'GMA' Secret Deals and Steals: Personalized Gifts

Tory Johnson reveals where "GMA" viewers can find huge deals on great gifts.
5:32 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for 'GMA' Secret Deals and Steals: Personalized Gifts
For deals and steals were common and on the holidays right now -- gonna keep on this every week. Right -- Christmas we have some amazing deals starting today. Yes -- his -- would be proud of us because that all of these are small businesses on -- an American. -- -- -- Emerging deals and steals in -- and then you -- and yet anyway and it -- today and says -- not here but he's always with -- -- -- -- first item is a tribute to Sam scrap -- -- really great company where you can upload all your photos and make an instant poster -- so I took all his pictures of asbestos from FaceBook made that -- in -- -- Best of all the price my kids are doing this for high school friend I'm doing it for grandparents but regularly twenty to thirty dollars for GMA viewers only when -- use the code that you can only find a Good Morning America dot com I'm yeah. You'll save 6%. Pentagon. Radio Afghanistan won't put that wheels up here with yeah. What you did me -- my favorite picture that is a gorgeous picture made out I think even more beautiful. By -- pops in you upload one photo then they printed on archival quality candidates to back to the front of it is just let me -- goes right into your -- and it's a really great deal as well make nearly 99 dollars. Our deal is a 50% discount priority and I and and is ready. We're ready to hang right we already got gas this is a really great company another and small business suite business it's called the forever moment they made a president for -- And a president -- shots. And these are scrapbook pages so all the -- is not just a photocopy these are pages where they hands on each of the little piece is. And frank -- it comes just -- -- -- and the pregnant I think I can't do it yourself for these prices make dealer Lee 32. To 48 dollars. But it's. GMA discount is up fifty isn't beautiful in the 50% discount. These series neither do you -- you really -- got so far yes yes. You know the look at the -- -- at the little general. It's really that are -- That's exactly. Right so much stuff so my -- the worst offender we go on vacation to take all these pictures and then you know my mom screamed at me that why -- in your phone instead of sending them to us so full books are such an amazing -- I have yet to find a company that does a better job than my publisher. This is their classic hardcover photo -- who may -- early 35 dollars but get this get this instead Indy 2%. Ten dollars yeah. My kids -- -- And I was ten and I like him that -- -- the single greatest. They believe yet but yeah that's -- that it. Similar similar idea from the same company my publishing a holiday cards Lara tell me you are ready to go you're gonna start we're -- we have an -- -- the other. I think -- -- using. Many residents are not my -- pregnancy -- only like bargain with -- And a generic card get this regularly to all entities but for today's deal only a dollar a piece of your life -- and anti free shipping on these cards three. Return address. Three until -- yeah. Tell all -- -- yeah. Instead I may box this is a really big company also at the Dallas based women owned business and she's -- addition to fight ugly notebooks she doesn't like -- don't look so you can personalize you choose the cover look at -- those covers -- -- name or -- Graham on the covers and then on the inside to get to customize that tip you can -- agenda pages for 2012. Menu planners dots lines whenever you want getting look at it and not get look at yeah Mecca. Yeah. Yeah. And so I'm -- isn't Megyn Kelly yeah. Comedy polymarker -- -- About twenty dollars 50% they asked today six to ten dollars and of these adorable box -- -- adult love so. Is really beautiful and Hillary all of -- exactly they didn't -- This jeweler is really beautiful it's a company called I am Maryanne and -- and as a designer and she believes that every woman should have her personal Mon track. It's your word so Larry you -- I am -- me me. And -- I am awake way. Yeah we are black death I am great deal -- these regularly 7230. Dollars you can choose up from a variety of different -- 50% savings this. -- -- -- -- -- There's help George out at -- has a nickname. And sell -- we got from Georgia I am I AM. Matter aren't happening and then -- that put him -- -- to explain this 1030000. Yeah. Critics you can find all these things only looked at dog grading you recognize that -- -- of America. Did not -- I download every single day in December up until Christmas we will have exclusive. Deals with huge savings -- -- -- -- So you can get all of this stuff you gotta do it today some of these deals are today -- are really yeah. We're Good Morning America doesn't want to.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"Tory Johnson reveals where \"GMA\" viewers can find huge deals on great gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15064197","title":"'GMA' Secret Deals and Steals: Personalized Gifts","url":"/GMA/video/gma-secret-deals-steals-personalized-gifts-15064197"}