'GMA' Warm Coats, Warm Hearts Drive Is Back!

Help Burlington Coat Factory bring warmth to families across U.S. this winter.
3:32 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for 'GMA' Warm Coats, Warm Hearts Drive Is Back!
I now we. You need by the way. Zero. We're taking it from there are starting right here. At the GMA studios say hello. She -- -- like antiques roadshow police timing out. It always feels good he can never call them. But even better when you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- began to kick off GMA. Annual coat drive which is brought warmth loving -- to hundreds of thousands of people every winter. Over the past four years we've got a slew of celebrities donate to our warm coats -- warm. -- For everybody who needs it out there. From Ben Affleck. Finally he -- And the Jonas Brothers. Alongside the celebrity donations to -- -- the generosity from around the country and managed to collect over 800000. -- Now it's our fifth year and we're going day our goal that one million. And I made my personal mission to make sure we get there. Okay I'm missing the GM AI you know my co anchors have coats again and I'll let you know when he announced -- -- hand. -- together. Thank you from the -- Had to get her leader Sam. With the -- -- this front this is very few I think people get it makes it even Diane Sawyer joined dead not episode Charlie's Angels. I loved loved loved this drive this is -- important for somebody and the donations keep rolling in. From teen heartthrob Josh cultures that can -- right -- -- -- encouraging -- -- -- There's something to -- choose chef Michael Simon I got wanted to start. 01 closer to a mark. Here to I love that you so much and even on this the last we give -- show Regis gave back thank you for bringing -- -- more bad as it is a great idea this is one of -- What -- my favorite over -- and I hope they enjoy it. Every vote counts and we're asking people to -- pictures -- they donate their -- we've already received an overwhelming response. Including tweets from Ty Pennington. And -- So now it's your turn and it all starts in your closet plus. Start clean and joining me. -- positive make room. So please help us out you're looking at -- -- -- going down. Just -- few -- -- that I started collecting this week it will continue. We hope you will as well. Factory. We want you -- We do that. 22001. Hundred and -- We have -- -- Big goal to get -- this year we're trying to.

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{"id":14981994,"title":"'GMA' Warm Coats, Warm Hearts Drive Is Back!","duration":"3:32","description":"Help Burlington Coat Factory bring warmth to families across U.S. this winter.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-warm-coats-warm-hearts-drive-back-14981994","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}