'GMA on the Lookout' for Lawnmower Accidents

As summer swings into full force and people are cutting their grass, it's important to know the safety risks of their lawnmowers.
2:48 | 06/25/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA on the Lookout' for Lawnmower Accidents
"Gma" on the lookout and this morning, the dangers of lawn mowers. They could actually cause jars or even fires and ABC's gio Benitez has the details. My house is on fire. I think it was the lawn mower. Reporter: Just last week a massive fire in Virginia. Watch as a drone captures at least 40 firefighters battling the fire spraying the roof after it caved in. This morning, fire officials say it was probably caused by a lawn mower used right before the fire. They say the owner had put it under a deck near stored gasoline. Video after video on youtube shows unexpected accidents with lawn mowers. But to 2 1/2-year-old ash Lynn potter, devastating injuries. My grandfather was mowing out in the yard and he was backing up and she ran behind him and he didn't see her. Reporter: Ash Lynn breaking her leg and nearly losing two toes. Her surgeon Dr. Dale jarka so alarled by the number of lawn mower injuries she sent out an alert to her own community. We had the same number by June 1st as we had in all of 2014. Reporter: To help you keep safe this summer "Gma" on the lookout working with underwriters laboratories to show you the potential risks. First danger, heat and potential for fire. Experts say exhaust from a lawn mower can hit more than 240 degrees. The engine block is about 200 degrees. Reporter: Run out of gas. Have it cooled down before you put more gas in. Second danger, the wrong shoes. Watch what happens if you wear flip-flops. The mower shredding them to pieces. This one would have toorn up your foot so badly that you would probably have to look at some surgery. Reporter: While it may be more comfortable to dress like this, experts say you should wear protective eyewear, long pants and hard toed shoes. Third danger, nearby objects become missiles. The tip of the blade moves about 200 miles an hour. That means if it strikes an object it could send it flying at almost that speed. Reporter: These tiny steel balls represent little particles of gravel. It you don't use a safety guard while mowing small objects can fly at great speeds, here you see the holes made in just a fraction of a second. Bottom line, clear that yard. And back out here with the lawn mower we really want to show you just how dangerous it can be to wear flip-flops while you're mowing the lawn, okay. So right now let's go down to that lawn mower cam. There at grass level. You see that flip-flop right there. Let's mow over it. Here we go. All right. And as you can see you just don't want to wear flip-flops. You definitely don't want to do this barefoot. Lara, sorry about your shoe. That's all right.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"As summer swings into full force and people are cutting their grass, it's important to know the safety risks of their lawnmowers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32017828","title":"'GMA on the Lookout' for Lawnmower Accidents","url":"/GMA/video/gma-lookout-lawnmower-accidents-32017828"}