'GMA' Musical.ly Challenge Contest Finalists

Watch the submissions from our round three finalists. Their songs are set to Brad Paisley's "Without a Fight."
4:07 | 06/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Musical.ly Challenge Contest Finalists
was invited to. A musical.ly morning. Some of your submissions for our "Gma" musical.ly challenge. Wow, people went all out. It is time to reveal the finalists and for that we turn to a musical.ly champion. One and done. One and done. Yes, you are bar none the best. I got lucky, one and done. Drop the Mike. Drop the phone. This has been an awesome challenge. You all knocked out round three of our musical.ly challenge with your best ones to brad Daugherty's "Without a fight." Here's a look at who's making it to the finals. ♪ I want to want me ♪ Reporter: Our challenge is heating up. Now heading into the finals. ♪ Hello Friday ♪ Reporter: Across three challenges from Jason derulo, no ride da and brad Daugherty. Over 244,000 entries submitted garnering more than 12.5 million likes from users everywhere. ♪ I got a crazy idea." Reporter: This had over 20,000 smigs. Show me how you're knocking out this challenge. Reporter: It's time to meet our two finalists. 17-year-old Cameron Mcleod from wedwood city, California, tended right from the start. ♪ Girl you're the one I can't to want me ♪ Submitting a dazzling trio beating out the competition through three rounds. ♪ I thought maybe tonight ♪ Reporter: 16-year-old Lauren Godwin was a round two wild card pick. ♪ Hello Friday ♪ Reporter: After trending huge on the Florida challenge. ♪ I got a crazy idea. Reporter: This set to "Without a fight" left us wanting more. Cameron and Lauren are now coming to New York City for the ultimate musical.ly challenge finale out to prove they're not going home without a fight. ♪ I thought maybe tonight ♪ Reporter: So what's their final challenge? Find out now live. ♪ Without a fight ♪ Two worthy finalists. Yeah, now you don't look so good in thanks for making me look bad. We wanted to say congratulations. Our two "Gma" musical.ly finalists joining us via Skype. Congratulations, guys and, Cameron, I want to start with you. You've been in the competition since the very beginning. How do you plan on really bringing it here in the finals. You know, this is such a dream come true. I've been doing this competition from the beginning and I can't wait to go all the way. You know, I'm just going to head up there and dance my heart out. That's for sure. I believe that. Right. I believe that. Lauren, you were a wild card in round two so what are you going to do to bring it in this next round? You know, just yesterday I was like wondering if I was going to make it or not so it's so unreal to be here in new York, but definitely to keep my momentum I'm just going to do what I love and experience -- enjoy the experience. All right, guys. Now it's time to reveal your challenge. For the finals and got a special message from demi Lovato. Take a look. It's time to be the boss right now and dance. ♪ Cool for the summer ♪ Reporter: Send in your musical.ly to "Confident." ♪ What's wrong with being confident ♪ Because what's wrong with being confident? And nothing -- confidence something they don't lack. Very, very good so you've heard demi. Our finalists are going to make a musical.ly to her new hit "Confident" for a chance to meet her at our "Gma" summer concert and win tickets to a show on her future now tour with nick Jonas. Even if you're not a finalist we still want to see what you have at home so send in your best musical.ly for fun with the #gmachallengedemi and may make it on "Gma." Cameron, Lauren, ready to bring it for the finals. Yes, let's do it. Of course. Can't not wait to see these musical.lys. Keep making me look bad. George's, I'm still waiting to see. Disappeared. Don't hold your breath, Jesse.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Watch the submissions from our round three finalists. Their songs are set to Brad Paisley's \"Without a Fight.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39893184","title":"'GMA' Musical.ly Challenge Contest Finalists","url":"/GMA/video/gma-musically-challenge-contest-finalists-39893184"}