GMA LIVE! (7.09.14)

Ralph Scamardella of TAO impresses the GMA team with a variety of his most popular dishes from his restaurants.
10:16 | 07/09/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (7.09.14)
Get ready for some GMA live -- it all starts now. Live backstage at GMA. And it's not -- at the end there. She can't I speak for Larry -- Keating as bear a burden of debt come back. Would you like me speaking from now on June -- now happen today up -- yes. That -- an epic and I are now stands. Guys are you a little preview we're gonna sit -- I'm ready he had reason where we're -- this route on him. Just -- -- that this is there's their restaurants in the city can't read let me read a Lester. I think of how -- -- Arlington club -- and shrimp. We got your dream downtown to yes so you guys have food is beyond an honest and I was just sneaking and I -- the -- We'll get to -- up later immediately got to fix it thank you. I'm I'm I'm kinda heavy debt and I'm happy I love you I know I have an ending it's because he's -- -- for you guys are really like -- -- yeah. And email that I think yeah yeah sleep. -- -- That -- that was that they thought. What happened at the bounds thanks Pamela yet alarms sound happy and risk having all of you are my guys think you -- can I ask why cancel these I have not -- -- they don't get between me in the ribs please. Are we out of touch because you're holding ahead anyway so please tell me what we're getting -- I am a hand me down and out. And because a new beauty trend has taken social media by storm encouraging all women to bear at all it comes to their -- regiment. Look leveling justices -- -- outflank -- you want to take an apparent media. To do this -- you didn't mean when she Matthew Axelsson and anything did where on the off Kelly I think that's -- -- does not to -- before it. And I will now. -- somebody does that island better yeah. And it and it's. I have a memory eighty and it doesn't take away time and again you meaning me thank -- -- wrinkles the noisy gradually on him. If this poll showed that. Actually have my wife then send an email saying the defense -- he is not terminally in the coming here time and. But not silence of the lambs yeah I thought it puts the lotion in the that -- So why why are we aren't talking about these and putting him into retreat and because all the celebrities and doing as people take is they and that it takes LC is and they really are very helpful apparently so we have them for the audience to hand out somebody's I -- -- -- -- someone handed that you -- high which you and I didn't -- -- using your discretion. I am so that's save your life need not look not run into a nasty mean imagine what his face that looked like I guess it's gonna glow worried at endlessly -- relate hang around with the thank you guys -- live in the past and my girlfriend and I are I don't -- in the -- And there really a little extra. And look at you know this. So beautiful. -- isn't it nice to get a welcome in the morning from people at work or at school well this little boy Tyler Harris no relation. Got less welcoming the world wouldn't return to school after -- out sick for a couple of here is -- John Harris recorded -- reception. And captured and hear excitement from Tyler's classmates upon his return this adorable -- really speaks at a welcoming. -- children assured us and this is what happens when I show up as a villain here in the wrong. And -- Yeah -- I get hugs they get unwanted facial fat -- -- they have an NFL and Gelman. -- -- When I got my serious journalists had now let's switch gears. To talk about my favorite topic. Students we have seven kittens who lined up for a photo shoot and ended up making an adorable -- Florence sales. Breeder at that crystal maintenance battery in Quebec waved an object from the -- while they were for -- they've got hit -- photo ever recorded it. I don't know how she got them lined up that is actually amazing. And the saying does -- cat like reflexes ship and moving in perfect unison and trying to that the object were their cause that is unbelievably cute I could put that Fonda. The -- -- my computer and never leave. He really -- -- I love that I love all animals back to him after the nature's perfectly designed killing machines. And pilot. And also Lovell Dyett -- I tell you guys is in have a major fans and I think it's that -- society of New York. I think I'm adopting another -- Norway that Terri has passed him I'm not -- -- for that offense but it's OK I sort of -- -- like kids. Once you have more than 200. Lara Spencer -- -- if you haven't in his -- you can we have -- line northeast these guys there's so many cats and doesn't need green homes. -- -- -- -- And down and might you know documenting the impact scam in nature right absolutely and lighter plug for I think it's fantastic you're doing your kids grow it love it I think -- -- -- And it's like a minivan and unrepentant attacks not the ideal ice want to encourage everybody to rest -- work an illusion. And you and I leg -- -- there's good news like hundred. So have you been that is it time for the food. It is yeah. I've got that country's -- and our hot I'm -- to -- -- here letting you all that delicious. -- around call you this man is a star here in New York City. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Hung around particularly particularly good -- any city and Las Vegas and joining us -- -- Ralph. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and and you brought everything from all the restaurants Atlanta rich thing that we have. We cannot wait to get it back and we haven't in some taste off at the next ligaments but we'll -- that Sierra -- -- came on Sally. Is that all Lincoln club it's. Steak and seafood house to -- -- house on ridge we to a barbecue Sunday so we do -- into selling off most warning. That's OK thank you -- absolutely everybody else has -- -- -- -- we also know we also have -- -- It's an Italian southern Italian Italian American we have a famous for a giant meatball with Kobe. What got them all on believe slightest doubt that thank you so you chanting John that he calls obviously have technical -- Depends on who you walk is an -- from the not for the table and -- subsequent. -- -- -- Yes welcome double missing everybody don't know how to girl is ever time dissidents -- to -- -- -- me could make it home. Absolutely not as well as -- -- give that a shot to book a bigoted -- we have nominee even as Mexican restaurant that -- Florida with guys Romo and London. Next. So news and talk cause these famous locally. Different sauces I don't recommend that a -- is dessert yeah. What -- what I was a little like a ball to white chocolate. Cover over over how -- shall we think he should be -- -- I was -- multiple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great food great atmosphere great season. London and finally it certainly -- on the. Something often I don't know how I'd been some -- stuff so we now hotel which. Fell 58 in -- don't dump which is -- sixteenth we doing himself on the brunch on Sunday at sixtieth street in downtown we have an on the menu every day we have different selections of himself. So solving business try to figure out what it is. Yeah -- Is there and Mike linearity surprise yeah nothing weird which he -- -- -- peanuts in one of about one Democrats -- just -- -- allergic. Don't have to use you don't think you look at that Ferris and -- apparent fall well below one. Okay so that is -- -- everybody understood about it. Down -- says something that peanuts that's long -- -- something delicious that I can excellent. I can -- that I things and that there are assured that there should be so I'm actually all that makes -- very -- yes there is something -- -- him. -- Yeah. About that -- morally it's a degree and I bet and I don't know in nineteen that I just it didn't and now. -- Like -- And laid out another kid and -- and gradually -- the road. The area. I know -- probably great finally unlocked phone with the but you're gonna give you a lot of information that you didn't -- -- -- to realize this is a celebrity -- behind the scenes how -- as we are beginning to I really yeah. Sure that's really -- -- -- -- -- haven't even grabbed him in -- online no growth outlook the rule is that there is often food on Jimmy live. And if you eat the food you must participate in the show. That's my guest appearance today I'm very happy to be here with our turn around and I want I think yeah. And her son Alex the peanut expects this type vegetables with -- does -- seem a little you know. I can't hear you know I'm too busy. Right -- thanks rob has had several times -- here it. That's an effort today that's it I'm sorry I mean are you are you madly in -- we please go tried here in New York -- everybody your chart its restaurants. Annually and all again please how old lava -- Chicago marquis and his dream downtown and uptown I believe yes. Our right Ralph we thank you we thank you right. Okay. Think -- ethanol.

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{"id":24485114,"title":"GMA LIVE! (7.09.14)","duration":"10:16","description":"Ralph Scamardella of TAO impresses the GMA team with a variety of his most popular dishes from his restaurants. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-70914-24485114","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}