GMA LIVE! (7.08.14)

Linsey Davis and Gio Benitez try their luck at World Cup team country trivia.
7:59 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (7.08.14)
It ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage in GM today. -- live here on Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo! where there's an -- and -- all -- -- the -- go with me here Lindsey Davis is good to be here sitting next it was of people magazine's hottest bachelor -- -- of one of the hottest that. And so you know had a great and I give us guideline -- how -- you talk about your back. Back to the -- days -- three months in a week old aid in Silas Roberts. -- the last time she was on the show. She was very pregnant yes and we have lots of food that's so I kind of -- -- do it again today but I'm still hungry all the time when we got to get the food. No food trucks out there anything today and now -- -- -- -- again we gotta figure that out. On the we got a great audience here mayor -- how the and Holler if you clearly -- and I just have them on the shelves that they just finished up performance in fact there was an awesome shot I don't know if you saw it teasing into that performance. We -- Robin Roberts thirsty -- -- on the art. -- -- -- -- -- And Allen got a song in our hands in the -- California. I won't thing coming -- they'll. So when did you know where you were babies I sure that you shouldn't we at home. And that's the planet reading a -- -- leaving with YouTube comedy team whatever white -- They cooked up a hilarious prank the fly away baby -- look pretty unbelievable the -- film the reactions of startled bystanders who watched. As a fake baby. Rises into the sky -- -- still bunch of balloons it's actually kind of funny adding because how you look at you I forget. I've forgotten and everybody's freaking -- look. Although they're not doing a whole lot to sound right I mean that this kind of like oh well -- flying away. As onlookers do their best to rescue the floating baby that quickly realized that it is all a hoax of I don't know when -- -- -- that. The video which is close to just two days ago has already been viewed almost 500000. -- it really is pretty clever. Who wouldn't do not funny because there it is like an episode of what we can -- right right -- looking for drunkenness and I'm not that -- Hey there's an idea but our newest island Doug -- right and that are you whistler at all not you know the government -- able to those -- than. Ironic yes. There are all -- -- we -- William Morris is. I -- Had fun thing I did I get this book born to run. Yeah about -- -- in Iraq we just talked about you -- we showed you in our lord we have the video game to each other -- yeah yeah. My legs are crossed himself and accident -- about. We have some people hear from him talk -- -- you -- -- as well you really out of high. Just I -- -- I've been doing Good Morning America I don't want him. -- -- -- Just believe diversity and just you know we have Diane Keaton on and -- going on and on that we have this great cast. This is wonderful this is why you wanted and that's why I'm telling -- days like today and to celebrate somebody's honeymoon. Yes -- -- Christine with the yeah. Katherine yeah capital of the city this I have I have right I don't think it's kind of but I -- I as you're lying -- you work -- -- robber. I. But it. Back to the whistles which Robin good luck to whistles you get thought and -- so I never did little whistle with. My fingers in my movie and I can do this -- and anybody out there who didn't even look into it now you can do it. Nobody can gonna do you can't whistle. Hello America -- -- her actually see in our play -- -- Today we have an adorable little girl who just can't seem to carry it to -- Harrison from Twin Falls, Idaho. She's almost three years old is desperately trying to mimic her mother's wrestling ability but. That's mom whistling in the back and UC heard trying. To do enriching doesn't seem to discourage -- just blasted off. -- is so cute here. -- -- -- And I. Really super secrecy are telling you all now we're gonna switch gears here talk a little bit about World Cup you know that you say is officially been knocked out of that doesn't mean this soccer fans need to give so we're gonna play a little -- -- the kind of game are you pay down I'm down trying to help you answers. -- -- See if you can decide which semi finalist team. He should be rooting for the senate all right so -- meter read you one bizarre facts about each of the competing countries you -- against Richard fact belongs to which team got it. And and I do in full disclosure -- have a cheat sheet with the floor saying this is on the rise this is not so I just gotta match and I just -- -- -- so -- all right -- Brazil Argentina Germany and the Netherlands -- of course -- -- the -- -- -- the -- -- originated in which of these countries. See you I'm just say you shouldn't just tried to -- comments they are the god you are -- -- That's -- isn't it it is all right CNN that hints and -- -- -- RR I'm looking. 200 this is actually -- -- -- I would have never gotten us this country has more bicycles and residents. I haven't gotten its act it would've gotten a small yet the -- it was a -- this -- game and they put the answers on the teleprompter. Isn't this what make us look. The Netherlands 701 another and we got another officer. And another one look at irregular -- in this country maximum security prisoners can reduce your jail sentence through -- -- I'm not looking at the teleprompter but I'm gonna say. Germany. Germany is -- it is a German visit what does it. Both Brazil hello -- -- wrong or is there. Our -- and they'll still see the moment they take chances away are there -- more than 1000 different types of sausages in this country. C'mon this is determined yet you -- An -- -- I didn't suddenly doesn't excluding Brazil look at the -- I can reduce your jail sentence. Who -- maybe a hobby that one might wanna take up that they have Connecticut that -- not always. -- the gonna happen if we visit Brazil right. I finally. The French bulldogs aren't pulling up this -- of the day is extra cool because. He has a very special talent check out gizmo right there a fourteen year no word on lonely advocate and -- team kept up. Who can actually skateboard. And he's been doing it since he was just three months -- to come out. The Pope who is the native to -- Has has. I think I let it all in all around the fifth an independent state parks all over the place and I can certainly ride with the growth of the student RI. At first this kind of like this sunglasses wearing sunglasses was -- sound but now with the news service isn't. Professional but I wanna see you -- and little legs either way bush and skateboard. It doesn't seem like he ever actually propels himself. For doesn't. -- his right hello yeah. Don't we just embarrassed them. But since -- was three months -- -- that is very impressive. Very wounds. Well that's what you get here on GM a lot of he had little Robin Roberts to get a little. Soccer facts and principal books even -- we don't really know the answers -- the right problems. Can -- think. We -- thank you some. Thank you for happening here and you give me a liar always a pleasure that's our show today join -- tomorrow morning on GMA life. Think so not me.

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{"id":24465498,"title":"GMA LIVE! (7.08.14)","duration":"7:59","description":"Linsey Davis and Gio Benitez try their luck at World Cup team country trivia.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-7814-24465498","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}