'GMA' Top Dog Crowned: And the Winner Is ?

Josh Elliott reveals America's choice in "GMA's" contest for most talented dog.
3:22 | 10/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Top Dog Crowned: And the Winner Is ?
I am proud to reveal to win. Art. Even look over -- we are on OK good. Very hot out here very exciting because right now we -- reveal the top dog Josh you've been on this all week viewers sportsmen. What do you make of this competition you know it's been dogged 100 -- and while they put their best -- forward. And now we want to remind you of the three dogs that advanced to the finals were gonna go first with the Ruger let's take a look at the scooter skills that. Shot -- I mean they don't talk is isn't rethink parts kangaroo up. Frankly really product and then He brought it back again now He did it so low yesterday but he's been known to give -- rides -- Wrapped up slightly non discriminating and -- There was swells that big of a sentimental fade out leave who can fetch things that you can't -- -- Green line. You can -- -- -- yes and yesterday she almost got there at the end let's take another look if she was huge. I mean it not -- out. Josh is something we see -- big sporting competition all the time now it's -- to pressure is big difference and sometimes. An athlete's. Hasn't moments that crumbles John we know that -- isn't performer and read and she's here for a reason that pressure is big and sometimes those the mug. And look at that thing -- -- moderated and this is did the Bulldog and -- can't do it all however we gave you the one -- that really. Warmed our hearts it's game. Didn't on the -- Floor -- spin. -- -- -- not keep can also. Refrigerator and my personal favorite the -- -- -- And America I do believe. The time is now I shall we let's go first to -- it's the bronze. Bold. And the winner is. -- -- Men women and -- -- -- -- -- Well the answer is of course -- That gave. The rocking horse riding me. -- -- -- -- -- Forgave and what they -- Like -- what looks like having an individual moment. Well bled this -- I had this item in the can tell you can actually opened He can open kitchen door to get help them and we can't so much. And lastly and it was close it was close but you walkways over -- and. We're so happy about -- great and very happy for these are seeing. All winners America loves their dogs and we've enjoyed reading your eyes. And listen Harold frankly fine athletes buying competitors.

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{"id":14786048,"title":"'GMA' Top Dog Crowned: And the Winner Is ?","duration":"3:22","description":"Josh Elliott reveals America's choice in \"GMA's\" contest for most talented dog.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-top-dog-crowned-winner-14786048","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}