'GMA' to Surprise Family With Home Makeover

"Extreme Makeover" teams up with "GMA" to renovate one lucky family's home.
2:34 | 10/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' to Surprise Family With Home Makeover
Move that -- our friends over extreme makeover home edition made that. Phrase in the scene escalated so memorable were about to launch -- -- move that a serious right here on GM and send your address for. I am happy -- in the -- -- -- they're gonna surprise a family live. -- there are their own home make over and this is the first time we've done and on this show so it's kind of exciting for us to do but first a look back at some of the most unforgettable door -- you help you watched it with us on Sunday night. Judy you woke up to five. Your life -- changed in the blink of an -- Exactly what happens to lucky Stanley all around the country who in the modern day miracle workers of extreme makeover home edition arrive on the doorstep. Armed with just a bullhorn and efficient. -- -- -- Like a genie from a bottle but -- brands -- special wish to have family news faced an illness or hardship the results of a new house. And a magical new beginning. Tracy Hudson is a designer on the show. It's so much bigger in just one house you know its neighbors helping neighbors and it. I'm people meeting that never would have had an opportunity skills and an amazing. And the witness. The moment of reveal accompanied by chance now recognized far NY. Yeah. So join us this week and next week as we take -- charity for an unprecedented move that plus live. I'll join the extreme make over team for their biggest nickel -- ever. The longer we -- caps the greater the danger is we're gonna give away the secret of overall -- Everything picking up. Clinton let the few clues on where I know we're going to place that date can very much use their help open and we're glad to be there -- is it is west of here -- Well it's less -- there are very. Sam Champion bluntly -- yes thank you -- us are went Britannica. The political will be back we'll be back then I'll be back today that I won't be back don't go back around. Five -- But. Not from the.

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{"id":14760530,"title":"'GMA' to Surprise Family With Home Makeover","duration":"2:34","description":"\"Extreme Makeover\" teams up with \"GMA\" to renovate one lucky family's home.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-surprise-family-home-makeover-14760530","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}