'GMA' Tries Out New Workout Machine 'Elliptigo'

Fitness tool combines bicycles with elliptical trainers for a unique workout.
4:39 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Tries Out New Workout Machine 'Elliptigo'
If you work -- getting a little stale and it's time to try something new brand new that's -- thank -- really didn't she bring it to us today it's called the -- to go. Part -- part elliptical trainer and Becky. I get the trick is staying on if he did he get a great work. The you have good morning George there are fifteen million adult runners in the US and I'm one of them -- can attest to the fact that that runner's high is. Real but the runners low of the back. Pain and the joint pain in knees that hits. That's real too -- this is an aging runner so when a friend of mine said. I -- this new gadget and you're right -- it's real funky it's like a crazy contraption but. You gotta come check out back I just had to try to Deutsche. -- -- You fly. New balance. And let's check turning Reyes -- -- He'll live to go -- -- -- -- take the low impact working out of the elliptical machine out of the gym and onto the road. What a tall dog not a knock. I heard this contraption from my friend missy park I get really feel it might posterior. I'm trying to figure not right. I don't -- there. Misty stellar trash talking skills come from years of playing competitive sports and why not running. -- Thirty years of -- and Beers. I'm enjoying your name annie's. Name when she Stanley wrote letters to Santa at Christmas time -- -- asked for a new set of needs. -- QVC deal lifts again do you think -- -- mean an important question. Downhill specialist. -- for me something about -- -- format tape it feels more act didn't. And then. I'm running by it to get a good work -- -- -- could have power play prevents. You can't even work patent forty sadness and our. -- -- Yeah there are some downsides first the cost they started -- 18100 dollars and that's for free -- model and offsetting gains speed and eleven -- well or any other issue with. -- -- get on Lexington -- tall man. But the work out might be worth it for aging jocks looking to recap their manners times. -- Now I had to endure my friend -- -- trash talked in the first time that I went out on this thing but it was pretty easy to balance and I have to say I got pretty darn good at it so I understand that you have a -- in the -- to go out there in the studio Sam -- -- area I double dog dare you. Get on -- all right we have still got that's about it. -- -- -- demonstration even -- science let us going to do the volume back to run I'm going to do the alleged to go we have RC you know better let's let's go Shelley. Johnson just going to be. I don't -- -- generally don't love other. Okay. And -- about it. I -- -- -- -- expensive ride but I have a job I feel. At mile below I -- -- my work. -- to -- well you should come and -- She's gonna make it. You enjoy your time there is nothing. And you -- love your local. Yeah. This segment -- You all -- there's certainly more outside as -- get -- out of jail.

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{"id":15765052,"title":"'GMA' Tries Out New Workout Machine 'Elliptigo'","duration":"4:39","description":"Fitness tool combines bicycles with elliptical trainers for a unique workout.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-workout-machine-elliptigo-15765052","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}