'GMA' Weekend Looks Back at Sara Haines' Best Moments

Haines will co-host "The View" and continue to contribute to weekday "GMA."
4:50 | 09/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Weekend Looks Back at Sara Haines' Best Moments
Time now for a special stating. Thanks so edition of hot news you may be used the lovely stared air delivered her potpourri of the latest it candidate pop culture stories. But we're making it all about heard this morning to thank her for all of the memorable moments that she brought that to GMA I shouldn't that we can't stand them. Look at. And understand that you brought deserve this morning so what I did I brought something yummy for you had excellent her food can we you all. He's as bad now I'm just happy he's there may. What I thought it trumps all across the not far off the champion home welcome. And like having you know the beautiful. Overly rambunctious Golden Retriever around. In reading material to Dan. Rick Marino could get better but could only look here here. Let's just I'm just you know couldn't see page six reporting the woeful Wall Street actor that was my news wickedly talented guys nobody puts baby in the corners there. I'm gonna Mayhew and you're not already filled up talking to she can talk guys yeah. Not all ironic. That he got to thank him. I'm. We're Hilan according needs principle reason it didn't know how he's feeling about. He's he's actually speechless of them I'm going to desperately missed the view looking across the death. You know I mean a special thought Femina put somewhere else but I like. They get their hands if we hit it where we go and wish you located cared then that means he's in there yeah I don't I. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah there's going to be a thundering silence here in your absence which is you know kind of a mixed blessing. Make up your identity this opinion means you're predictable which is not a compliment early and vote. Front they weren't like it and eat my table. We actually love I do of them do of course I love working at a bar. Yeah yeah. In her inexplicable thing just in case you can't get out there and we try to end I cannot act America has gained power loss. We're embassies there. Mingled with. He's up he's not a dime. Now she's definitely not an ugly she's as adorable as a Golden Retriever everybody has something they wanna say that you are crying. You never realize that neither has listed as quickly bring in rob from from Tennessee rob what's what's on your mind. Well you know the first level of Greece grief is denial and that's why I'm here but I guess it's really happening in a look at the love that these guys are giving yet they're famous for their signs ideas being gay. Since the TV the ongoing theme they love you here for sure yeah. Places this game is dedicated to you innovative things wasn't enough one warns that I had. Okay. Okay. We let you wrap up front gonna try to top that. I would break character here and and so you in all seriousness that bit Sarah you are one of the nicest most decent genuine. Bond and funniest people I've ever had the honor to work well and it's been great. And those are genuine tears tearing up Sara and Dan has always had your our secret sauce this shift everybody is tough. But it's it's the best group of people that I have ever worked with you guys make it worth that you make it without fear that you we Yeltsin we Sherry dress I love you stand up -- you Dan. I think he's I don't break characters well and it brought me some Dicey issue fakes and tears me I was gonna say. The I was say that it's been amazing to watch your over the three years we will let you go from a single Laney who bared to the wonderful Max. From no kids to be beautiful. There's both. And then just thinking about how you where this new Kate when he walked in here we're so nervous and now you only has joined. And I know that the rest of America is gonna let me just mention we we're so happy for you. Thank you for all of these kind words I have never worked with the better team which you guys don't know that consists Reagan really bush don't let. I have to say that the best part was you hopefully Mimi better professionally but you definitely need me better personally. And you have made me happy every single day all of you have you on behind the scenes in here. Best team I've ever worked with best team all of her work and you you're the best and it is there I'm gonna have you think we'll be back without Serra said the tomorrow morning and we'll see them.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Haines will co-host \"The View\" and continue to contribute to weekday \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41995206","title":"'GMA' Weekend Looks Back at Sara Haines' Best Moments","url":"/GMA/video/gma-weekend-back-sara-haines-best-moments-41995206"}