'GMA LIVE!' (7.14.14)

Ginger Zee on her once in a life time shark diving experience in the Bahamas.
10:36 | 07/14/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (7.14.14)
Ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GNA. And I. It's good that live studio audience -- just a couple of moments but first we want to show you what was happening during that -- -- -- -- -- joining me here -- -- to lots I didn't get to watch -- programs that work hasn't worked on Sunday. And I called someone and I was talking about -- were -- and -- that -- a soccer game on like there's this little game. Of the World Cup final for other airport and it is. -- every single as the Charlotte airport. And the right do -- -- didn't -- indication of what was happening around the world and who was watching so you'll see the light that's going and that's who's tweeting. OK that's it Twitter heat map. So all kind of popping up and then -- -- that all ended. That's crazy that's what we say police say Twitter is broken. It looks like that but what I love about the World Cup it's one of my favorite events because it really is a global event that the entire world is not about -- this part leading up -- a relatively new thing but I love. I'm sick of different part of a big fan and and we had a lot of fun social media -- saying yes. -- -- some of the more popular tweets and David Hasselhoff. Gonna make it out with -- -- -- Eric. We -- they're playing it on a little like -- yes yes you can see it live it could get a lot of attention frankly anything -- that gets quite a bit of attention. Com and would want to try to pronounce. Even name you can do this movie is for adults eat a hot hand that there's going to be arts -- Vaccines. Quite stagger -- have a live yeah. I think what people have to -- -- -- -- all the time. A lot of them believer that now they're very healthy -- their congratulatory. Kiss from the G -- getting a lot of attention to. Really really happy good for them. I just doesn't get it half and half and anything soccer makes it very wealthy of that I would agree with that really combined the same amount of people who love soccer. -- -- And then don't -- -- that we wanted to show you just a couple of its fleets of grown men crying. We love -- means because only a game like this could bring them out -- as we go over you'll see a few more coming there I have never break for them because. When Italy -- and about the -- penalty -- I felt this way and you can feel the agony of seeing that in the tears at the -- Elliott bring that -- Barrett a montage of grown men crying and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't run everything or canceled at that little -- that ever happened here on stimulus -- always have a plan. -- it's -- -- outright and affect the play it's very obvious transition that your Atlanta out of the respected you a little bit of that tree hugger. But there's a -- from both it happens again that I don't prove the point helped inspire one of the summer's weirdest -- means so. The hash tag is -- hugging let go and that in. We have and with grumpy cat. I believe that this is the original -- mr. Graham he's in the trees that street and then there a couple of them -- -- hugging grumpy cat also. -- action with a unicorn that he wore rainbows dobbins. And then there's the -- resilient than he needed a -- frankly. From -- Atlanta so Jay Leno caught wind about taken place then he got in on the fun he read rammed his own version. We have him with them with one who is here again that let you -- Graham. Giving President Obama loves so. The cut him. All we -- he did -- are saying an ass kicked one of him hugging perhaps tomorrow BK that we do a better. As the original unto men not being afraid to show they're softer side because it seems to be. A trend here on the show and on and to Graham a new -- is also make it around this summer. -- -- With a hash tag fashionable dare we say even hipster -- they're taking those flowers and wound. I tell you I think this creeps me out and the reason it creeps me out is because it looks to me like the flowers are growing from their base and in some of those beards they could be. Yeah. -- -- at. Well yeah wedding night as Texas scene it's very artistic. Media that look for them and not hand as much for others it'll take a while to warm up -- the. Don't you know it's interesting that everything moves faster these days -- it seems like -- one thing that's going slower is restaurant times people are spending more time in restaurants -- restaurant -- New York says that just over an hour used to be the average time at the table ten years ago now it's nearly two hours. That eating more and more spending more time at the table and this particular person says that part of the reason is because of social media people are taking pictures of their food. -- on why it either even complaining. About the lack -- Wi-Fi and some restaurants because they want to be on their devices and and it gives an opportunity to sit and park somewhere and do nothing to be doing anyway and then you -- have to pay attention anybody around you right exactly. Function just that it's a long time. I'm all for a two hour dinner not iphones. The pen that depends on what Atlanta got out of my day having -- -- of the comments. Yeah and I thank you so they definitely it make you take longer at the table I was -- this weekend and shark diving. Why it's a good transition because their restaurants don't work. The -- -- an island yeah. I don't have an air part of -- Philly got -- 45 minutes gust eleventh. Yes yet -- -- -- saying you aren't but let me tell you about this so I think we have some idiots do and our experience I think that's spent yeah that's still look to the sharks -- isn't just the lemon starts right. You've really -- with each practice and there where. Forty years so upbeat and build the one that's just -- -- down for the checks. -- forty or so let me start there -- two large tiger sharks that your fourteen. TV OK and the point and that's what this is all part of shark week you know on the -- Now we are pairing up and you'll -- my stories we went down their first hour. We start coming up at over I was heading east yeah. It really. Let me to the right place where everybody want to -- the check lovers right to see that sharks don't attack. Yes they bite. But they bite -- promotes -- almost always you know there's the surfer who looks like a turtle ran wild from the bottom to the shack at once and I'll have been accidentally that. But for the most part. I'm about -- not tender and loving animals but in -- that would be from afar this. Guy one of the start whispers that is with us turn the shark got it back -- its belly and the -- this is the fifteenth but what. They guys that just ruled that he's let you know whenever it does this to me that not every -- -- -- we left. I'm telling you it was one of the most incredible experiences and to be in their worlds and had this little stick with you so that if they -- -- -- they're all very curious. He would just put that up to their nose and had to leave them away they now please don't. Look at me I'm not very interesting and then it will it be one behind you there were all over this morning the White House around going to be ethnicity and that and senator it has -- spotlight that but it was and I think we have other video right before we went. I -- water -- I don't see a lot about a couple years and this is what I found love with leather. And and there's a lot of it's very end its toxicity but anyway it's super exciting and I thought that was a great -- for my shark -- for up to quite a bit. At the weekend by have a home respectfully management's actions on the tracks -- people can do that -- extremely -- these guys like close the way you drive really close to tornadoes -- this is -- right now this is not nothing -- -- senate -- going -- I -- so -- already know about it. But -- you can tell that the reassessment fantastic and I learned so much about the animal's -- memories. Are I want turning back now to our fruit -- yet we have to swing back to the food and -- we wait for it. He may not have noticed that the worked hard to prepare -- me -- right so what I decided that he was going to start tipping people. You should stars behind the simple pick up account they ensure that active workers felt appreciated -- -- particular. Five -- earlier this is yeah. That's for you have. -- your -- Really good job. 100 dollars. -- Miles CNN that he had. Have to shift there are sitting out there working and that's really great moment that could be to -- about a that you have -- -- -- over the country. -- fast workers are needed for higher weight as they can't live on the money they make so. This it's a huge difference to people -- real. Act of kindness and it's surely yes because we we tip everybody else break but that is one place that we just -- the science and a fifty men and everybody just -- appreciated and instead that was my -- others -- there's something specific process we have to show -- the video just -- Which has been -- went into a million times the I mention. Prosper in the in place them mentally. And that's kind of scary so. And that can be modified. That literally it brings tears to my Nowitzki had been given until homeless person after receiving. Not as a -- -- that it -- the first and I pray and love it. Feel -- Monday they're demanding they don't it don't feel good on Monday -- Monday yes Leslie a lot of idle and with police about every day is a -- Look but it's that that effect on doing -- the -- yeah. Yourself happy that you able to come inside -- dozen -- so happy that you -- here plot saying pentium mainline it is right here 9 AM eastern every single day. I became an instant food tomorrow may be up to heal and get back segment fountain Barton the wheels on the heels of -- -- -- Her opponent right you learning express where oil eggs per hour and the Marlins in my client who wouldn't want to watch that -- feeling good about it.

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{"id":24551594,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' (7.14.14)","duration":"10:36","description":"Ginger Zee on her once in a life time shark diving experience in the Bahamas.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-71414-24551594","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}