -- and -- that -- kind of the next Karen London. I think. All the college jets -- way to a class sat out so clarinet say that -- Still the facts obviously has roots in American jazz but it was first designed by a Belgian. Named -- slacks nights and here here's the worst part for everybody and and I know look I'm all about USA. The French products. Are apparently a Belgian origin so now there's -- -- -- today. Better column -- Fries freedom Fries and if I see the French Fries on the street -- -- -- do. And -- take it got your hands right to and I save it in my home I think he would later. It doesn't happen again into the -- but after we win. Oh and I did I can't believe and I am sure will be broken many times. Content rational that would be Budweiser America's beer float with. What it's owned by -- company in that -- As that body and President Bush in 2009. That's for just 52 billion dollars self if you are part of in that country. So you'll know -- bingo you're there. Probably -- -- more American and even -- and I think that we could be copied and -- -- -- Have -- -- Very. Carrying out -- yet as a stand I didn't read it -- that perfect Dana and Chris and -- and -- greater. Katrina but also links yes -- talking and Murase. We're doing the sibling to sibling rivalry right now world world where we're receive -- -- think all this -- funding. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So now staffers has either newest product. Then -- is achieved cult following. Available at Costco and other retailers. Nationwide. It's a dark chocolate. Paramount pretzels Cecil like awesome tree amazing -- did you say chocolate -- Yeah we created a -- anti sucker -- -- strategic. We couldn't talk a bit over a hundred years he -- made in the US and I -- that for what is their hundredth anniversary to retract -- go for -- are so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go to wherever. So we start with them at five ounces of milk in the milk shake and -- go to ten ounces of dole say don't let's say I'm screen. She. And then loans. -- And then we go to hot fudge next. We -- a little but a hot -- and there. And some pretzels. School. And -- dark chocolate chips. One hell -- we -- and that. This is I love this -- These are great as -- the milk -- factory. I'm zero counter space and I keep telling my husband because he just got all that registries that this is what we need something. You know I don't know me to come home. -- almanac. This is the one very important to keep. But he did back it makes it makes the perfect. Place lamb how long he bled for about thirty seconds -- -- And then. And then you're ready to -- -- -- -- And I love I think -- and you get a little idea what's happening in United's right now get all the flavors unit has argued featured -- which are serving -- your loving -- important to you. I gotta love that -- so -- would come over to you I am I have triple cookie crunch Schaible which didn't mind its favorite. And -- is great for adults but we start with obviously our whole milk. But cookie dough ice cream and then we add in three of my favorite cookies the no wafers this Florio's. In some nutter butter. We gotta love. Possibly -- -- in the world exactly and so again want to blame it. -- -- -- -- -- And that's not finished earlier. It's and we we've got to get in the last one because -- -- private. Perfect it's a perfect summer -- because it's a banana cream pie everybody loves all American classic dessert. So we put -- -- little wafers the Graham crackers the -- press bananas he's really fresh ingredients is really important. And then if you -- that same -- when the milk shake -- super premium Vanilla ice cream and it is like you know being. Is there forgotten some and so and we can -- factoring in the military -- it's our it's our old fashioned ice cream soda fountain in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and we've been there for -- -- -- -- -- 100 anniversary itself. How much an average -- 100 -- another line music. That's getting out of panic got to thank -- would have been anything Planet Green eyes and when. I knew it my favorite is dark chocolate snapper -- can't pay its good and I haven't tried -- Yeah yeah that's right I am -- yes piling up transplant got to go snap their school. Love it but I don't know if he's -- -- assault after the -- -- -- -- -- -- They're out of and he is -- much -- last eagerly pilots right here every morning on CNN live 9 AME and there are. -- --

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