'GMA' Purse Intervention Helps People Lighten Their Loads

Bianna Golodryga targets people with heavy bags to help reduce the burden.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Purse Intervention Helps People Lighten Their Loads
Now, it's time for, say it with me, everyone. "Gma" purse intervention. That's right. We want to help everyone with what could be a major hazard to your health, your purse. Abc's bianna golodryga hit the streets to find out what's in your handbag. And if it's hurting you. ♪ Reporter: This bag weighs in at -- 25. Reporter: And this one -- 9.1 pounds. Can't believe it weighs that much. Reporter: From new york to los angeles, we are being weighed down by our bags. My purse is a nightmare. It's literally just garbage and miscellaneous junk. 6.1. Reporter: Why do our bags always tip the scales? Water bottle. Wallet. Junk. And a phone. Newspaper. Books. A whole separate purse. Definitely the wallet. Keys. Makeup. My jogosh. Only 4.3. Reporter: It's not just what's in our bags. Let's face it. Our bags have accessories of their own. From buckles, to grommets, and weights. All adding to what we carry every day. I'm guilty as charged. Here's my 7 1/2-pound bag that i carry around every day. It's especially hard when you're walking around for hours with all that weight. They become like the black hole. Reporter: What are the conditions you've treated due to large bags. Headaches. Neck pain. Upper back. And it travels down into the arm. The nerves are being pinched. And bianna is with us here. And marcia's here with us. And marcia, unfortunately, i think has the heaviest bag that you found, right? Reporter: Exactly. Let's put it on the scale. Oh, sure. I can't even lift it. You are so in the danger zone. Reporter: You have a 13-pound child. What is in there? I think everything and its mother. The kitchen sink, as well. This is a daily routine for you? And do you have back problems? Yes. You will if you don't. Let's talk about what you can do to save your back and your health. The first suggestion is to bring two bags? Reporter: Two bags. You have a bag like this. You fold it into your purse. Why is that better? Reporter: It's weight distribution. You're carrying two things but evenly distributing on your body and your arm. And you're handling how you hold your bag and has an impact. Reporter: That's true. The cross your heart bag is becoming popular. It's like a messenger bag. Reporter: All about the weight distribution. This is better for you than one shoulder. Even though it cuts into your neck a little bit. They say this is the best. Reporter: Yes. Not very stylish. Going back to school. But the backpack, talking about weight distribution, this is where it's all at. And you carry a little clutch. You can't fit anything in there. Reporter: Just for aesthetics. And you know, really, they say this is the best. A wheelly bag. Maybe when you're going to the airport. You could start that trend, though. Bianna, thank you. Hopefully our shoulders will thank you, as well. Josh, over to you. Good. Tory johnson here. We have an all-american "deals

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{"id":17462469,"title":"'GMA' Purse Intervention Helps People Lighten Their Loads","duration":"3:00","description":"Bianna Golodryga targets people with heavy bags to help reduce the burden.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-purse-intervention-helps-people-lighten-loads-17462469","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}