'GMA Live' Producer of the Day

Ed Erhardt, ESPN president of global customer marketing and sales, joins the "GMA" team for a day.
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for 'GMA Live' Producer of the Day
So -- -- our producer today something were to incorporate -- Very excited and -- introduced Ed. There is -- this because this is a married yeah I -- And can't rationale here. -- -- -- -- Global customer marketing and sales presidents -- ESP and -- is -- -- our sister. Right here on the -- distinguished leader in the sports advertising industry since 1999 has led sales and marketing across all platforms under the ESPN umbrella and what an exciting time to talk about sports camps because -- -- Super Bowl -- everything that's happening at the Olympics let's start with that what do you make of but you know sort of all of the threats at the Olympics what your position on well thanks for having -- personal yeah. It's really -- -- yeah I'm I'm from yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- No I'm not not a hugs tonight and why didn't he show couldn't you know what -- the guys over there -- -- -- volumes jotted it down you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that the Olympics. Clearly is a really big story. And I think that it may be a story that -- the Olympics does as well as I think people think it will do. Pond it will potentially be in your stories people. Want to watch. ESPN will be there ABC news will be -- I only there along side many of your -- us. And we will be on a rooftop overlooking -- -- and and ready and for anything truly I have so many Olympic meetings and I know you all have been we have locked and nobody does news better than ABC news -- like nobody doesn't -- just aren't better than ESPN. So so we do certainly haven't covered we called the game around the game that -- Jacqueline. As we don't have the game but we have all the games around and tell them. Incident free everything I need to know will be on ESPN or ABC or -- the -- -- yes exactly simultaneously. How how do you -- your experience as a producer for the next it's been fascinating and fantastic and everyone here is really welcomed and spent time producers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She suggests that Gary Townsend an -- you can see there's a lot of -- -- like when -- herding cats. Yes not an easy job with live TV for two hour absolutely absolutely what would you say the biggest job is biggest differences between what you've seen over ESPN and end here Good Morning America. Are you to break question I mean I think news is news you know whether or sports or its or -- whether. Oil -- -- you know news of the day so I think it's just different -- I think we've because we have so much -- sports. -- -- PM in terms of the live games that we do so much of our. Contents is a combination wolf what comes up Bristol you know and all those big studios that we haven't invented. And then what happens in the truck which is such an important part of the experience culture. Being -- you know all the time I like to think of us. I think of ABC news in the morning America as always on the -- and I think that's a great way that we think about ourselves is that he has been on were always on ruinous. And I -- that could ask the question for you have -- -- -- I think so many people I know so many young young men and women out there think he would be the coolest thing ever working ESPN. Did you get your story. In the business world he has been for me I don't you can you tell you share. -- -- -- at saint Johns I'd. I was I was actually. You started selling advertising. A local newspaper here in New York home -- news. Which probably most people don't remember but is all about what was happening downtown great fun. And then went to high -- advertising age is covered everything business. And that's -- -- met George vote in primaries and now swallow and a lot of folks and the networks and so on. And at the time they wanted to to have someone come in -- extremely -- -- -- -- together yeah and I was you know drive for better for works -- What do what I do you think here in charge of selling that the time today at rader well anything that -- so whether it's the digital magazine audio television or on your big guys. Mean in the 400 other people -- -- Unless you're also a fan I'm so angry people make that a bit rusty Thomas also many -- -- so fine. It is not just -- really cool product it's a great product and you get all look like -- panel begins to buy this there's some good trucks and everybody can't pay continue. -- means it's good and bad. Yeah could -- getting it done and. Good and bad. I go to games for a -- which is pretty good but I also on the ticket master for all the data such an exact science also the Super Bowl right now is interest in front -- Popular guy I high value players are taking -- Michael was a blockbuster decided all the movies believe in the lead up to the Oscars and I are I have like -- like the lending library of Connecticut yeah yeah. That's not a bad way to be seen that no Cunningham comes another block to agreement yeah it's it's -- -- -- wants to sure -- something we can I do it because I know it indirectly putting don't do much cat basketball. Well. Should I certainly deserves his Mulligan this could be your help because there played today. That could be -- ready and raring for EF BI can see it now so maybe it -- let it play with me Letzing kind. -- I mean really he's seen -- -- you know what I think it it might need a little more action. But you don't know and that's good. Another player and everything I don't. Can we pretend this is a sales pitch and this -- the show you're suing the yeah but I don't know what it is nothing like -- as. And really are very attached to their cats and oil entertain. Who have headache and a donkey if they conduct this interview could -- your -- A little anything -- CNN I. Coming soon and -- -- PM drink yeah. Pet he had -- -- really -- that we thank you celebrity rumor spread you where winds are even now many go to the morning meeting and I am. I'm gonna spend time -- again today and just kind of learn how you guys don't be -- I've always been fascinated with morning television. Other sports owners for what you all do a gym bag and I think it's you know it's live you having one of the great things but what we do his life. Yeah yeah yeah can't take you back if you needed for edit out there isn't asking -- personal forecast some hair you know. Well yeah. I'm telling you whether it is a really big thing for sure and she's so I think yeah and the united -- a couple of weeks. -- -- -- And Madagascar and and an Olympic coverage -- whether it will be a big part of that as well no kidding -- right what do you say we what do you say we didn't get their morning meeting -- -- -- -- -- working there.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ed Erhardt, ESPN president of global customer marketing and sales, joins the \"GMA\" team for a day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21613953","title":"'GMA Live' Producer of the Day","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-producer-day-21613953"}