GMA LIVE! (7.02.14)

A look at the new app Knozen that allows people to rate their co-workers.
12:12 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (7.02.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage at GM -- That's how you -- -- and I've. And that I met this week Tiffany says oh wait he's on people magazine's top something and he's so hot that can't be hearing -- hottest bachelors list -- -- -- -- -- That I -- morning -- I'm just a little too hot to be on the show I think that's pretty yeah. And women were mobbing him on the way -- the students. Well TO meeting Sunday evening come and tell us your story. Someday. And you know it's also right and recovering as as the nation from a tough loss in his own hard act. I had my twin sons -- me -- five months old. Of course they were looking at the game like what are you doing clippers are model and that's how -- shooting -- that the. The path but it was amazing Tim Howard was on fire -- that last. Yeah. I can't. But so what plans let's hope college of both the next 2018 -- -- -- That event so read at the end of the game I think Tim Hudson -- and I have -- little bit but I selling Google Tim Howard just see what was happening. In his first thing that comes -- -- Tim Howard management it was like that about how lucky for that -- -- out exactly. Got anything Tim Howard of your name Tim Howard got word out and everybody loves. And let's talk about maps Shelley I had a lot of buzz though about a couple of the brand new apps for your mobile phones one of them. He lets you rate your co workers. Yeah and other island lets you rate your -- -- on and on you and I'm. He -- not -- -- you also. To me about -- is amazing and I know it's tough when you -- And so let's go ahead and get into -- find out what's happening then yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is there always -- one. And Africa. But if you didn't -- -- that is called -- and it is laid out like the popular dating -- how are not so -- asked you to rate your colleagues based on their performance and personality. And then it hit -- people against each other. In -- thankfully anonymous fashion by asking questions like who would leave work early for an. And who would pat -- -- -- advance from little little things you really need to know about -- unless it's super important. At least you need at least seven people from your company this kind have fallen in order to participate -- anonymous then I love and it I -- -- out enjoying. Yet night need to recruit -- cope. I got -- the audience what they think about this this young lady right here smiled as soon as you saw -- what do you think which he -- yeah yeah yeah. Call for positive ratings the chaos -- the -- yeah -- I believe that we doesn't tell everybody -- -- -- I cannot trump -- until. Trouble -- how -- you -- she's tendency knows that total and unfortunately we don't know that brightly that. The FA group -- -- tenth. Nobody wants to get in trouble for everybody's getting -- But yet now and -- well -- outlet you -- fact that all right so what else is. That's it's happening but. Yeah. Well -- yeah and the producer happening when I sent became you make that up -- -- he didn't dance and I like to comment but what yes I think yeah. Your feet we're moving -- -- Carolina. -- -- -- Yes yes and I'll say that we what's happening folks we can't -- -- we -- -- and hand out written at half staff. Because about the next apple. This for people who want -- -- they're gonna what he's is next up way too much -- moment it's designed to monitor your mobile phone usage throughout the day. And it warns you -- you're getting close to reaching their limit. -- make them. And government -- right now I know exactly. But -- also automatically shut down -- phone once you hit that limit. That -- set for yourself into the idea here is to help people who suffer from anxiety when they don't feel connected but relying on have to help stop music. Partly -- to. I don't know rob was just asking me the phone companies believe to do that yeah. -- that wants to blow through that -- yeah I want one more person could come up. You -- plus our. So with that and what's your name -- and Zach -- is that the right way to do it is is this do you need this -- Good. How often do you answer phones coming hours today. Time -- -- yeah yeah I'm with my aunt and -- wait ten hours -- day. Yet Iraq actually make I'm with you think I need help we're going to get through this gas -- -- pretty -- -- that thank you my friend and OK so you know we love animals here and -- I think secret. As for the that's an incredible video to show you of of -- -- -- now taking its first steps. Cool -- and rock plug I had the Oklahoma City zoo and his mommy in the back. Around. Not just watch as he -- to. He was little wobbly legs. It's. Balloon. Number -- little guy that tiny our whole -- wary. You can do it never think he's calling. A little long night. We're good eventually though he does regained his balance. And his mom of course all proud of our the Oklahoma City is is planning to have -- naming contest forehand. Sell anything -- Hey names names who's got one -- -- names names -- you -- when I know you do your best friend. -- -- And Steve Steve. Because it's fun walking we call -- Steve. -- OK well speaking of animals let's talk about our head of the day we've got the Internet news he has celebrity newest celebrity -- -- -- New Jersey -- now but he could newest celebrity cat. This is Venus the -- he's got a remarkable. Unique look you see that look at that I'll haven't had a real. That is real she is to face. You know I'm not a bad way -- you know maybe -- You never know -- had quite the journey on a -- -- Internet fame she was -- living on a dairy farm in North Carolina. Before she was adopted in 2009 -- now five years later get somebody like she has on FaceBook. 200050. Even as a stuffed animal version of -- -- coming out soon there she is. Why look how much he likes it she's endorsing the product I love that. That's very collect them now talk about these men you just -- -- -- -- -- We want me to suspect top half a tank wells will will will leave us our friends here at that to -- -- -- are happening snow. There's I had -- -- -- got to be careful. I think and then halted play on our way out Trenton and let people take these isn't I really don't like -- we don't care food yes -- take a couple of isn't. Whoever wants nice thing to look tonight aren't that lucky that they are delicious yet we -- yeah -- It do coming here but. But we're really gonna need a -- they probably take no no no no one more one -- all the eleven. Please bring your -- -- have to have light rain and snow yeah. Is there any big topic in our region rather people -- get out for you guys because we have to go. Do something very Wenatchee Hopkins napkins magical magical Mormon giving away -- -- -- -- -- leaflets. It took the cup let me may start everything is still no Kent Cooke could well be read the probably -- isn't magic have brought this and a New York -- Sell -- sons Kevin James earlier in the illusionist in the snow and now we have Adam here from the upcoming fall Broadway hit the illusionist and -- -- Italian name again -- -- Tennessee and possible witness the impossible and I I don't hear him and other -- -- to believe it. Yes the go broadly address check anti -- -- -- quote I was and I'm in some early you have something -- do. I actually made a constant protests we've got to think we'll be perfect and I figured something directly you guys so -- -- we have here. I have his card -- with some of our favorite GMA host we have ginger. David hello David -- -- as saying hello ain't it wonderful -- -- hello there and David how much yeah. Man that's how magical how let him go let it happen at any what you want -- go ahead and say stop. We're view we are out let's the -- again we'll have a game tape yeah. Go ahead and -- up right there I've been Catholic wouldn't you think are we want we -- -- -- -- -- the camera is is. Gender -- how old squeak into the it does happen register at any point if you -- any emotion. Out of love. They're happy love love yeah. The only -- her look here's the deal Brian I think what you want and ending an eight point OK you go ahead and just say stop stop. Right there are we sure yet wristwatch. -- -- -- there. Right there yes want to -- percent of kidnapping kidnapping watch. -- -- ready. -- -- -- children family show. How do we showed that we -- love and the rejoice yet again -- -- when -- Yeah. And you didn't and her before -- -- and Goldman is sorry everybody else. Yeah yeah yeah and now I think now lot of people have been tense news coming up. Yeah. Yeah. It's. -- like and -- -- -- -- a little -- like -- magic in the first thing. -- I got -- book when I was nine years old on magic I started doing it. And I never -- it was one of those things and then I was -- do -- never thought would happen like this but here we are going to probably starting line in November. Homeland -- an -- -- the cabin and luggage everyone carries and back in because unless there -- That's you coming in Leon I'll you're yeah the the pattern we don't want to -- anything yet. Haven't we saw you we need to hear from them may soon -- found love with magic at an early age as well tuned to news and pop. Seems like -- tell me how to relax before electricity in. To report reflects its -- they used on as the rose trick earlier -- -- Natalie just you know a lot of people. Thank you very fast hands to do magic and it's just not true you know the best magic is slow and deliberate with your sleeves rolled up so. -- -- But coin -- a little squeeze and it. Homo. -- now watching for you folks both sides exists. Give another little squeeze. Comes right back. I've seen up close not abruptly. -- it's going to be even better chronic -- Iowa and right what are we expect from the -- mirror there's a good everything that actually. Seven of us into the summer and specialty so with the future as we have community center we have a warrior we have also wanted to -- especially -- -- -- It's like a gang of magicians easier to assault here's it's now magically -- now. -- that -- You all get together. We were actually found my producer who knives or the world brought together and there's two different shows and they -- -- chosen the one and it's happening. And I just need one magic trick for all the single guys up how did you make that origami turned into -- rose. And the men out there wondering how can -- with the latest good question are. You can see it -- like tickets are on sale now. You start in November although -- -- -- -- live dot com. And it's. Like to work he does it is -- and popped the ball. It's crap then now we are going to witness -- eating more ice cream with her friend and -- that's TM line you can join us right here -- -- hand each and every day. Thank you so much for being with -- Adam -- I later right now.

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{"id":24395490,"title":"GMA LIVE! (7.02.14)","duration":"12:12","description":"A look at the new app Knozen that allows people to rate their co-workers.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-70214-24395490","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}