'GMA' Readies for Coldplay Concert

World-famous band's new album, "Mylo Xyloto," has topped charts in 34 countries.
4:24 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Readies for Coldplay Concert
Don't know Megan -- they excitement building here at this countdown of -- played live let's put -- -- -- away. For the world's biggest -- hitting the stage in our studio. They have millions of fans have sold tens of millions of albums and the latest has topped the charts and a whopping 34 countries. There on global mega band. -- irresistible ten. Sing along choral chants. And five smash albums. Coldplay the British alternative rock band properly recognized for their. Lyrical wordplay have been a blaze for over a decade. Hopefully very easily one of the biggest bands of their generation and decade that's been really difficult for rock music in the mainstream. They've -- the top of the charts. The firing four man band made up of guitarist Jonny Buckland. -- -- -- Drummer will champion and songwriter Chris Martin say they initially drew inspiration from bands like U2. And are you. Their success has been unstoppable winning countless music awards throughout their history. Including six Brit awards really best British group three times. -- in TV video music awards and seven Grammy Awards from a whopping twenty nominations. As one of the world's most listened to artists and they sold over 55 million record the song that ignited their worldwide success is driven by -- -- Smart and -- and in the back room. -- have won the songs that every band dreams of which was -- yellow was in massive worldwide hit they went from basically being totally unknown Edward being known everywhere it's it's a dream of this. Martin is married to actress who could account -- the caromed backstage -- wonderful place concerts in 2002. They're concerts which are always jam packed often sell out within minutes. And we got a taste of their onstage she magnetics at this year's -- Hit the stage twice first when -- -- -- -- with a sizzling Rihanna. With their new hit song paradox. Man who gave the rapid success they have proven to be an international wonder. With over 25 million fans and followers. Mega hits. The new album that's quickly gaining -- We can expect to see these guys around. 41. He does -- -- -- -- -- -- If you let -- -- -- American dot com five surprising things you may not know about the branded anti either going to be here live -- who actually can.

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{"id":15826147,"title":"'GMA' Readies for Coldplay Concert","duration":"4:24","description":"World-famous band's new album, \"Mylo Xyloto,\" has topped charts in 34 countries.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-readies-coldplay-concert-15826147","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}